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2013-646 25nOV13  Grazing in the top bid paddock.
Fierce bidding war for the dairy company Warrnambool Cheese and Butter.
2013-624 14Nov13  Carbon emissions target tank.
Pointing out that tackling global warming is far more than simply hitting a static carbon emissions reduction target.
2013-596 31Oct13  The big supermarket chain.
Using Australia's "the big" tourist attractions to highlight the unfair way the large supermarket chains have been treating farmers who supply food to them.
2013-595P 30Oct13  Warrnambool Cheese and Butter tug of war.
Went with article on takeover battle between rival companies for Warrnambool Cheese and Butter.
2013-593 29Oct13  Burying the carbon tax.
Speculating that abandoning the carbon tax may lead to runaway global warming and environmental disaster.
2013-587P 25oCT13  Supermarkets price war tank.
Went with article on how the supermarkets' price war is driving down the prices that farmers get for their crops.
2013-584 25Oct13  Canning industry map of Australia.
Cheap canned food imports ruining the Australian canned food industry.
2013-565 17Oct13  Processed potatoes.
Cheap imported processed potatoes damaging the Australian potato industry.
2013-579 23Oct13  Action on climate change tortoise.
Speculating that the slow response on tackling climate change may be too slow to escape the worst effects.
2013-575 22Oct13 The dog on the tuckerbox today.
Severe bushfires in New South Wales.
2013-572 21Oct13 The blackened blue mountains.
Massive bushfires in the blue mountains.
2013-568 18Oct13  The cost of not tackling global warming.
Global warming increasing the number and severity of bushfires in Australia.
2013-549 9Oct13 The global warming ascent of man.
Outlining the threat global warming presents to mankind.
2013-531 1Oct13  Coles prices are down campaign.
Coles' aggressively driving the price they pay for farmers' produce.
2013-522 27Sept13  Assessing the evidence.
Questing why significant elements of the media heavily report the scant evidence refuting global warming while ignoring the vast bulk of evidence proving global warming.
2013-512 24Sept13  Farm income erosion.
The major supermarkets' food distribution monopoly is driving farm produce prices to unsustainable levels for farmers.
2013-483P 12Sept13  Bushfire seasoning.
Went with article on the coming bushfire season.
2013-455 30Aug13  Costings.
The political costings debate prior to the federal election ignores the much greater cost of not tackling global warming.
2013-450 28Aug13  Ploughing the paddock in the Middle East.
An Aussie rural perspective on the military upheavals in the Middle East.
2013-426 19Aug13  Choice in Australia today.
Highlighting the lack of real choice that voters and farmers experience today.
2013-331 26June13  Moving towards tackling global warming.
Barrack Obama's commitment to tackle global warming at odds with Abbott's position on global warming.
2013-317 21June13 Sweeping global warming under the carpet.
evidence of man made global warming too big to ignore.
2013-129 29Mar13  Buying milk directly from the farmer.
Plans by supermarkets to buy milk directly from dairy farmers threatens to further erode the already tenuous bargaining power of these farmers.
2013-114 12Mar13  Coping with the latest record heatwave.
Series of record temperatures across the world undermining the argument against global warming.
2013-111 7Mar13  Global warming level playing field.
Global warming adversely effecting everyone.
2013-104 5Mar13  El Nino today.
Record breaking hot weather and the return of the dryer El Nino weather pattern making it very tough on farmers.
2013-043 21Jan13  Maps of Australia.
Australian weather extremes.
2013-066 1Feb13  Migrating birds.
A number of violent storms across the country.
2013-063 31Jan13  Aussie farm birds.
Flooding in Queensland.
2013-060  28Jan13  The map of Australia this week.
Extensive flooding in much of Queensland.
2013-047 22Jan13  Fire containment lines this Summer.
Numerous large out of control bushfires this Summer that have repeatedly jumped fire containment lines.
2013-033 17Jan13  WARNING smoking is a fire hazard.
The high fire risk discarded cigarette buts pose.
2013-026 14Jan13  Australian bushfire coat of arms.
Widespread bushfires in Australia.
2013-017 8Jan13  Neighbourhood safer place distances in Australia.
The rising importance of neighbourhood safer places in the minds of rural Australians.
2013-016 Beach lifeguards this week.
Widespread bushfires in Australia, some of which have come right down to coastal beaches.
2013-014P 7Jan13  Map of Tasmania fires Australia.
Went with article on the recent extensive bushfires in the Tasmania.
2013-002 2Jan13  His country town was slowly dying.
Small Austrian country towns slowly dying due to migration to cities and larger regional centres.
2013-008 4Jan13   Map of Australia this Summer.
Very hot weather across the country in line with the Weather Bureau's forecast of a hot Summer.