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2012-747P 17Dec12  VCE results.
Went with article on VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education) results.
2012-735 12Dec12  Very violent TV.
A look at the rise of violence on the streets and the extreme violence many children are subjected to on TV screens.
2012-720 5Dec12  I've been to schoolies week.
Schoolies week dogged by a lot of violent incidences.
2012-690 21Nov12  Asylum seekers musical chairs.
Australian offshore detention facilities completely overloaded.
2012-681 19Nov12  The three wise men today.
The pressure to get into debt at Christmas time at Christmas time.
2012-679 16Nov12  The medical case against euthanasia.
Excessive medical intervention often gets in the way of people dying naturally and with dignity.
2012-667 14Nov12  Unearthing sexual abuse in in the church.
The Royal Commission into sexual abuse in the church likely to unearth much evidence of sexual abuse and at a faster rate.
2012-665P 12Nov12  Signs that homelessness is on the rise.
Went with article on a rise in the number of homeless people.
2012-663 13Nov12  Crucifixions.
The church's abuse of young people in their charge.
2012-660 9Nov12  The sexual abuse inquiry confessional.
The Catholic church not forthcoming with information on sexual abuse.
2012-654 7nOV12  The media's map of the world during the American election.
Saturation coverage of the American election.
2012-616 22Oct12  Marching into Afghanistan.
The cost of the Afghan war on the ordinary soldier.
2012-601 8Oct12  The family man politician.
A look behind the mask of the 'family man' politician.
2012-591 2Oct12  Measuring a child's growth.
Rapid increase in childhood obesity.
2012-582 28Sept12 The glass footpath.
Drawn in response to the  abduction and murder of Jill Meagher. This cartoon takes a broader view of the threat to all women walking the footpaths.
2012-571 25Sept12  Missing notices.
Drawn in response to the abduction of Jill Meagher off a Melbourne Street.  This cartoon takes a broader look at safety in the community.
2012-560 20Sept12  Bridging the cultural divide in Australia.
Esoteric view of the Muslim cultural divide.
2012-549 14Sept12  Australia's endless campaigns.
A look at the endless rejigging of Australia's refugee policy.
2012-543 12Sept12  It's what's inside that counts.
Parody of the slogan on Peter Stuyvesant cigarette packets.  The slogan has been placed to counter the effect of cigarette plain packaging legislation.
2012-540P 11Sept12  Generation XL.
Went with article on Generation Y being heavier drinkers and smokers than Generation Y but that Generation Y were fatter.
2012-534 10Sept12  Services easily accessible to teenagers.
Lack of services for teenagers but easy access to things like alcohol and gambling.
2012-535 10Sept12  Social intersection.
Sharp increase in crime linked to increase in economic hardship.
2012-521 3Sept12  Better education.
Rising crime rate linked to education inequality.
2012-512 28Aug12  Views of a glass. 
Using the glass half full half empty metaphor to highlight the habit of many Australians to be extremely pessimistic even when times are relatively good.
2012-496 22Aug12  ADF training according to the Sex Discrimination Commissioner.
Claims by the Sex Discrimination Commissioner of discriminatory practices in the ADF.
2012-490 20Aug12  Education funding.
Education reduced to somewhat ruthless manipulations of funding.
2012-483 16July12  Army cigarette plain packaging.
Quirky take on the Australian government introducing cigarette plain packaging.  The colour being an olive green.
2012-481 15July12  Asylum seekers monopoly board.
The reintroduction of offshore processing for asylum seekers
2012-434 26July12  Disability insurance scheme just around the corner.
Dispute over funding for the disability insurance scheme holding up the implementation of the scheme.
2012-408P 12July12  Why women like reading about sex.
Went with article on why women like reading novels about sex.
2012-388 28June12  Asylum seekers lifeguard.
Politics hindering the implementation of an effective asylum seekers policy capable of curbing the number of asylum seekers who drown at sea trying to reach Australia.
2012-377 25June12  Happy with current asylum seeker policy.
Current asylum seeker policy costing lives.
2012-371 21June12  Census anomaly.
Looks at the results of the recent Australian census.
2012-369 20June12  Rolling back the red carpet.
High Court ruling that funding chaplains in government schools is unconstitutional.
2012-358 15June12  Teaching children today.
Drawn in response to furore over schools banning contact in the playground including holding hands.
2012-337 7June12  Reflections on the rat race and racism.
