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2014-684P 22Dec14   Christmas weather forecast.
Went with article on the weather forecast for Christmas Day.

2014-682  22Dec14  Santa hires a cheap Asian buffalo.
Santa as a metaphor for jobs going offshore to countries that have cheaper labour.

2014-678 19Dec14 Youth support services in the future.
Looking at the lack of support for young people in Australia.

2014-677 19Dec14  One hundred percent effective gun control.
Gun laws, no matter how tight, will never be 100% effective at stopping crazy people using guns to kill people.  They will however reduce the number of crazy people getting hold of guns.

2014-672  17Dec14  Why do you continue to wear provocative clothes.
Looking at the Muslim headscarf debate and the subjectiveness of the word provocative.

2014-660 11Dec14  The toe in the door?
Speculating that the $5 GP co-payment could be the first step towards dismantling our universal healthcare service.

2014-656 9Dec14  Guess which sign upsets us the most.
Drawn in response to a story about outrage over graffiti vandalism amidst a backdrop of increasing unemployment, especially amongst the young.

2014-641 27Nov14 The Australian crawl.
Increasing traffic problems due to population growth and urbanisation impacting on Australia's way of life.
2014-609  12Nov14  Halal certified dairy cow.
Drawn in response to the irrational attack by anti Halal food lobbyists on the Fleurieu Milk and Yoghurt Company for its Halal dairy product range.

2014-602 10Nov14 Housing market forces expressed as boats.
First home buyers being squeezed out of the property market due to the advantages rental property investors have over first home buyers such as negative gearing and low capital gains tax.

2014-569 27thOct14  Expenses cards in the future.
Refers to plans by the Australian government to issue unemployed people with welfare payment cards that control what they can buy.

2014-561  23Oct14  Australia sending supplies to fight Ebola.
The Government much more committed to military action in Iraq providing medical aid to quell the Ebola epidemic.

2014-560 22Oct14  The perfect ethical dilemma storm.
A look at two controversial subjects in many Western countries, the wearing of the burqa and same sex marriage.

2014-557 21Oct14  Buried with one of his children that preceded him.
The death of Gough Whitlam along with one of his great achievements, free tertiary education.

2014-554 20Oct14  The problem with containing Ebola.
Pointing out the difficulties in trying to contain the spread of Ebola

2014-538  10Oct14  Muslim woman respecting Australian cultural norms.
Quirky look at the current burqa debate in Australia.

2014-528 6Oct14  The mental health path.
The link between unemployment and poor mental health.

2014-510  29Sept14  Threats to Australia expressed as animals.
Global worming a far bigger threat to Australians than terrorism.

2014-506  26Sept14 We need more power!
Calls for yet more legal powers to fight terrorism ignores the fact that authorities already have more than enough legal powers to pursue and catch terrorists.
2014-494 22Sept14  The biggest terrorist threat to Australians.
Surmising that health issues such as the obesity epidemic resent a much greater threat to the social fabric of Australia than any external terrorist threat.

2014-489  18Sept14  Captain snooze terrorist threat.
Fear of terrorism in Australia out of all proportion to the actual threat.

2014-477 12Sept14  Support for working women today.
Drawn in response to the Government's plan to introduce a paid maternity leave scheme that will see largely middleclass women on higher incomes getting a higher maternity leave salary than working class women.

2014-476P 11Sept14  007 Licensed to make a killing.
Went with article on protests over the Victorian government giving Crown Casino the right to seek significant compensation if there is any gambling law enacted that restricts their gambling business.

2014-473 10Sept14  In a sweat over terrorism.
The Australian government's vigorous campaign to highlight the threat of terrorism, which a cynic like myself might see as largely a way to divert attention from the government's poor performance on the domestic front.

2014-469 9Sept14  Different views of the threat of violence.
Using fear of violent action in the Middle East to look at violence much closer to home, that of domestic violence.

2014-458 3Sept14  Unemployed and employed youth.
Rising unemployment
amongst young people offering few opportunities in some youth socio economic groups to make a living except through illegal means.
2014-435 The Mexican and Zimbabwean waves.
Australian cricket tour of Zimbabwe despite that country's terrible human rights record.

2014-429 19Aug14  The ice epidemics.
Meth amphetamine and obesity epidemics currently sweeping Australia.

2014-427P 18Aug14 Tackling obesity today.
Went with article on the Vic. State Govt. launching an anti obesity campaign while at the same time helping to expand the junk food industry.

2014-420 31July14  Religion in schools in the Middle East.
Combines two stories; a debate in Australia over religion in schools and religious based fighting in the Middle East including a recent attack on a school in Gaza.

2014-392 17July14 My legs of lamb worth more than that.
A whimsical look at the debate over the increased cost of a leg of lamb due to the carbon tax.

2014-378 11July14  The young angry elephant in the corner.
General unemployment  figures masking the much higher youth unemployment figures.

2014-369 8July14  Waist paper service.
A look at the obesity epidemic through the subject of municipal waste services.

2014-365 7July14  Asylum seekers disappearing magic trick.
The Australian Federal government's very secretive approach to processing asylum seekers may have result in dangerous outcomes for the refugees it processes.

2014-361 4July15  The refugee's dilemma.
Australia's tough tactics for dissuading Asylum seekers from coming to Australia.

