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2017-672P  Government definition of lowering carbon emissions, chimney.
Carbon emissions continuing to rise.

2017-660P  We have cut greenhouse gas emissions.
On the Federal Government slashing funding for environmental projects.

2017-655P  Viewing the fire risk this season.
Good spring rains producing a lot of fuel ahead of the fire season.

2017-654P The cost of water due to global warming.
For article on report on the likely increase in the cost of water.

2017-651P  Lost charity status.
On the Waubra Foundation losing its charity status due to unfounded health risk claims.

2017-639P  A farmer's perspective on the weather.
Drawn in response to flooding in Gippsland, South Eastern Australia.

2017-595P  Coral whitewashing events.
Denial that climate change is doing serious damage to the Great Barrier Reef.

2017-574P Adani species survival environmental award.
On a Tourism award winner in Queensland rejecting an Adani-sponsored price.

2017-563P The little red carbon emissions reduction engine.
The Government's National Energy Guarantee unlikely to fulfil its carbon reduction goal if it continues to hitch is wagon to coal.

2017-558P  Replacing the Clean Energy Target with the National Energy Guarantee.
Replacing the relatively simple Clean energy target with the more complex National Energy Guarantee system.

2017-546P  The climate science debate thus far.
The belligerent anti science stance taken by climate science sceptics.

2017-541P  Reaching the Government's clean energy target.
The Federal Government on the verge of abandoning its already weak clean energy target.

2017-516P  Weather forecasting today.
On climate deniers’ attacks on the Australian Weather Bureau.

2017-498P  Barnaby Joyce's investment mechanism
Barnaby Joyce demanding 2017-474P  Tax deductable funds expressed in mining terms.
On calls by the mining industry to the limit tax deductibility for money donated to environmental groups.
2017-466P  Current plan to save the Great Barrier Reef.

On the negative impact of coal mining on the health of the Great Barrier Reef.

2017-441P  The Commonwealth Bank climate policy.
On the Commonwealth Bank’s failure to come up with an effective climate policy.

2017-404P  The current definition of a healthy environmental flow.
For article on environmental flow allocation for the Murray Darling basin.
2017-402P  Environmental flow bucket.
For article about the diversion of environmental flow allocated water for irrigation.

2017-398P  The Government's  preferred marine park size
For article on the Federal Government’s plans to cut the size of Australia’s marine parks.

2017-378  Letting go of coal
Feature version of an earlier pocket cartoon on the consequences of continuing to rely on coal as a source of energy.

2017-389P  And then there's the paper bag problem
On the ongoing battle to reduce the use of disposable plastic shopping bags.

2017-378P  Letting go of coal
On claims that protecting coal jobs today is more important than saving the planet in the future.

2017-373P  Car safety features in the future
On the Auto industry opposing the plan to cut cars' greenhouse gas emissions.

2017-372P  We understand the electricity grid
For article on Elon Musk’s comment about commentators who don’t understand the electricity grid.

2017-362P  Mars covered in toxic material capable of wiping out life
For article on the planet Mars being covered in a toxic material capable of wiping out life.

2017-341P  But you're not green
For article about farmers joining the fight against climate change.

2017-325P  Not the light on the hill
On the Labor Party's support for Adani’s Carmichael coal mine.

2017-323P  The National Party's preferred energy mix
The National Party's pro coal anti renewables stance.

2017-314P  Marine fish forced South due to global warming
For article on report that marine tropical fish are moving south as a result of global warming.

2017-308P  The energy supply debate
For article on energy supply policy.

2017-304P  Reading the FinkeL energy market report
For article on the release of the Finkel report into the Australian energy market.

2017-298P  Getting the green light on the Carmichael coalmine
For article on Adani's Carmichael coal mine getting the go ahead despite huge opposition to it on environmental grounds.

2017-285P  Looking at the Abbott Era through the rear vision mirror
For article on an assessment of the Abbott era's inaction on global warming.

2017-284P  Coal will be clean
For article on the Australian Federal Government forcing the Clean Energy Finance Corporation to finance carbon capture and storage projects.