The economic rat race demeans us all, regardless of our colour or nationality.
2012-327 4June12  Cleaning the streets.
Widespread alcohol abuse eclipsing the illegal drug problem.
2012-324 1June12 Market forces applied to water.
A look at what will happen if water is seen purely as a commodity to be bought and sold.
2012-317 29May12  Old MacDonald had a farm.
Relentless urban sprawl eating up good farmland.
2012-318P 29May12  Men's toilet comparisons today.
Went with article on the different activities people do while tweeting, including the toilet.
2012-302 22May12  An Aussie in Africa.
Putting a world perspective on opposition to the installation of National Broadband Network towers on health grounds.
2012-291 17May12  The changing map of Australia.
The mining boom is having a big impact on the economic and social fabric of Australia.
2012-294 18May12  Level playing fields.
Questioning the concept of the level playing field often used in reference to free trade and industrial relations reform.
2012-278 11May12  The big man.
Personal arrogance belittled when compared to the scale of the universe.  Sort of a variation on Shelley's Ozymandias
2012-260 4May12  Traffic gridlock in the future.
Lighter look at the aging population.
2012-254 2May12  What has been dropped.
The dropping of the first home buyers bonus while keeping in place negative gearing for rental  properties.
2012-261P 4May12  Newstart starter's gun.
Went with article on how difficult it is to rent a property in the current tight rental market if you are on the Newstart allowance.
2012-250 30April12  We can't reduce the pokies industry.
A look at the negative aspects of the pokies industry.
2012-255 3May12  Job security today.
Widespread loss of job security.
2012-251 1May12  Billy Bunter and Ginger Meggs today.
High level of child obesity amongst Australian children.
2012-243-V2 30April12  Australiastan, Afghanistan
Sharp rise in the number of shootings across the Eastern states due to bikie gang wars.
2012-245P 27April12  The pokies diet.
Went with story on the large amount of money Australians are spending on poker machines.
2012-222P 17April12  Today's road to Damascus.
Went with article of the impending inquiry into sexual abuse in the Catholic church and other Religious organisations.
2012-214 5April12  Teletubbies.
High prevalence of child obesity.
2012-208 3April12  The war on drugs thus far.
The failure to control illegal drugs in our society.
2012-195 28March12The house loss industry.
Quirky look at the weight loss industry and the brutality of foreclosing on a house mortgage.
2012-181 23March12  Pokies trial.
Pokies industry wanting very watered down limits on poker machine use.
2012-156 13March12  The cashless society.
Economic hardship.
2012-155 13March12  Gina Rinehart's Christmas tree.
 A look at the Rinehart family feud.
2012-135 29Feb12  Watered down pokies reform.
The watering down of pokies reform legislation threatening scuttle the whole project.
2012-125 24Feb12  Getting a ram raid education.
Inequality in the provision of education services is a factor in why some disadvantaged young turn to crime.
2012-098P 13Feb12  Two Bills.
Pocket toon that went with article on two gay marriage bills before parliament at the same time.
2012-076 2Feb12  Centrelink jobs for life.
Speculating that the only safe jobs left are those involved with processing the unemployed.
2012-075 3Feb12  National sentiment today.
National sentiment often at odds with our economic choices.
2012-070 31Jan12  Unpatriotic country.
Furore over the burning of an Australian flag.
2012-062 27Jan12  Tent embassy that aboriginals didn't want.
A different look at the aboriginal tent embassy furore.
2012-053 14Jan12  Bigger than ever Australia Day.
Using Australia Day to highlight the obesity epidemic in Australia.
2012-034 17Jan12 Where police chases often end up.
Drawn in response to a number of deaths after police pursuits.
2012-038 18Jan12  Western Sydney drive through service.
High number of drive by shootings in Western Sydney.
2012-029 14Jan12  Road kills.
A jibe at the new Winfield Cigarette packet featuring the image of a kangaroo.
2012-022 11Jan12  Smelly foreigners
Drawn in response to Liberal MP Teresa Gambaro's statement that foreign workers smell and need to us deodorant.
2012-014 9Jan12  Tougher sentencing unity.
A different take on the tougher sentencing debate.
2012-011 6Jan12 Supermarkets' view of Good Friday.
The increasing commercialisation of Easter with hot cross buns and Easter eggs on sale right after Christmas.
2012-012P 6Jan12  Meat pie and tomato ketchup.
Went with article on the Heinz tomato sauce factory moving offshore.