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2017-251P  The big banks' skid row
For article on the claim by the big banks that they cannot afford the $6.2bn budget levy.

2016-681P  The pension cut expressed as a cake.
For article on the cuts to pensions on the first of January.

2016-674P  Remembering our fallen original inhabitants.
For article on Hobart mayor Sue Hickey's comment she did not want a proposed memorial to Aboriginal people killed by settlers to be a “guilt-ridden place”.

2016-673P  The failing older white men scales of justice.
For article on the Australian Human Rights Commission president Gillian Triggs' critical comments on reporting of the commission’s work, including the claim it was “failing older white men”.
2016-671P  9Dec16 Answering robocalls
For article on robocalls.
2016-670P  9Dec16 On corporations that pay no tax

For article on the high number of major corporations that paid no tax in the last financial year.

2016-652P  Australian tax burdens.
For article on the passing of the 15% Backpacker tax.  Links with the negative gearing tax debate.

2016-643 24Nov16  The impact of sugary drinks.
The high cost of the excessive consumption of sugary drinks.

2016-637P 21Nov16  Common view of the ABC
For article on yet another strident criticism of the ABC by a well known political figure.

2016-636  Reading a patient's vital signs.
Health care driven by funding and profit motives at the expense of actually providing health care.

2016-633  The fear of crime.
Fear of crime is almost always bigger than the actual threat of crime.

2016-630P  Wage negotiations today.
For article on Australian wages growing at the slowest rate on record.

2016-613 8Nov16  Section 18C limits the right of Australians to Free speech
Calls by some MPs to have Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act watered down.

2016-603P  Having twins - paid parental leave double dipping.
For article on the pain parental leave double dipping.

2016-602P  The policy to deal with the causes of refugees - paper bag
For article on the latest refugee policy debate.

2016-601P 31Oct16  But politicians do.
For article on cashless welfare card being trailed in some aboriginal communities.

2016-589P  Red tape is stopping you  entering the housing market.
The Fed. govt. blames planning red tape for the unaffordable housing market while ignoring negative gearing and capital gains tax discounts.

2016-588P  21Oct16  Gun lobby's toe in the door.
Debate about relaxing Australia's tight gun laws to allow the importation of the Adler lever action shotgun.

2016-583P  17Oct16  A politician's definition of 'Lest we forget'.
For article on how ANZAC Day has been used to create a myth about Australian history.

2016-582  17Oct16  The new children's education blocks.
TV gambling adds being seen by children.

2016-575P  11Oct16  Left waiting in the Altar.
For article on the latest manoeuvres over marriage equality.

2016-565P  4Oct16  Depression linked to taking the pill.
For article about study reporting that depression can  be a side effect to taking the birth control pill.

2016-561P 031016  The mistake you won't see printed in the age.
For article on the Age newspaper accidentally publishing a full page spread commiserating the Western Bulldogs for losing the Grand Final (they won).

2016-554P 270916  Food fashion in the past and today.
For article on rising levels of food wastage due to our increasingly fussy tastes.

2016-550  260916  Animal farm biting debate.
Esoteric look at attempts to repeal Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act on the grounds that it stifles free speech.  Could apply to any situation where the powerful can use their positions to attack the vulnerable.

2016-546P  23Sept16  Gen Y wasting apples.
For article claiming Gen Y waste more food than any other generation.

2016-537P 19Sept16  Self-harm in Nauru and Australia.
For article on high rate of self harm by inmates at the Nauru detention centre.

2016-529P  30Aug16  Student online access today.
For article on a website hosting explicit images of Australian schoolgirls.

2016-524P  29Aug16  Voting on marriage equality.
A look at the likely outcome of a plebiscite on marriage equality.

2016-512P 22Aug16  Sports betting today.
Went with article on the Victorian Government banning sports betting near schools.

2016-510P  19Aug16  The defence of free speech today.
For article on the push to amend 18C of the racial Discrimination Act by those claiming it limits free speech.

2016-505 18Aug16  Greyhound racing winners podium.
The practice by some greyhound racing owners of killing dogs that aren't fast enough.

2016-475P 2Aug16  Lower interest rates assisting the homeless.
For article on the latest drop in the official interest rate.

2016-468P  29July16  Good cop, bad cop in the Northern Territory.
For article on the NT government taking legal action against boys allegedly abused in juvenile detention.

