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2014-628 20Nov14  Mobile phone very black spot.
Mobile phone black spots in country areas means that many people in the country are unable to receive the bushfire warning text messages in the event of a bushfire in their area.

2014-620P 17Nov14  Fire season preparation.
Went with article on job losses in the Victorian Country Fire Authority at the very start of the fire season.

2014-619 17Nov14  Team Australia, team world.
Abbott's direct action program to tackle global warming at odds with polices being enacted by much of the rest of the world.

2014-611 13Nov14  Moving towards tackling climate change.
The agreement between China and America over carbon emission targets highlights the Abbott Government's reluctance to seriously tackle climate change.

2014-591 5Nov14  Guess which animals are better treated.
Drawn in response to accusations that the horse racing industry is cruel.  Compared to the live cattle trade racehorses are very pampered animals.

2014-584 3Nov14  The window of opportunity to stop damaging climate change.
The government's Direct Action program to tackle global warming falls a long way short of what is required to tackle global warming.

2014-551 17Oct14  Coles wholesale prices are down campaign.
The aggressive pressure Coles buyers put on their suppliers to get the lowest price.

2014-510  29Sept14  Threats to Australia expressed as animals.
Global worming a far bigger threat to Australians than terrorism.

2014-465P 5Sept14  Garden cuttings today.
Went with article on the announcement that Open Gardens Australia will close.

2014-426 18Aug14  Renewable energy targets.
The Abbott government considering scraping its renewable energy target.

2014-408P 24July14  Liberal Government environmental policies.
Went with article on the Victorian government repealing wind farm limiting legislation, which is at odds with the Federal government's environmental policies.

2014-399 21July14  Repealing the carbon tax.
Not tackling the threat of global warming head on may have dire consequences in the future.

2014-393  17July14  Repeal of the carbon tax.
Effectively tackling global warming will prove a much tougher task than getting rid of the carbon tax.

2014-394P 17July14 The good and the bad news.
Went with article on the repeal of the carbon tax.

2014-276 26May14  Window shopping this May.
Record warm weather in late Autumn has resulted in slow winter clothing sales.
2014-272 23May14  Revised government renewable energy target.
The federal government is revising its renewable energy target with a view to lowering it.
2014-225 1May14  Desperate measures.
The Federal government considering changes to the diesel farm rebate scheme.
2014-157 24Mar14  Rainfall in Australia today.
Extensive drought across Eastern Australia.
2014-173 30April14  Slow food movement, slow train movement.
High number of VLine train delays.  VLine runs the Victorian regional rail network in Australia.
2014-121 4Mar14  Lesswell Morwell.
Smoke from the coal fire at the Hazelwood open cut mine causing health problems for Morwell residents.
2014-117 28Feb14  Dusting the furniture today.
Extreme hot and dry weather over much of Australia.
2014-071 10Feb14  Roadside warning signs today.
Widespread bushfires in rural Australia.
2014-066P  6Feb14  Laying an egg this Summer.
Went with article on heatwave conditions effecting egg production.
2014-058 3Feb14  Greenfields estate.
Deluding ourselves about the threat of global warming. 
2014-049P  30Jan14  Long lost cousins at the front floor.
Went with article on prolonged heatwave.
2014-043 28Jan14  Precipitation over the next few days.
Hot dry weather raising the fear of bushfires.
2014-029  17Jan14  Risk assessment today.
Authorities capable of assessing the risk of fire but not the global warming risk.

2014-028 17Jan14  Putting up with brutal heat.
Comparing the remuneration  elite tennis players and volunteer fire fighters got for putting up with the extreme heat conditions during the Australian Open.
2014-026  15Jan14  Australia, a nation of gamblers.
Australians are in the habit of building homes in bushfire prone areas.  
2014-019  13Jan14  Cloudy with meatballs, sunny with hot curry.
Using the animated movie Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs to highlight the currant heatwave conditions in Australia.