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2016-689P  Today's economic thinking applied to agriculture.
For article on the Australian Government's poor response to the challenges of global warming.

2016-669P  9Dec16 RIP Green Army.
For article on the disbandment of Abbott's Green Army scheme.

2016-668  8Dec16 At risk of not hitting your carbon emissions target.
For article on the Finkel report warning that the government is at risk of not meeting its carbon emissions reduction target.

2016-657P  Concerns about Direction Action.
For article on the Government's Direct Action carbon emissions reduction program's funding is about to run out.

2016-634P  The Australian Government is ranked pretty low on CO2 emissions.
For article on Australia
being ranked fifth-worst for emissions and policies among developed countries.
2016-629P  And she is stable as well.
For article Reporting that in the past three years CO2 emissions have largely been stable.

2016-624P  How much light does this provide?
For article on the rise in the amount of electricity supplied by renewable energy.

2016-622  We have a global warming problem.
Global warming a symptom, not the cause.

2016-574  Blackouts in South Australia and Victoria
Massive protest when South Australia (which generates a high percentage of energy from renewable sources) suffered widespread blackouts due to storm damage but when predominately coal fire powered Victoria suffered similar blackouts there was total silence.

2016-558P  290916  Murder investigation in South Australia.
For article on widespread blackouts in South Australia being blamed on renewable energy.

2016-554P 270916  Food fashion in the past and today.
For article on rising levels of food wastage due to our increasingly fussy tastes.

2016-546P  23Sept16  Gen Y wasting apples.
For article claiming Gen Y waste more food than any other generation.

2016-542  22Sept16  Australian climate road signs.
A look at Australia's climate extremes.

2016-530P  30Aug16  The future dissenting view.
For article on the dissenting view on the Climate Change Authority's report.

2016-528P  30Aug16  Beware of the poor fencing.
Went with article on the danger to motorcyclists of wandering stock.

2016-526P  29Aug16  Climate and Energy Committee freezing.
For article on The climate sceptic Liberal MP Craig Kelly being appointed as chairman of the Climate and Energy Committee.

2016-520P 25Aug16  The numbers stack up!
For article on appeal by scientists for the government to take action over global warming.

2016-511P  23 Aug16  Future fire air services.
Went with article replacement of Erickson Air-Crane with a smaller fire fighting helicopter.

2016-515P 22Aug16  You won't invest in coal for political reasons.
For article on Scott Morrison claiming super funds are not investing in coal for 'political reasons’

2016-500P 15Aug16  The new great Australian bight? 
For article on plans to drill for oil in the pristine Great Australian Bight marine park.

2016-481  4July16  The ascent of global warming awareness man.
The refusal of large sections of society to recognise the threat global warming presents to humankind.

2016-470P  1Aug16 It turned out to be lot of coal smoke and mirrors.
For article on failed renewable energy scar campaign by the coal industry.

2016-454P 25July16  This year's Spring racing carnival?
Went with article on very wet conditions threatening a regional jumps racing carnival.

2016-447 21July16  Man on the land today.
Large tracts of prime agricultural land in Australia being lost to mining and urban sprawl.

2016-429P 14July16  The ascent of meat eating man.
One of the main problems with the modern diet is that it is too easy to eat excessive amounts of meat.

2016-394P  1July16  Finding Nemo and Dory in the future?
For article about how much money will be needed to save the Great Barrier Reef.

2016-393P  1July16  Good environmental news in the future?
For article about the ozone hole shrinking.

2016-362P  21June16  Putting a positive spin on the environment.
For article on coral bleaching and the government's poor response to it.

2016-329P  9June16  A different view of the state of the Great barrier reef.
For article on denial from some quarters of the damage being done to the Great Barrier Reef.

2016-325P 8June16  If sharks could drive.
For article on the heated response to the second shark attack within a week in Western Australia.

2016-323P  8June16  The logic of politics.
For article on political pledges to save the Great Barrier Reef.