2016-460P  26July16  The shadow of Abu Ghraib.
For article on the abuse of inmates at the Don Dale juvenile detention centre in the Northern Territory.

2016-456P  25July16  Vulnerable young people not dependent on welfare.
For article Coalition plans to use data analysis to prevent and stop welfare dependency.

2016-451P  22July16  Not so crazy.
For article on plans to allow counter terrorism agencies greater access to mental health records of Australian citizens. 

2016-435P 18July16  Shopping strip in the future.
For article on online shopping having a negative impact on traditional shopping strips.

2016-435P 18July16  Shopping strip in the future.
For article on online shopping having a negative impact on traditional shopping strips.

2016-429P 14July16  The ascent of meat eating man.
One of the main problems with the modern diet is that it is too easy to eat excessive amounts of meat.

2016-421P  11June16  A zombie apocalypse would go unnoticed.
For article on the Pokémon Go mobile phone game that has taken off.

2016-401P 5July16  The cutting edge of ABC journalism today.
For article on the axing of the ABC's opinion website, the Drum.

2016-344P   16June16  Free education in the past and today.
User pays education limiting the options for lower socio economic young people leading some of them to seek a life of crime.

2016-332P  10June16  The side order question that is never asked.
For article on the negative health effects of excessive sugar consumption.

2016-325P 8June16  If sharks could drive.
For article on the heated response to the second shark attack within a week in Western Australia.

2016-319P 6June16 Toorak lovers tryst.
For article on sales of SUVs rising as they are increasingly seen as a status symbol in more affluent suburbs.

2016-314P  2June16  Permanent tenure prospects at Latrobe University.
For article on Latrobe Uni academic suspended for criticising the Australian flag as racist.

2016-311P 1June16  I want you to stop using the word ‘guys’.
For article on campaign to stop  the use of gender-based terms like 'guys' in the workplace.

2016-308P 30May16 The minimum wage applied to minimum chips.
For article on the latest minimum wage decision.

2016-309P 30May16  Immune whistle blower.
For article on Federal police cracking down on whistleblowers who embarrass the government.

2016-301P 30May16  Informing the public about climate change risk.
For article on climate change risk not being disclosed to prospective property buyers.

2016-296P 26May16  Australia is indeed a nation of lifters.
For article on the folly of negative gearing which included a quote about Australians being a nation of 'lifters'.

2016-295P 26May16  You pensioners are a worthless burden to society.
Went with article which mentioned that some sections of society see pensioners as a worthless burden.

2016-291P 25May16  Couldn't we have a shark cage instead.
For article on condemnation of the Government's assistance package by dairy farmers.

2016-290P 25May16  We set a very high standard here.
For article on abuses of privilege amongst elite private school students.

2016-277P  20May16  Speakers' Corner in the past and today.
For article on the treatment meted out to Duncan Storrar News Corp Australia newspapers.

2016-272P  19May16  Seven out of ten Australians think  the government  should do more to help refugees.
For article on survey on Australian attitudes to refugees.

2016-268P 18May16 Money can't buy happiness.
For article on whether money can buy happiness.

2016-266 17May16  Sentencing without the suspended sentence option.
Not having the suspended sentencing option means judges are forced to hand out jail sentences for petty crimes, the cost of which is a huge burden on taxpayers. 

2016-265P 17May16  Removing negative gearing will destroy the housing market!
For article on scaremongering on possible changes to negative gearing.

2016-260P 16May16  Economic decisions have been less and less favourable to families.
For article on Catholic bishops warning against marriage equality. 

2016-257 16May16  Educational requirements today.
Requirements that people seeking work obtain certificates for even the most menial of tasks somewhat excessive.

2016-253P 13May16  In a government approved humidicrib.
For article about asylum seeker mother and premature baby being moved from Nauru detention centre to Australia for care.

2016-254P 13May16  Shakespeare's Hamlet (approx)
For article on funding cut to the Australia Council which allocates arts funding.

2016-248P 12May16  Have you heard about tax bracket creep?
For article about Q&A star Duncan Storrar needing to seek tax advice about the money donated to him.

2016-244P 11May16  Twenty thousand to buy a toaster?!
For article on large sum of money raised for Duncan from Q&A a toaster.

2016-243P 11May16  We are out in the cold.
For article on CSIRO climate scientist redundancies.

2016-242P 10May16  What are you complaining about?
For article on Q&A debate on whether the tax free threshold should be raised.

