social & general

2009-713 14Dec09  The six O'clock swill in the past.
Contrasting the traditional Six O'clock swill with today's extended pub opening hours.
2009-689 3Dec09  Speeding tickets.
Drawn in response to assertions that speeding fines are simply a revenue raising exercise.
2009-666 20Nov09  Busting for a blue.
Crackdown on street violence in Victoria by the police.
2009-662 18Nov09  Immigration public opinion shark
Rising hostility to the latest wave of asylum seekers coming to Australia by boat.
2009-652 13Nov09 To those who are going to fall.
General view of war and remembrance.
2009-638  reliable automated ticketing machine.
Ongoing problems with the public transport automated ticketing machines.
2009-628P 2Nov09
Asylum seekers policy smoke.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the Timor oil rig fire.
2009-626 2Nov09  Asylum seekers map of Australia.
Asylum seekers stranded on the Australian customs ship the Oceanic Viking.
2009-625 boat people final solution.
Debate over the latest wave of asylum seekers traveling to Australia by boat.
2009-618 27Oct09  Australia's population coat of arms.
Australia's obese and aging population.
2009-611 26Oct09  Asylum seekers map of Australia.
Policy of returning asylum seekers to Indonesia.
2009-585 30Sept09  Cost innocent people their lives.
Calls for the reintroduction of the death penalty after a murderer
reprieved from the gallows in 1967 was convicted of another murder.
2009-578 28Sept09  The price of a meat pie.
Class differences and the exorbitant price of food and drink at AFL matches.
2009-574 24Sept09  The laid back Aussie.
Strong culture of drinking and violence in contemporary Australian society.
2009-561 17Sept09  Crown Casino logos.
Crown Casino getting another 200 extra gaming machines.
2009-562 18sept09  Truant kids.
Plans to withdraw dole payments to welfare families with truant kids.
2009-558 17Sept09  Incest victims safety net.
Drawn in response to story about a long term incense victim let down by authorities.
2009-539 10Sept09  Women frontline troops.
Opposition by some to the plan to recruit women as frontline troops.
2009-538 9Sept09  Gold pass.
Critique of the free travel gold passes issued to ex politicians.
2009-523 3Sept09  Saying sorry in the future.
Saying sorry to stolen children, wards of the State and environmental degradation.
2009-518 1Sept09  Boxing today.
Alcohol fuelled violence.
2009-511 28Aug09  What do you think of shared parenting?
Debate over whether divorced couples should equally share the parenting of their children.
2009-509P 27Aug09  Weight watchers minefield.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on Weight Watchers competition.
2009-475 13Aug09   On tap. 
High level of alcohol fuelled violence.
2009-469 11Aug09   Live radio ethics review.
A look at the Kyle and Jack O lie detector stunt in the light of past live radio abuses.
2009-454P 4Aug09  Australia coat of arms today.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the arrest of a terrorist
cell allegedly planning to carry out an attack in Australia.
2009-445 31July09  Indian students' definition of quality education.
Looks at the poor quality of course provided by some private collages
catering for overseas students and the spate of attacks on Indian students.
2009-428 24July09  Mixing alcoholic drinks today.
Rising level of alcohol fuelled violence.
2009-410 16July09  TAFE gateway.
Steep rises in TAFE fees deterring people from doing TAFE courses.
2009-380 6July09  The price of cigarettes.
Looking at the social cost as well as the actual cost of cigarettes.
2009-362 26June09  Distances to water and urban developments.
Look at spreading urban developments and the lack of water to supply these developments.
2009-357 25June09  Monitoring the Chaser show.
ABC management's crack down on the Chaser comedy
show in the wake of the Chaser's make a realistic wish skit.
2009-355 24June09  The easiest job in the world.
The Victorian Government's removal of the right of appeal
some major projects in order to fast track these projects.
2009-335 16June09  Gangster's headstone.
Musings on gangsters and death in light of the latest slaying of a crime boss identity in Melbourne.
2009-322 9June09  Indian student catching public transport.
Racist attacks on Indian students in Australia.
2009-289 25April09  No staggering anytime.
Local council perspective on the problem of binge drinking.
2009-314 5June09  Swine flu shock and horror.
Swine flu not nearly as virulent as first thought.
2009-300 1June09  Effluenza pandemic.
Comparing environmental degradation to the swine flu pandemic.
2009-297 29May  Enrolling at an Australian university.
Rise in racist attacks on Indian students.
2009-266 14May09  Welfare net today.
Aussie welfare net under sever strain due to the recession.
2009-293 27May09  The committee to prevent the spread of swine flu.
Swine flu defying all efforts to prevent it's spread.
2009-290P 25May09  Common chain smoker.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on levels of smoking in the community.
2009-288 25May09  Student youth allowance.
Planned tighter eligibility requirements for the youth allowance.
2009-286 22May09  I've been everywhere man.
The spread of swine flu expressed via the Song I've Been Everywhere.
2009-275 18May09  Rolling out the retirement age red carpet.
Extension of the retirement age may mean people will be too old to enjoy their retirement.
2009-264 13May09  Have to work longer.
The increase in the Retirement age viewed through the eyes of the unemployed.
2009-262 12May09  Alcohol advertising.
widespread advertising of alcohol increasing the incidences of binge drinking.
2009-234 29April09  Binge drinker limit.
Negative social effects of binge drinking.
2009-214 21April   Reaction to the recession word.
Reaction to the use of the recession word by the Prime minister
2009-211 20April09  SIEV 36 fire reaction.
Exploring Australia's reaction to the fire on the refugee boat SIEV 36.
2009-206 17April09 The tip of the iceberg.
Refugees a symptom of a much deeper malaise.
2009-201 15April09  I've been to Bali and Bangkok.
Bangkok riots seen through the eyes of kitsch holiday shirts often work by Australian tourists.
2009-195 9April09  Growing youth unemployment.
Rapidly rising youth unemployment in the wake of the recession.
2009-176 31Mar09  Bikie map of Australia.
High level of bikie violence in Australia.
2009-166P 26Mar09  Ringside seat.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the prevalence of domestic violence.
2009-158 23Mar09  Club Bikie.
Running fight between rival bikie gangs at Sydney Airport.
2009-145 16Mar09  Good Friday each way bet.
Protests over Tabcorp's decision to open their betting shops on Good Friday.
2009-119 3Mar09  Modern Waltzing Matilda.
Contemporary twist to the traditional Australian ballad Waltzing Matilda.
2009-101P 25Feb09  Not qualified to shoot.
Pocket cartoon that went with an article on some Australian soldiers being forced to
repay allowances they were given because they were not qualified to receive them.
2009-076P 13Feb09  Sydney Opera House shark.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on two shark attacks in Sydney harbour in as many days.
2009-019 20Jan09 High TER score.
High cost of university.
2009-015 17Jan09  Counting calories.
Esoteric look at Govt. plans to require food sellers to display  a calorie count of each dish that they serve.