2017-281P  We already have a more efficient trading scheme in place
For article on the Australian government's steadfast refusal to introduce an emissions trading scheme.

2017-270P  Chifley's light on the hill
For article on dissent by some Labor MPs over Labor's tacit support for the Adani coal mine.
2017-269P  I shot a pink elephant
Went with article on calls for shooters to be breath tested.

2017-268P  Climate change analysis applied to weather forecasting
For article on the ongoing climate change debate.

2017-262P  And we've thrown in a free set of steak knife
For article on the Adani Carmichael coal mine deal.

2017-254P  War on waste
For article on Craig Reucassel’s ABC program - War On Waste.

2017-235P  Australia's part in the Paris climate pact may change
For article on the claim that the Australian government's part in the Paris climate pact may change if America pulls out.

2017-232  Recent geological epochs.
Inspired by Professor Clive Hamilton's dire warning that we are on the edge of the climate abyss but are ignoring it.

2017-184P  Rolling out the red carpet for the Adini coalmine.
For article on the special treatment the government is giving to the Adini coalmine development.2017-177P  The dishonour roll.
For article on the failure of the federal government to tackle coral bleaching due to global warming.

2017-175P  Why there are so few tsunami deniers.
For article on global warming deniers.

2017-166P  The decent into environmental Armageddon.
The fixation on economics while ignoring the threat of environmental Catastrophe.

2017-146P  Pointing to evidence that coral bleaching hasn't occurred.
For article on leading global warming denialist claiming coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef hasn't occurred.
2017-145P  Tree hugger, coal hugger.
For article on Tony Abbott arguing that the decommissioning of the Hazelwood coal fired power station should not go ahead.

2017-139P  Rising average global temperatures winners podium.
A look at the threat of global warming.

2017-134P  Energy policy Humpty Dumpty.
A look at the current state of energy policy in Australia.

2017-122P  Not a shred of evidence that coral bleaching is damaging the great barrier reef.
For article on the Federal Government ignoring mounting evidence that the Great Barrier Reef is being damaged by coral bleaching.

2017-121P  Cooking with gas in the future.
For article on predicted gas shortages by 2020 due to poor energy and environmental policies.

2017-120P  Reviewing Australia's energy policy.
For article on Australia's energy policy in disarray due to years of partisan politics.

2017-105P  The Murray Darling version of putting your the head in the sand.
For article on the failure to improve the condition of the Murray Darling basin despite spending billions on it.

2017-100P  Viewing coral on the Great Barrier Reef.
For article on large tourist operators in Queensland including the Mantra Group strangely silent about coral bleaching caused by global warming when they are so dependent on the reef as a tourist attraction.

2017-086P  The latest global warming climate model.
For article about dire global warming climate modelling.

2017-084  Wind farms in Australia and Canberra.
Looks at the ever changing energy policy emanating from Canberra.

2017-081P  Energy security.
For article on the Australian Government's 'energy security' campaign.

2017-080P  Applying the bike strategy.
Went with article on the release of a bike strategy.

2017-079P  Environmental fears today.
For article on the often shallow responses to the threat of global warming.

2017-078P  Coal mining today.
For article on the Federal Government undermining the renewable energy industry by strongly favouring the coal industry.

2017-075P  A gambling  perspective.
For article on the viability of clean coal as a tool for reducing carbon emissions.

2017-072P  Cory Bernardi's principled alternative policy.
For article on Cory Bernardi forming a new conservative political party.

2017-062P  I will favour both brown and black coal.
For article on the announcement of coal lobbyist Sid Marris as Malcolm Turnbull's new climate and energy adviser.

2017-057P  Proving that it's easy to produce clean coal.
For article on the Federal government's renewed commitment to clean coal.

2017-026P 16Jan17  The government's overriding environmental priority.
Far article about the federal Government's spirited utterances about saving the whales which is in stark contrast to their lacklustre attempts to save the Great Barrier Reef.

2017-007  Extreme sports today
A look at the extreme weather events of 2016.