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2012-708 30Nov12  The elephant in the ceiling.
The Threat of Global warming potential a much greater threat than the current economic woes.
2012-704 28Nov12 City dweller's image of Australia.
City dwellers are largely cocooned from the reality that Australia is a very continent.
2012-699 27Nov12  The Murray Darling basin water allocation cake.
Attempts to undermine the Murray Darling basin plan.
2012-622 24Oct12  Australian Mr. potato head.
Concerns raised by the Australian potato growing industry over the importation of New Zealand potatoes due to potato diseases in New Zealand that are not present in Australia.
2012-593 3Oct12  Scarecrow, scarefarmer.
Australian farmers' worried over the return of the El Nino dry weather pattern.
2012-558 19Sept12  El Nino has visited Australia before.
Drier conditions in South Eastern Australia heralding another El Nino dry weather cycle.
2012-545 13Sept12  Only a small cut to to the CFA budget.
Funding cuts damaging the Country Fire Authority's ability to fight fires.
2012-556P 18Sept12  Fireman's old flame.
Went with article on the coming fire season in Australia.
2012-502 24Aug12  National park signs.
Victorian State Government allowing mining and commercial tourist development in national parks.
2012-468 9Aug12  Saint George and the dragons.
The carbon tax seen by many as a threat while the much bigger threat of global warming is often ignored.
2012-466 8Aug12  Extension cord problem.
Excessive electricity use a bigger cause of high energy bills than the carbon tax.
2012-396 9July12  The impact of the carbon tax.
Exaggerations from both sides of politics about the impact of the carbon tax.
2012-360 18June12  Significant environmental damage or road kill?
Applying a different set of standards when evaluating bird deaths caused by wind farm turbine blades to bird deaths caused by cars.
2012-359 Alan Jones climate research.
Went with article on the Australian Communications and Media Authority ruling that Alan Jones had broadcast inaccurate information on climate change.
2012-317 29May12  Old MacDonald had a farm.
Relentless urban sprawl eating up good farmland.
2012-311 28May12  Murray Darling Authority water divining.
Murray Darling Authority under siege from all sides over the latest draft plan.
2012-302 22May12  An Aussie in Africa.
Putting a world perspective on opposition to the installation of National Broadband Network towers on health grounds.
2012-253 2May12  We'll just remove this column.
The fixation on cutbacks in government spending in order to balance the budget ignores the necessity of maintaining infrastructure.
2012-201 31March12  The impact of global warming.
Negative impacts of uncontrolled global warming far worse than the impact of a carbon tax.
2012-190 27March12  Implementing environmental policy today.
Ted Baillieu's scrapping of the 20% carbon reduction target.
2012-134 29Feb12  Dam levels.
Global warming creating more extreme droughts and floods.
2012-154 8March12  The spirit of Australia today.
A look at the  Aussie fighting spirit in times of adversity.
2012-150 6March12  Keeping up with the Joneses today.
A different twist on the flooding.
2012-145 5March12  The top paddock for some farmers.
Continuing widespread flooding in much of Eastern Australia.
012-137 1March12  The quietest job in the country.
Widespread flooding has resulted in a quiet fire season in Eastern Australia.
2012-091 10Feb12  Farmers to market.
The two big supermarket chains, Coles and Woolworths, treating farmers who supply to them like cattle.
2012-073P 31Jan12  Dog on the tuckerbox today.
Supermarket price war having a negative impact on farmers.
2012-059 25Jan12  Queensland, the Sunshine State.
Another bout of heavy rain and flooding in Queensland.
2012-026 13Jan12  Today's natural disasters.
Rapidly rising cost of insurance due to the rise in natural disasters.
2012-023 12Jan12  Sending shivers down swimmers' spines.
Record breaking Summer cold snap in South Eastern Australia.
2012-007 6Jan12  La Nina weather pattern.
Last year's La Nina weather pattern included a large number of storms and cyclones.
2012-001 3Jan12  The other fire danger rating sign.
Ignorance and lack of preparation a big factor in bushfire risk levels.