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2011-797P 20Dec11  Current offshore processing.
Went with article about the refugee offshore processing debate that is currently raging.
2011-791 19Dec11  Santa's Timor Sea leg gifts.
Using the Santa myth to highlight the series of drowning deaths of refugees in the Timor Sea.
2011-781 15Dec11  Progress today.
Incessant NIMBY protests stymieing attempts to tackle the major challenges facing us today.
2011-775 13Dec11  Reducing response times.
Lighter look at the obsession with reducing emergency services response times.
2011-743 1Dec11 Objecting to gay marriage on religious ground.
A different take on the objection to gay marriage on religious grounds.
2011-734 29Nov11  Educational opportunities for all.
Lack of educational opportunities for the less abled.
2011-710 18Nov11  The return of hot weather.
Light weight toon celebrating Summer and its devotees, hot blooded young men and cool as cucumbers young women.  The dance of life goes on.
2011-702 16Nov11  Occupy Melbourne, occupy Canberra.
Using the 'Occupy' movement as a segway to highlight the massive entourage accompanying Barack Obama during his visit to
2011-694 14Nov11  Grim reaper next 100,000 kilometres.
A reflection on the road toll.
2011-688 9Nov11  Aussie soldiers on patrol in Afghanistan.
Spate of shootings of Australian soldiers by rouge elements in the Afghan army.
2011-682 7Nov11  Where people stand on Afghanistan.
Different views on the war in Afghanistan.
2011-657 27Oct11  The banana republic today.
Viewing the current gambling epidemic through the prism of Keating banana republic quote.
2011-655 25Oct11  Muck up day sign.
Went with article on school muck up day.
2011-640 19Oct11  The Australian flag during the Queen's visit.
The Queen's visit brings out the anglophile in many Australians.
2011-623 29Sept11  You people are not black!
Andrew Bolt's articles claiming fair skinned aboriginals are not proper aboriginals.
2011-621P 27Sept11  Only stands to lose.
Went with article about how much money the pokies industry stands to lose if the planed poker machine reforms are implemented.
2011-615P 26Sept11  Today's wedding confetti.
Went with article about Australians spending much more money on their weddings.
2011-613 26Sept11  Pokies up there Cazaly.
The AFL running a campaign opposing planned gambling reform.
2011-609 23Sept11  The elephant herd in the corner.
Cutting the solar feed-in-tariff on the grounds that it mainly benefits the better off smacks of hypocrisy when one looks at all the other tax subsidies that mainly benefit the better off.
2011-593 19Sept11  It's an immigration detention centre.
How immigration detention centres might look to children.
2011-587 15Sept11  Bishop in charge of looking.
Yet more claims of the Catholic church dragging it's feet in regards to investigating allegations of sexual abuse by priests.
2011-557 2Sept11  Applying poker machine limits to wind turbines.
Highlighting how widespread poker machines are in the community.
2011-554P 1Sept11  Ned Kelly's DNA.
Went with article about Ned Kelly's body being positively identified with a DNA match.
2011-544P 26Aug11  Aust. defence Academy cadets on parade.
Yet another sex scandal at the Australian Defence Academy.
2011-526P 19Aug11  Every visa is temporary.
Went with article on 96 year old women here in Australia on a tourist visa being granted a permanent visa.
2011-524 19Aug11  Pit bull terrier mother Hubbard.
Drawn in response to a spate of savage pit bull dog attacks in Australia, one of which caused the death of a four year old girl.
2011-520 16Aug11  Accurate program name.
Went with story about research showing that TV addicts reduce their lifespan by 22 minutes for every 60 minutes of TV they watch.
2011-497P 4Aug11  Dinner for two.
Went with article about the discovery of a rodent in a plastic sealed loaf of bread.
2011-489 2Aug11  What people think about gay marriage.
The introduction of gay marriage will inevitably create more work for divorce lawyers.
2011-473P 25July11  Single mother's cross.
Went with article about Catholic Church's apology for their past practice of forcing single mothers to give up their babies.
2011-455P 18July11  Very shocked.
Pocket cartoon that went with an article about a baby mix up at a Geelong hospital.
2011-449 15July11  Warning labels.
Esoteric look at the trend towards putting warning labels on products deemed to be health hazards.
2011-443 13July11  Today's definition of a tyrant.
Many people today only interested how the actions of leaders benefit themselves, often overlooking what's best for the country.
2011-422 5July11  Protest Catch 22.
Rye look at conflicting protests about mobile phone services.
2011-413 1July11  Our relative economic problems.
Economic problems of the better off often overshadow really serious economic problems in society.
2011-405P 27June2011  Cultural difference police line-up.
Went with article about W.A. police pushing for a law change to require people to remove burqas when being questioned by officers.
2011-393 23June11  Images of Australians.
The obesity epidemic in Australian and the fact that Australians are largely in denial about it.
2011-381 17June11  Simon Overland explaining why he resigned.
Simon Overland effectively forced to resign by a media feeding frenzy.
2011-379P 16June11  Time for Simon to go.
Went with article on the resignation of Victorian Police Commissioner Simon Overland.
2011-358 7June11  Campaign to end all racism
Racism back in the headlines following racist outburst at an AFL football match.
2011-349 2June11  Then we don't have to consider hiring him.
Religious groups exempt from anti discrimination legislation.
2011-353 3June11  Asylum seeker child's ball.
Detention of unaccompanied asylum seeker minors by the Federal Government.
2011-351P 2June11  Occasional childcare funding.
Went with article on cuts to funding for occasional childcare centres.
2011-347 1June11  Our relative problems.
