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2019-12-06 Environmental version of Santa.
The best gift we can give our kids is to stem destruction of the environment.
2019-491P  Possible new global warming record.
Extreme heat, widespread drought and savage bushfires challenging the government's mantra that global warming is not happening.

2019-490  Australia's coat of arms today.
Reflecting on the widespread drought, searing heat and bushfires that are ravaging Australia.

2019-481  Scott Morrison parting the Red Sea.
Prime minister Scott Morrison's response to the devistating NSW bushfires.

2019-474  The time to talk about global warming.
The Federal government's tendency to avoid discussion about global warming by saying now is not the time to talk about it.

2019-470  The government interpreting environmental data.
The government's tendancy to put a positive spin on environmental data.

2019-464P  Silent Spring but money talks.
Went with and article about a local council considering alternatives to the herbicide Glyphosate due to environmental concerns.

2019-461  Rural map of Australia.
Widespread drought impacting on rural Australia.

2019-457  The LNP's environmental policy balloon.
The Liberal National Party's environmental policy is weighed down by its continuing support for the coal industry.

2019-456P  Farm gate sales in the future.
Went with article about community wind farm conference.

2019-449  Scott Morrison comments.
Prime minister Morrision's comments that there is no evidence that increasing carbon emissions will increase the severity of bushfires.

2019-443  A child's eye view of hell.
A look at the severe NSW bushfires and conservative Christian commentary that the fires are god's judgment against homosexuals

2019-435  Fire danger rating sign.
The failure to acknowledge and deal with climate change.

2019-432  Fighting global warming enhanced bushfires.
The Federal government’s failure to acknowledge global warming is increasing the severity and frequency of bushfires.

2019-423 Single use plastic bags.
Drawn in response to opposition to the introduction of a ban on single use plastic bans on the grounds that we can’t live without them.

2019-420P  Cutting green tape.
On federal environment minister Sussan Ley’s vow to reduce “green tape” in order to fast track development projects.

2019-416P  Demand for water.
Went with article on local water storage dams in regional Victoria having more water in them than this time last year.

2019-407P Fire season fuel reduction reminder.
Went with article on the need to prepare for the fire season.

2019-400P  Watering the stock in the future.
Went with article on mineral water companies buying up groundwater rights at the expense of farmers.

2019-387P  What will you do if you grow up?
On the latest strike by students against global warming.

2019-385  Future council recycling scheme?
On some councils suspending curbside recyling due to being unable to process the collected recycling material.

2019-382  Evidence that a bushfire isn't happening.
Using the unprecidented rise in the number and ferosity of bushfires in Australia to to show how golbal warming denialsits cherrypick scant and dubious evidence that claims global warming isn’t happening while ognoring the overwelming evicence that it is.

2019-381P  Worrying protest signs for the government.
Went with article about upcoming student protest organised by School Strike 4 Climate Australia

2019-379P  Climate  emergency.
Went with article about councils declaring a climate emergency in their municipality.

2019-375  Children exploring nature.
A look at the technology bubble that nature is viewed through today.

2019-370P  Dealing with recycling materials today.

2019-359P  Action on global warming expressed as a parachute.

2019-352P  We need more bins.
2019-349P  Trying to clean up Australia.
For article on roadside rubbish problem.  Uses littering as a segue to the recycling materials stockpile problem.

2019-339  Pacific island nations voting for Australia to take action on climate change.
On the Australian government’s poor response to calls at the Pacific Islands Forum by Pacific Island Nations for action on global warming.

2019-318  The war on waste.
Australia losing the war on waste.

2019-314  Modern day Titanic.
Looming recycling materials glut, largely due to a failure of policy.

2019-294  The trickle down effect.
The impact of pollution falls mainly on those that can least afford it.

2019-286P  Skiing uphill.
Went with article about using snowmakers to create snowfields.

2019-276P  There goes plastic free July!
Went with article about the plastic free July campaign that urges people to give up the use of single use plastic during the month of July.

2019-263P  Under staffed national park.
Went with article about understaffed National parks.

2019-249P  Wildlife clairvoyant.
Went with article on loss of koala habitat.
2019-248  Plastic recycling numbers.
On a study claiming people could be ingesting as much as a teaspoon of micro plastic every week.

