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2018-550 Climate wars collateral damage.
The focus on carbon emission reduction targets while seeming to ignore the actual damage that is being inflicted on the environment.

2018-542  Green Santa.
A Christmas perspective on environmental degradation.

2018-540P  Views of global warming.
The Australian government underestimating the threat of global warming.

2018-534P Thirteenth day of Christmas...
Went with article on the amount of wrapping paper rubbish that is generated at Christmas time.

2018-532P  Naked young farmer.
Went with an article on the publication of a Young Farmers’ nude calendar.

2018-529P  We have to do something about global warming.
The fossil fuel industry's stymieing of attempts to cut carbon emissions.

2018-525P  Career paths for the young.
The future for young people if global warming is not checked.

2018-524P  Implementing the latest recycling policy.
Failure of the Liberal Party to come up with a credible policy to reduce carbon emissions.

2018-515P  Monitoring farm noise.
Went with article on more stringent monitoring of wind turbine noise.

2018-511P  When I grow up.
The reason why students are striking over climate change.

2018-503P  What you get when you combine smoke and mirrors.
On the massive dust storm sweeping across NSW.

2018-498PV  Modern definition of a wildlife corridor.
Went with article on housing developments encroaching on land reserved for wildlife corridors.

2018-491P  Safety regulations.
Putting the Bunnings sausage sizzle onion safety furore into perspective.

2018-490  Fire season preparation risk sign.
The lack of preparation for the fire season by so many people living in fire risk areas.

2018-487P  Environmental election promises.
Election promises aimed at addressing environmental problems totally inadequate when it comes to dealing with the current pace of environmental degradation.

2018-486P  The Government's definition of recycling.
On the woeful state of recycling in Australia.

2018-479  The global warming ascent of man.
Originally draw in response to Australian students planning school strikes to protest against climate inaction but relevant worldwide.

2018-476P  Not a good idea to put money in an offshore island tax haven.
On tax evasion robbing the world of billions that could be used to tackle global warming.

2018-473P  It is not global warming.
On climate change sceptics downplaying the impact of global warming on the severe drought in South Eastern Australia.

2018-458  The elephant in the drought corner.
Feature cartoon version of an earlier pocket cartoon on the Coalition’s planned $3.9bn drought future fund.

2018-458P  The elephant in the drought corner.
On the Coalition’s planned $3.9bn drought future fund.

2018-453P  Government could support new coal.
Scott Morrison’s support for coal fired power stations.

2018-451P Outback last signs.
On the planned rollout of an ‘ultra-rapid’ electric car charging network across Australia.

2018-438P  Mug punter today.
On the Federal government’s continued support for coal in defiance of IPCC climate warning.

2018-437P  Cutting emissions cost.
Went with article on the cost of building more environmentally friendly housing.
2018-432P  Global warming aquaculture opportunities.
The Federal government's attempts to allay farmers’ concerns about global warming.

2018-407P  Scott Morrison version of fishes and loaves parable.
Scott Morrison’s religious views and his support for the coal industry.

2018-404P  Reducing global warming expressed as parachuting.
Morrison 'not convinced' pulling out of Paris treaty would cut energy prices.

2018-398P  Man on the land today.
Extreme drought conditions in NSW.

2018-393P  The drought politicians always take action on.
The politics of dealing with climate change induced drought.

2018-378P  Tackling global warming options on offer thus far.
Failure to seriously tackle global warming.

2018-375P  Unsafe green bags.
On claims by those opposing the phasing out of singly use plastic shopping bags that green bags are unsafe due to the risk of food poisoning.

2018-373P  If environmental water flows were supplied by bucket.
Barnaby Joyce accused of tilting Murray-Darling authority towards irrigators.

2018-372  Modern and old fashioned food waste disposal.
A look at how we dispose of waste food.

2018-370P  Factors influencing life expectancy.
Results of recent research indicates that Australians are living longer.

2018-362P  Waste recycling problem.
Quality control being overwhelmed by the sheer scale the amount of recallable material that has to be processed each day.

2018-365P  Diverting environmental flows to help drought stricken farmers.
On calls for Murray Darling environmental flows be diverted back to drought stricken farmers.

2018-360P  The complete food pyramid.
Drawn for article on the drought affecting NSW farmers.

2018-356P  Why one hundred percent drought declaration is serious.
On NSW being declared 100% in drought.

2018-355P  This step is too high!
If we can’t do something as simple as stop using single use plastic shopping bags then we have no chance of tackling the much tougher challenges that face us if we are to avoid the looming environmental disaster.

2018-353  Emissions reduction targets expressed as safety net.
The states at odds with the federal government’s weak emissions reduction target.

2018-339P  The war on waste progress report.
Still a long way to go for victory in ‘The War on Waste’

2018-330P  Dead and buried.
The looming end of single use plastic shopping bags.

2018-318P  Conservatives for action on global warming.
Conservatives reluctant to abandon coal, even those who recogniser the threat global warming poses.

