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2015-690 14Dec15  Steps towards meeting the tougher greenhouse gas reduction target.
Turnbull taking a tougher stance on greenhouse gas reduction while at the same time appearing not to do so in order to appease global warming denier elements within the LNP.

2015-662 1Dec15  Big news story today.
Extensive drought in Australia has meant that even small rainfall events get reported as big news stories.

2015-649 25Nov15  The current plans to tackle rising sea levels due to global warming.
No real plan to tackle rising sea levels due to global warming including the large number of refugees that rising sea levels will produce.

2015-639 20Nov15  Australia's latest job creation scheme.
Climate Council report predicting that the number of fire fighters required to fight bushfires will double by 2030.

2015-616 9Nov15  Stan didn't believe in climate change.
Drawn in response to a CSIRO survey which showed that only 45.6% of Australians believed in human induced climate change despite overwhelming evidence that it is occurring.

2015-612 6Nov15  The shortfalls of groundwater.
Drawn in response to calls for increased use of groundwater as an aide to
tackling the drier conditions in South Eastern Australia due to global warming.
2015-607 4Nov15  The Direct Action emissions reduction fund auction.
The Direct Action emissions reduction fund seen by many as an ineffective way to reduce carbon emissions.

2015-604P 3Nov15  Budget Ballarat Show ride.
Went with article on how to take a family to the Ballarat agriculture show on a budget.

2015-580 21Oct15  Unemployed water tank.
Many Australian farmers are facing financial hardship due to widespread drought.

2015-547 23Sept15 Overtaking Volkswagen emissions scam.
Likening the Australian Government's  Direct Action emissions reduction policy claims to the exaggerated emissions reduction claims of Volkswagen.

2015-414P 23July15  Correct weight this winter.
Went with article on wet weather forcing cancellations of some country race meets.

2015-388 13July15  Man on the coal mining region land.
Drawn in response to protests by farmers in the Liverpool Plains region over the approval of the the giant Shenhua Watermark Project open cut coal mine.

2015-367 2July15  Fifty percent of corals that didn't die are safe.
The government successfully pressuring UNESCO to not have the Great Barrier Reef listed as endangered even though 50% of its live coral has died in the last thirty years.

2015-344 19June15  Appointing a wind farm commissioner.
The Federal Environment Minister's open hostility to wind farms.

2015-337 16June15  Australian's are feeling more unsafe.
The threat of climate change in Australia is a bigger and more relevant threat to Australians than the threat of terrorism in other parts of the world.

2015-313 6June15  Action on climate change tony Abbott.
Abbott's reluctance to tackle climate change despite calls from other countries to lift his game.

2015-306 4June15  Handing out Australian citizenship certificates.
Planned legislation to allow the government to revoke Australian citizenship of naturalised Australians.

2015-304 3June15  The department below cabinet.
Persistent damaging leaks from members of the Federal cabinet damaging Abbott's government.

2015-302 2June15  The domestic violence title fight.
The seemingly eternal cycle of domestic violence.

2015-247 11May15  Released from a coal fired power station.
Coal fired power stations are infinitely more of a risk to human health than any perceived health problems associated with wind farms.

2015-214 22April15  Australia's weather risk sign.
Extremes of drought and flood that is commonplace in Australia.

2015-127P 26Feb15  Green army - climate change tank.
Went with article about green army environmental projects.
  Commendable as they are they do little to seriously tackle climate change.
2015-015 11Jan15  The firebreak fire fighters prefer.
Patch of wet weather giving fire fighters a much needed break this Summer.

2015-009 7Jan15  The vagaries of Australia's climate.
A look at Australia's bushfire and flood cycle.
2015-005 6Jan15  Future country road hazard signs.
Global warming increasing the severity and prevalence of bushfires in Australia.