2019-242P  Trying to hit the zero emissions target with coal fired power.
Went with article on Victoria not on track to reach its carbon emissions reduction target.

2019-237P  The new Mount Everest.
Went with article on the mounting difficulty in disposing of used tyres.

2019-229P  Telling farmers about the water shortage.
Awareness in the city of the ramifications of the latest drought catching up to what the country has long been experiencing.

2019-217  In an Australian coastal city in the future.
Australians seemingly more interested in saving negative gearing and franking credits then the environment.

2019-199P  Current definition of endangered.
Very rubbery definitions of what “endangered” wildlife means appears to on the rise.

2019-191P  Betting on global warming.
In response to Tony Abbott betting $100 that the climate will not change in the next 10 years.

2019-189P  Compost week teenager, mum room.
Went with article on compost awareness week.

2019-188P  The new look CWA.
Went with article on younger women joining the Country Women’s Association.

2019-179P  Autumn winds.
Went with article on autumn leaf fall.

2019-177P  Plant growth this Autumn.
On the low rainfall in Western Victoria this Autumn.

2019-167P  No carbon emissions beyond this point.
The necessity of achieving carbon neutrality as quickly as possible.

2019-165  Politicians slinging mud.
Sideways look at the parched Murray Darling basin.

2019-146P  Koala hitchhiker.
Falling Koala numbers due to environmental degradation.

2019-147P  Rain dance kit.
Went with article on extremely tough dry conditions farmers are currently experiencing

2019-134P  The indicators aren't good.
A look at both economic and environmental indicators.

2019-127  Crack denialism.
A look at Global warming denialism through the use of a metaphor.

2019-118P  The writing on the wall.
World wide student climate strike.

2019-117  On top of the recycling problem.
A look at the recycling materials glut.

2019-112  Dealing with rising sea levels today.
A look at the serious problem of dealing with garbage.

2019-106P  Australia will reach its carbon emissions reduction  target.
The Australian Government avoiding its commitment to reaching Australia’s carbon emissions reduction target.

2019-098P  Counting koala numbers today.
Went with article on falling Koala numbers in South Western Victoria.

2019-095P  The bigger climate solutions fund, reduction change.
More of the same ineffectual response to the threat of climate change from the federal government.

2019-092P  Glencore coal mining reduction commitment.
Glencore decision to cap coal production only a token commitment to fighting climate change.

2019-089P  Murray Darling Basin Authority water fountain.
Murray Darling Basin Authority mismanagement.

2019-087P  Waste management department.
On Australian recycling facilities being flooded with more material than they can process.

2019-084P  Good and bad news on the Darling river.
On mass fish kills on the Darling river due to global warming, drought and poor water management.

2019-078P Children should be seen and not heard.
On the world wide student protests about climate change.

2019-072P  Climate policy costing votes.
The LNP's poor climate policy costing them votes.
2019-071P  Higher education in the future.
Went with article on courses being set up to train technicians for the expanding renewables industry.
2019-060P  Action on climate change in the future?
Inaction on climate change.

2019-057P  Very high cost of water today.
High cost of water in rural communities in times of drought.

2019-051P  Future farm gate sales, climate change global warming.
Climate change threatening the livelihoods of Australian farmers.

2019-049P  Economic indicators applied to the environment.
Economic indicators inadequate way of assessing health of the environment.

2019-048  Different views of planet earth.
Putting our dependence on a healthy planet into perspective.

2019-043P  Precipitation this week.
Record breaking hot dry weather.

2019-040P  Life on earth in the next century.
On David Attenborough, host of the Life On Earth wildlife documentary series, urging immediate action on climate change.

2019-028P  The Government rethinking Murray Darling environmental flows.
Environmental flows to the Murray Darling basin grossly insufficient.

2019-023P  Reading the Guinness book of records today.
Temperature records being regularly broken.

2019-019P  Consulting widely over environmental flow policy.
Environmental flow policy favouring narrow interests.

2019-015  Why do politicians use buses to campaign.
Environmental policy failures contributing to the drying of the Darling river.

2019-012  Fly fishing on the Darling.
On mass fish deaths on the Darling river due algae bloom and lack of water.

2019-010P Weather statistics.
The Australian government ignoring weather statistics that show evidence of global warming.

2019-008  Action on global warming applied to the Titanic.
Inaction on global warming.