2018-313P  Use of paper.
On businesses using paper instead of plastic.

2018-311P  Sorting option that should also be considered.
On the recycling sorting options debate.

2018-305P  Cost effective way to cut the use of plastic.
On efforts to cut the use of single sue plastic.

2018-300  Pot of gold at the end of the rainbow today.
The quest for liveable cities being stymied by our dependency on cars.

2018-297P  Using reusable shopping bags is a load of rubbish.
Opposition to the introduction of reusable shopping bags.

2018-289  Political debate today.
Lack of serious political debate about the threat of global warming.

2018-285P  Do you know how to save the Barrier reef?
On a parliamentary inquiry to examine how a $444m grant for work on the Great Barrier Reef was awarded to a small not-for-profit charity.

2018-278P  Unity over action on global warming.
The lack of unity on tackling global warming.

2018-268P  Taking action to reduce rubbish bags.
On Australian supermarkets finally banning single use plastic carry bags.

2018-231P Current plan to lower carbon emissions.
On Australia’s feeble attempts to lower carbon emissions.

2018-220P  Cooking with gas.
On Australia’s rising carbon emissions that are being boosted by the expansion of LNG Exports.

2018-206P  Wind farm problems.
Lighter look at criticisms of wind farm.

2018-199P  Made in China Australia recycling.
A look at Australia’s waste problem, exacerbated by china’s import ban on some recycling materials but caused by excessive

2018-194P  Recording precipitation in the future.
On the record breaking April temperatures in South Eastern Australia.

2018-188  Different views of the overpopulation verses overconsumption debate.
On the overpopulation versus overconsumption debate.
2018-183P  We no longer have a financial problem.
On Ipswich council scrapping its waste recycling program on costs grounds.

2018-178P  Culturally significant sites will be protected.
On the Northern Territory government lifting the ban on gas fracking.

2018-175P  Big catches in the future.
On plastic pollution in the world’s oceans and overfishing.

2018-172P  Modern bins.
The large amount of uneaten food that is thrown out.

2018-166P  Climate change winners podium.
Pocket version of the 2018-166 cartoon on the ever increasing grip of global warming.

2018-166  Climate change winners podium.
On the ever increasing grip of global warming.

2018-165P  All you can eat cruises.
On the latest live sheep trade mass deaths in transit.

2018-159P  Just when South Australians thought it was safe to get back in the water.
Plans to drill an exploratory well in the Great Australian Bight despite document showing oil drilling would pose an extreme environmental risk.

2018-148P  Measuring rising carbon emissions in the future.
Australia's emissions rise again in 2017, putting Paris targets in doubt.

2018-147P  Expensive container deposit scheme.
On criticism of the cost of the NSW container deposit scheme.

2018-143P  Government concerns over Regional forestry agreements.
Questioning the Environmental protection capabilities of current Regional Forestry Agreements.

2018-133P  Counting the loopholes in Queensland's land clearing laws.
Drawn in response to an article about loopholes in the Queensland Government’s new land-clearing laws that ‘would allow broad scale razing’.

2018-117P  Sweeping the overpopulation problem under the carpet.
The impact on the planet from overpopulation largely being ignored.

2018-106P  Enforcing land clearing regulations.
On Queensland MPs forcing government to back off on land-clearing enforcement.

2018-104P  Duck hunter education today.
On the high number of protected ducks being shot during duck season.

2018-086P  Government recycling fund dump truck.
On local councils getting $13 million from the State government to help them deal will China’s waste ban.  The amount underestimates the scale of the recycling problem Australia faces.
2018-080P  Where Labor stands on the Adani mine.
On the ALP’s failure to take a definite position on the Adani mine.

2018-070P  The Murray Darling Basin Plan Gordian Knot.
On the difficulty of getting the States to agree on the Murray Darling Basin plan.

2018-069P Someone who thinks the Murray Darling environmental flow should be lowered.
On attempts to reduce the amount of water reserved for environmental flows in the Murray Darling basin.

2018-060P  Recycling or over packaging problem.
China's ban on importing recycling materials has put a spotlight on the problem of over packaging.

2018-055P  Chicken stocking density standards.
The new national free range standard’s stocking level that is over six times the CSIRO’s recommended free range hen stocking level.

2018-054P  Reading about crashes.
Comparing the latest stock market crash with the likely repercussions of an environmental crash.

2018-044P  Managing the environment today.
Managing the environment often largely a cosmetic adjunct to economic activity.

2018-034P  The Government's  Great Barrier reef rescue package.
Great Barrier Reef to get $60m rescue package from government.

2018-033P  Not hurt his feelings.
Went with article on changes to farming practices to better reflect that animals are sentient beings.
2018-029P  Global warming express as a boulder.
Government's underestimating the impact of global warming.

2018-012P  The cost of not introducing a container deposit scheme.
On Coca-Cola Amatil and brewers passing on the cost of the NSW container deposit scheme.