2014-354  1July14 Voter identification laws.
Push for voter identification laws sparked warnings that it will be harder for disadvantaged groups to have their say at the ballot box.

2014-340 25June14  Journalist interviewing a government official.
Sideways look at the imprisonment of Australian journalist Peter Greste by the Egyptian government on flimsy charges.

2014-311 13June14  Young person seeking work today.
High youth unemployment and the scrapping of unemployment benefits for people under 25 making life very difficult for young people.

2014-291 3June14  No racist sentiments.
Institutionalised racism which keeps aboriginals in poverty more damaging than individual racist attacks.
2014-284 30May14  The end of the age of entitlement for homeless people.
 Sections of the community never participated in the so called 'age of entitlement'.
2014-281 28May14  The new safety net for young people.
The scrapping of unemployment benefits for under twenty five year olds.
2014-279  27May14  Young people work stepping stones.
The abolition of the unemployment benefits for people under twenty five will make it very hard for young school leavers to transition into the workforce.
2014-267  21May14 Only a seven dollar GP co-payment fee.
Speculating that the introduction of a GP co-payment is the thin end of the wedge in a move to a user pays health system.
2014-259 19May14  Economic wet weather gear.
Esoteric comment on government plans to make young people ineligible for unemployment benefits until they are 25, cuts to the pension and the raising of the pension age to 70.
2014-240 9May14  The youth paradox.
The raising of the retirement age to seventy while at the same time youth unemployment is rising.
2014-218 29April14  Retirement pension just around the corner.
Plans to raise the age pension eligibility age in Australia to seventy years.
2014-219  29April14  The paid maternity leave funding platform.
Cuts to the Age pension whilst introducing a paid maternity leave scheme that favours mothers who are already well off.
2014-201 14April14  The retirement Stall Gift.
Plans to raise the retirement age again.
2014-198 9April14  Improving society today.
Society's obsession to technical progress while at the same time ignoring much larger social problems.

2014-186 4April14  Defending freedom of speech today.
Attempts in Australia to curb freedom of free speech of protest groups protesting against businesses.
2014-182 2April14  The Australian jobs that are going offshore.
Social comment on Philip Morris' announcement that part of its manufacturing operation will be moved offshore.
2014-162  26Mar14 The latest definition of freedom speech.
Planned changes to Australia's defamation laws set to advantage the already powerful in the media.
2014-16P 25Mar14  Funding Craig Thompson's appeal.
Went with article on Craig Thomson appealing his conviction for fraud.
2014-158P 24Mar14 We have improved our investigative practices.
Went with article on the Royal Commission into child sex abuse.
2014-156 24Mar14  Launch of the Disability Insurance Scheme.
Problems with the new Disability insurance scheme due to poor inadequate preparation.
2014-146 17Mar14  The different types of restrictive red tape.
Pointing out that there can be positive reasons for some restrictive bureaucratic red tape.
2014-142 14Mar14  Full employment opportunities today.
The lack of fulltime work opportunities and rising levels of alcohol abuse.
2014-115P 27Feb14  The guard tower.
Went with article on the Victorian government using shipping containers to relieve prison overcrowding.
2014-114 27 27Feb14 We have a serious drug problem.
Concerns about the drug problem often ignores the the much larger problem of alcohol abuse.
2014-105 25Feb14 First steps.
Looks at the increasingly difficult step for young people of getting their first job.
2014-098P  20Feb14  The future Medicare gap?
Went with article about plans to introduce a $6 fee for a GP consultation, which would widen the existing Medicare gap.
2014-095 19Feb14  Food labelling today.
confusing and vague food labelling not helping in the campaign against unhealthy food.
2014-078 12Feb14  Job creation recipe.
Job creation schemes can ignore the pain redundant workers have to go through to retrain, especially when all they wanted was to hang onto their old job.

2014-075P 11Feb14  Different points of view on immunisation.
Went with article on immunisation rates.
2014-077P 11Feb14  Online doctor's consultation.
Went with article on online doctors' consultation service.
2014-072P 10Feb14  Corby release on payroll.
Went with article on Schapelle Corby being paroled and the battle to sign a media contract with her.
2014-057P 3Feb14  Graffiti literacy.
Went with article on Graffiti vandalism.
2014-053 3Feb14  Animal Farm ethics.
Esoteric look at corruption.
2014-048 30Jan14 Consumer choice today.
Very limited choice for consumes wanting to buy Australian made products.
2014-044P 28Jan14  Twenty one gun salute.
Went with article on military commander Peter Cosgrove appointed as Australia's next Governor General.

2014-040 24Jan14 Entrance to match the ticketing system.
Multiple problems with the Victorian MYKI public transport ticketing system causing a great deal of confusion for the public.
2014-039P 23Jan1  Dog on the Australia Day tuckerbox.
Went with article on drunken behaviour on Australia Day.

2014-036 22Jan14  Rounds of drinks at the pub.
Rise in alcohol fuelled violence.
2014-033 21Jan14  Welfare distribution today.
Drawn in response to the Australian government's plans to rein in welfare spending while seeming to ignore targeted middleclass welfare expenditure.
2014-017 10Jan14  Prisoner transport to match shipping container cells 
The Victorian Government's plan to use shipping containers as prison cells to alleviate prison overcrowding. 

2014-003P  6Jan14  Look what I bought on eBay.
Went with article on eBay being used to sell stolen goods, some of which were discovered on eBay by their owners.