2016-322  7June16  Not reading the fine print.
Many politicians not heeding the obvious signs of global warming.

2016-321P  The white Australia policy, then and now.
For article on the destruction of large portions of the Great Barrier Reef due to coral bleaching.

2016-318 6June16  Aussie lifeguards in the future?
Increased coastal erosion due to rising sea levels.

2016-301P 30May16  Informing the public about climate change risk.
For article on climate change risk not being disclosed to prospective property buyers.

2016-300P 30May16  The dead heart of Australia, then and now.
For article on the sever coral bleaching along the great barrier reef.

2016-299 27May16 The global warming three wise monkeys.
Global warming denialism persists despite overwhelming evidence.

2016-298P 27May16  The revised UN climate report expressed as a billboard.
For article on censorship of the UN climate report by the Australian Government. 

2016-291P 25May16  Couldn't we have a shark cage instead.
For article on condemnation of the Government's assistance package by dairy farmers.

2016-287P 24May16  The political debate on climate change.
For article on the lack of debate in this election campaign on climate change.

2016-282  23May16  Riding on the dairy cow's back.
Diary supply companies driving the price of milk down so low that many dairy farmers can't make a living anymore.

2016-282  23May16  Riding on the dairy cow's back.
Diary supply companies driving the price of milk down so low that many dairy farmers can't make a living anymore.

2016-278P 20May16  Reaching the 400 parts per million milestone.
For article on the carbon dioxide level reaching the 400 PPM milestone.

2016-263P-V 17May16  Local white, imported red.
For Ballarat Courier article on the impact the planned new backpacker tax would have on the local wine industry which relies on

2016-259P 16May16  Global warming sceptics view.
For article about the latest record breaking above average global temperatures.

2016-243P 11May16  We are out in the cold.
For article on CSIRO climate scientist redundancies.

2016-210P 29April16  The Guinness book of record global temperatures records.
Global temperature records being repeatedly broken.

2016-201 27April16  Climate sceptics science.
Dubious science used by global warming sceptics.

2016-200P 27April16  Will work for organic food.
Went with article on environmentalism and inequality.

2016-197 26April16  El Nino applying for permanent residency.
The El Nino phenomenon that causes dryer conditions seems to have become more prevalent in  Australia.

2016-179P 18April16  Country risk signs.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on high road toll in the country.

2016-169 11April16 The wealthy taking action on climate change.
The wealthy looking after their own interests at the expense of the greater good.

2016-152 29March16  Where Ku Klux Klan members like to holiday.
Severe coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef.

2016-130P 11March16  Bore water windmill drought.
Went with article on drought conditions causing artesian water levels to drop.

2016-128P 10March16  Carbon emissions reduction target maps.
For article on accelerated land clearing in Queensland jeopardising Australia's emissions reduction target.

2016-118 3March16  The global warming evidence debate in the past and today.
Overwhelming evidence that the planet is indeed warming up muting the once ferocious global warming debate.

2016-095P 22Feb16 SCIRO monitoring climate change in the future.
Climate change research being targeted for cutbacks and redundancies at CSIRO.
2016-086 17Feb17  How much is that doggie in the window.
Increasing number of Illegal puppy farms that breed dogs in often appalling conditions for the pet market.

2016-074 10Feb16  Best minister in the world.
Greg Hunt, the minister of the environment, winning the award of Best Minister in the World despite Australia having one of the worst track records on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the developed world.

2016-062 4Feb16  Watching wildlife in Australia.
Environmental degradation due to Urbanisation making Australians disconnected with the wonders of Australia's wildlife. 

2016-024 20Jan16  The good news is we've got mobile coverage.
While mobile phone coverage is an important safety tool in a bushfire prone area relying on it without taking other precautions is unwise.

2016-008 13Jan16  Multicultural rural Australia.
Multiculturalism used to highlight the extreme hot and dry conditions afflicting much of Australia.
2016-527P  30Aug16  Spring Racing Carnivals.
Went with article on the arrival of spring weather.