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2013-704 19Dec13  National Disability Insurance Scheme funding model.
Uncertainty about the funding for the new National Disability Insurance Scheme.
2013-674 5Dec13  The battlers' debt ceiling.
Debt and the impact it has on people struggling to make ends meet.
2013-694P 12Dec13  Early paper wedding anniversary gift.
Went with article on the High Court of Australia's annulment of the ACT's gay marriage bill.
2013-673 4Dec13  Australia's declining education standards.
Using a report about declining education standards to look at the rising levels of obesity amongst children.
2013-647P 25Nov13  Future police mugshots.
Went with article on increased fines for using a mobile phone while driving.
2013-642 20Nov13  The ice epidemics.
The rising twin problems of methamphetamine and alcohol abuse.
2013-637P covering up the broader problem.
Went with article on the ice epidemic sweeping Australia.  The cartoon speculates that the epidemic is driven by other social ills.
2013-623 13N0v13  The church sexual abuse victims timeline.
the long shadow that church sexual abuse has cast on its victims.
2013-622P 12Nov13 Signs that you've been to Bali.
Went with article on measles outbreak health warming for Australians holidaying in Bali.
2013-620 12Nov13  The gap between the rich and the poor.
An increasing number of people are unable to afford to buy their own home.
2013-613 8Nov13  Job opportunities today.
A look at the job opportunities available to the different classes in the current economic climate.
2013-611P 7OCT13  Bandaid surgery.
Went with article on high numbers of people being admitted to hospital who could have been treated by a GP.
2013-609 6Nov13  The meaning of Remembrance Day.
Musing that the only part of Australia's economy that seems to be expanding is the fast food industry and its spinoff, the expanding waistlines of Australians.
2013-592 29Oct13  Declaring victory in Afghanistan.
Announcement that Western forces will be pulling out of Afghanistan amidst claims victory.  Given the state of Afghanistan today this claim seems somewhat hollow.
2013-591P 28Oct13  Church clearance sale.
Went with article on the Uniting Church's plans to sell off some of it's property in order to pay a debt.
2013-589 Centrelink post office plans.
Proposal that suburban post offices provide Centrelink services.
2013-563 16Oct13  The scales of justice today.
A look at the recent legal aid funding cuts.
2013-557 14Oct13  Today's grim reaper.
A look at live expectancy for obese people.
2013-550 10Oct13  Chopper Read's final ram raid.
The death of notorious Australian criminal Chopper Read.
2013-551P 10Oct13 A higher calling.
Went with article about the Uniting Church having to sell some of its churches in order to pay a debt.
2013-524P 27Sept13  Cowering inside the principal's office.
Went with article on performance reviews for principals.
2013-450 28Aug13  Ploughing the paddock in the Middle East.
An Aussie rural perspective on the military upheavals in the Middle East.
2013-433 21Aug13  Maternity leave funding vehicle.
Funding for Abbott's paid maternity leave scheme to be partially funded by lower returns to retirees' share investments.
2013-417P 1Aug13  Weighing up the cost.
Increase in the tax on cigarettes and the health risks of smoking.
2013-414 31July13Following boats boats.
The perils of asylum seekers coming to Australia on boats.
2013-402 26July13 Still whip your arse.
Lighter look the latest call for a ban on parents hitting their children.
2013-396 24July13  The school to work transition crossing.
Rising youth unemployment making it harder for young people to make the transition from school to work.
2013-393 23July13  The media's current view of the world.
Media obsession with the new royal baby.
2013-390 22July13  Today's Jekyll and Hyde.
Widespread abusive behaviour on social media.
2013-346 3July13  Current attempts to reduce homelessness.
Piecemeal and ineffective attempts to curb rising homelessness in Australia.
2013-344 2July13 Shadows on the wall.
A look at the high prevalence of family violence.
2013-322 24June13  The supply chain.
Australian retailers buying clothes from Bangladeshi factories where staff working in appalling conditions.
2013-300 14June13  Big brother is watching you, and so is big mother and father.
A lighter look at internet surveillance.
2013-296 13June13  Where's Telstra pit asbestos removal Wally.
Using the popular 'Where's Wally?' Children's book series to highlight the shoddy way asbestos has been removed from Telstra's pits during the NBN rollout.
2013-293 12June13 The racism roundabout.
The cycle of poverty and ignorance a significant factor propelling racist attacks.
2013-248 21May13  Play school betting odds.
Sports betting adds shown during children's television hours.
2013-260 17May13  Biggest impact on children.
The adverse impact of junk food ads bigger than that of sports betting adds.
2013-232 14May13  Memorials that we should have.
As well as being vigilant about the horrors of war we should also be vigilant about the horrors of major economic depressions.
2013-219 9May13  Supply and demand today.
Drawn in response to two articles. One on the acute shortage of affordable housing for poor people and the other on on rising number of homeless young people.
2013-206 3May13 Gay marriage but never gay divorce.
Using the gay marriage debate to look at acrimonious divorces amongst heterosexual couples.
2013-201 1May13  Jesus' crown of thorns.
Child sexual cover-ups by sections of the church hierarchy.
2013-199 30April13  The state of the Australian economy today.
Record profits by the major banks in stark contrast to how many poorer Australians are fairing.
2013-193 29April13  Economic black holes.
A sideways look at the Government's announcement of a budget black hole due to the downturn in the world economy.
2013-187 24April13  The fallen, past and present.
Using the commemoration of those who have fallen in war to look at the current epidemic of alcohol abuse.
2013-181P 22April13  Broadcasting realistic gambling odds.
Went with article on a new code banning bookmakers from promoting live odds during sporting events.
2013-180  22April13  Very strict detention policy
Went with article on plans to house children of asylum seekers in the Curtin detention centre.
2013-179 22April13  Hollow promise.
Plans to house children of asylum seekers in the Curtin detention centre.
2013-172 18April13  Why we need wide screen televisions.
A look at the obesity epidemic.
2013-138 3April13  Shedding light on child sexual abuse.
The Royal Commission into child sexual abuse will shed more light on these offences than the Church ever did.
2013-125 28Mar13  Superannuation for the marginalised.
Inequity in the Australian superannuation.
2013-119 15Mar13  Population and infrastructure growth.
Infrastructure growth not keeping up with population growth.
2013-107 6Mar13  Guess which boat is considered the greater threat?
The massive numbers of jobs moving offshore more damaging to Australia than refugee arrivals.
2013-087 11Feb13  Market forces today.
Plans to fine parents if their child is absent from school with out a good reason.
2013-080 6Feb13  The magic corruption pudding.
Drawn in response to a number of high profile corruption cases in Australia.  The Magic pudding is a traditional Australian tale about a pudding that can be endlessly eaten.
2013-061 28Jan13 Australia Day after.
A look at the consumerism  that pervades Australia Day.
2013-056 25Jan13  Today's definition of being unpatriotic.
Increasingly shallow definition of what it means to be a patriotic Australian.
2013-052 25Jan13  Hospital funding cutback knife.
Big cutbacks in hospital funding for Australian hospitals.
2013-025P 11Jan13 church pulpit in the coming months.
Went with article on the coming royal commission into church child sexual abuse.
2013-024 11Jan13  Victims of church sexual abuse scales of justice.
After decades of agitation victims of church sexual abuse finally getting justice in form of a royal commission
2013-004 3Jan13  How you can live on on the 35 dollars a day Newstart allowance.
Drawn in response Labor Families minister Jenny Macklin claim that a person could live on the $35 a day Newstart allowance.