2016-234P 9May16  Housing worries.
Housing worries are proportional depending on your position in the housing market.

2016-234P 9th May PaTH service leave.
Questioning look at the PaTH internship scheme for youth unemployed…

2016-231P 9May16  Assessing the state of Australia in the lead up to the election.
For article on election commitments by the political parties.

2016-229P 6May16  Ideal site for a detention centre.
For article on proposal to put an offshore detention centre on Norfolk Island.

2016-226P 5May16  Police beer gut feeling.
For article on NSW police being able to detain Muslims based on their 'gut feelings' and not any hard evidence.
2016-225P  5May16  Asylum seekers' future crystal ball.
For article on Nauru asylum seekers.

2016-223P 4May16  Doctor hanging out his shingle in the future.
For article on the extension of the Medicare rebate freeze likely to undermine bulk billing.

2016-222P 4May16  Applying for a first home buyers loan in the future.
For article on Turnbull suggesting parents 'shell out' to help their children buy property.

2016-221P 3May16  Career's advice for young people in the future.
For article on automation and computerisation destroying jobs for young people.

2016-213P 2May16  Not a housing bubble.
Went with article on whether the booming housing market is being driven by negative gearing.

2016-205P 28th April Sixty minutes, sixty months.
On ‘child recovery specialist’ Adam Whittington being abandoned by sixty Minutes in a Lebanese jail.

2016-200P 27April16  Will work for organic food.
Went with article on environmentalism and inequality.

2016-199P 27April16 Negative gearing explained.
For article on negative gearing which gives an unfair advantage to investors over first home buyers.

2016-196P 25April16  The housing market scales of justice.
For article on the social and economic impacts of negative gearing.

2016-188P 21April16  Pokies play area
For article on extra pokies licences granted to a pokies venue because they put in a children's play centre.
2016-173 13April16  Not respecting Australian flags.
Looks at calls to restrict the use of the Australian Eureka in response to its use by extremist groups.

2016-170P 12April16  In favour of a Royal Commission.
The real winners of Royal Commissions have been the legal profession.

2016-169 11April16 The wealthy taking action on climate change.
The wealthy looking after their own interests at the expense of the greater good.

2016-162 7April16 Why young people are so depressed.
The raw deal young people have been given.

2016-157 6April16 The tax avoidance burden.
Tax avoidance means many wealthy people can avoid paying their fair share of tax.

2016-150P 29March16  Dog waiting for the postie today.
Went with article on Australia Post slow delivery times.

2016-141 21March16  Automated...
Technology destroying jobs.

2016-125 9March16 The glass and class ceilings.
Updated drawing of an older cartoon suggesting that class can play a stronger role in determining life opportunities than gender.

2016-107P 26Feb16  Time for your medicine Mr. Mulkearns.
Bishop Mulkeans forced to appear before the Royal Commission into Child via video link from his nursing home.

2016-100 25Feb16  For whom the Pell tolls.
Bishop Pell to give evidence to The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse via video link from the Vatican instead of attending the Commission's hearing in person.

2016-089 18Feb16  Smoke in the Vatican chimney again.
To what extend was sexual abuse within the the Catholic church covered up at the very highest levels.

2016-086 17Feb17  How much is that doggie in the window.
Increasing number of Illegal puppy farms that breed dogs in often appalling conditions for the pet market.

2016-085  6Feb16  Charity today.
Charitable acts in Australia seem at times to be reduced to a tax deduction ploy rather than an act of actual charity.

2016-081 15Feb02  Tax breaks for all.
Negative gearing favours the better off while an increase in the GST has a relatively heavier impact on poorer people.

2016-073 9Feb16  Closing the gap.
The Closing The Gap campaign designed to close the social and health outcomes gap between the indigenous population and the rest of Australian has done little to reduce the incredibly high indigenous incarceration rate.

2016-070P  Slow food movement in Victoria.
Went with article on the high number of Vline trains that run late.

2016-059 3Feb16  Little brothers and sisters are recording you.
Mobile phone cameras posing a serious threat to the right to privacy.

2016-048 28Jan16  Where does it hurt?
Hospital funding shortfall gradually crippling the hospital system.

2016-041 25Jan16 Australia Day barbecue firelighters.
Resurgent and sometimes heated debate on whether Australia should become a republic or maintain its ties with the British monarchy.