Comparing problems faced in Australia with those in countries suffering war and/or famine.
2011-344P 31May11  Won't swear on the bible.
Went with article on plans in Victoria to introduce a swearing fine.
2011-335 27May11  Australia's Godzilla.
Startling statistic that Australia has 21% of the world's poker machines.
2011-334P 26May11  Is this the fraud department?
Went with story on inaccurate Victoria police crime statistics.
2011-332 26May11  Complain about plain packaging.
Strong opposition by tobacco companies to the introduction of plain packaging for cigarette packets.
2011-325P 23May11  The dissenting priest's cross.
Went with article about priest calling for reform in the Catholic church.
2011-327 24May11  No refugees or global warming allowed.
Somewhat naive belief that Australia can isolate itself from the problems of the world.
2011-318 20May11  Ted Baillieu's smoking ceremony.
Sideways look at Premier Ted Baillieu's dropping of the compulsory acknowledgement of traditional Aboriginal land owners by Ministers and public servants at official events.
2011-316P 19May11  Police planking line up.
Went with article about planking being seen as a form of criminal activity.
2011-313 19May11  Acknowledge the current owners.
Premier Ted Baillieu's dropping of the compulsory acknowledgement of traditional Aboriginal land owners by Ministers and public servants at official events.
2011-299 13May11  Religious education class detention.
Furore over the use by Christian  groups of religious education classes in Government schools to proselytise.
2011-294 12May11  Response time race odds.
Complaints about ambulance and taxi response times.
2011-293 11May11  Middle ages budget assessment.
Abstract view of how the impact of a government budget is analysed, focusing on petty comparisons but not the big picture.
2011-288 10May11  Playing Victoria Police cops and robbers.
Another look at the serious management problems in the senior ranks of Victoria Police.
2011-287  9May11  Victoria Police senior management service revolver.
Serious management problems in the senior ranks of Victoria Police.
2011-285 6May11  Current pokies limit.
Debate on setting limits on poker machines.
2011-270P 21April11 Pray for at Easter.
Went with article on massive chocolate Easter bunny and egg sales at Easter time.
2011-266 20April11  School bullying uniforms.
High number of reported incidents of bullying in schools.
2011-255 15April11  Revolts caused by global warming.
Highlighting the pettiness of the so called carbon tax revolt in Australia when compared with the impact of rising world food prices on poor people, mainly caused by global warming.
2011-254 15April11  Assisting disability pensioners.
Calls by politicians for the tightening of disability pension eligibility to force more disability pensioners back to work.  This flies in the face of the difficulties faced by disability pensioners in getting work.
2011-251 14April11  Should we encourage more women in war?
Calls for Australian women soldiers to take on combat roles and the destructive nature of war on male soldiers.
2011-249 13April11  Australian Defence Force Academy discipline.
System discipline problems and poor culture a contributing factor in the recent sex scandal that's rocking the ADF Academy.
2011-242 12April11  Playing the pokies reform.
Fierce opposition from the pokies industry of planned legislative reform of the use of poker machines.
2011-243P 11April11  Political asylum from France.
Went with article about France banning the wearing of the burqa.
2011-234 7April11  The Australian army on parade.
Australian Defence academy sex scandal.
2011-232 6April11  On doctoring student school photos.
Comment on the case of an elite Melbourne private school allegedly doctoring student school photos to make the students look better presented.
2011-224P 1April11  Expanding Melbourne.
Went with article about the Vic. Government urging population growth in regional cities to alleviate Melbourne's overpopulation.
2011-223 1April11 Disability pensioners trickle down effect?
Tony Abbott's call to tighten up on pensions to people with disabilities.
2011-219 31March11  The Family Court scales of justice.
Acrimonious nature of the Family Court.
2011-208 25March11  Processing asylum seekers offshore today.
Australia now processing asylum seekers on the Australian mainland while claiming they are being processed as offshore applicants.
2011-199 22March11  Very tough on boat people.
Using the plight of asylum seekers arriving by boat to highlight the very poor living standards in many remote aboriginal communities.
2011-193P 18March11  Christmas decorations.
Went with article on the Christmas Island detention Centre rioting.
2011-186 17March11  Obesity in Australia.
The obscenely large profits poker machines extract from the community.
2011-155 4March11  Aussie no fly zone.
Dig at the lack of general knowledge regarding international affairs of some Australians.
2011-156 4March11  The scales of schools funding justice.
Significant inequality in the Australian schools system fuelled by funding disparities
2011-123 21Feb11  The Australian flag in Afghanistan.
Australian soldiers fighting and dying in Afghanistan.
2011-117 17Feb11  Asylum seeker child's playpen.
Inhuman treatment of asylum seeker children.
2011-097 9Feb11  Very big shit happens.
Different perspective on the term 'shit happens' which Tony Abbott used to describe the death of a soldier in Afghanistan.
2011-092P 7Feb11  Future lollipop lady?
Went with article of allowing schools to conduct weapons searches on students entering school grounds.
2011-084 4Feb11  'The Big' in Australia today.
More widespread flooding.
2011-065 28Jan11  Suitable alternative national flag.
Rye look at the National flag debate and the current widespread flooding.
2011-058 26Jan11  Reactions to the high cost of vegetables.
Lighter look at the high costs of vegetables of a child's perspective.
2011-031 14Jan11  The dam we will eventually have to build.
Calls for the building of more dams in the wake of devastating floods ignores the key to our water problems - overpopulation.
2011-026 13Jan11 Most popular names.
Highlighting the strong culture of gun ownership in America.
2011-001 4Jan11 The race to Easter.
Easter eggs and hot cross buns already on sale in the shops.