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2011-800 22Dec11  El Nino long service leave.
2011 saw a number of major floods across the country.
2011-786 16Dec11  Pleasing everyone.
Fierce opposition from all quarters to the Murray-Darling Basin Commission plan to share water resources.
2011-780 14dec11  Economic outback sign.
Quirky look at the gloomy economic forecasts.
2011-730 28Nov11  Murray Darling plan release fish.
The newly released draft Murray Darling plan being savaged from all sides.
2011-704 17Nov11  The three little Aussie pigs.
The Three little pigs fable used as a bushfire preparation warning.
2011-631 17Oct11  Country Weight Watchers.
Esoteric look at a mouse plague threatening crops in Southern Australia.
2011-625 30Sept11  Man on the land today.
Supermarket price war driving wholesale prices down, making life very tenuous for many farmers.
2011-595 19Sept11  Prices down campaign.
Supermarkets aggressively driving farm produce prices down.
2011-560 5Sept11 The State Government's logging policy.
The Victorian State Government's 2 Km minimum distance from a dwelling for wind turbines will effectively destroy the wind farm industry in Victoria.
2011-547P 29Aug11  Wind turbine to match the legislation.
New Vic. Govt. legislation will severely limit wind farm development in Victoria.
2011-517 16Aug11  man on the mining access land.
Australian farmers have little rights when it comes to mining companies wanting to mine on their land.
2011-511 11Aug11  Coal seam gas fracturing.
Rapid rollout of hydraulic fracturing of coal seams to extract gas despite concerns about the impact this process has on the water table.
2011-483 29July11  Fire Blight map of Australia.
alluding to what would happen to the Australian apple industry if Fire Blight was to enter Australia.
2011-464 22July11  Scientists don't know anything.
Severe criticism of climate scientists over their conclusions that man made global warming in happening.
2011-434 11July11  Carbon reduction effectiveness.
Exemptions to the carbon tax that is to be introduced in Australia limiting the tax's  effectiveness in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
2011-430 8July11  The little red hens.
Exaggerated  gloom and doom emanating from both Gillard and Abbott over the introduction of a carbon tax.
2011-426 6July11 The running of the Hendra virus stakes.
Another outbreak of the deadly Hendra virus in racing stables in Southern Queensland.
2011-410 30June11  Live cattle trade compensation.
Quirky look at the Federal Government's compensation package to farmers who have been affected by the suspension of the live cattle trade to Indonesia.
2011-388 21June11  The one thing that goes up in price.
The price of water rising steeply despite wetter conditions significantly increasing water reserves.
2011-376 16June11  Rome, Paris, London, Phillip Island.
Holiday travel plans thrown into turmoil by volcanic ash cloud drifting across Australia.
2011-371 14June11  The value of agricultural products expressed as a barter.
Comparing the falling price of beef due to the live cattle export ban and the high price of bananas as a result of severe damage to the banana crop inflicted by cyclone Yasi.
2011-366P 9June11  Top cut and under cut.
Went with article on cheap beef from NT. and Queensland flooding into Victoria as a result of the suspension of live beef exports to Indonesia.
2011-364 9June11  Man on the live cattle export industry land.
Sudden suspension of all live cattle sales to Indonesia pending an investigation threatening the livelihood of many cattle farmers.
2011-327 24May11  No refugees or global warming allowed.
Somewhat naive belief that Australia can isolate itself from the problems of the world.
2011-322 23May11  Windows of opportunity.
Comment on the  Climate Commission's report stating there is a limited widow of opportunity to tackle climate change.
2011-261 19April11 Little red Hen help.
Pressure being placed on Julia Gillard by industries and interest groups over the introduction of the carbon tax.
2011-255 15April11  Revolts caused by global warming.
Highlighting the pettiness of the so called carbon tax revolt in Australia when compared with the impact of rising world food prices on poor people, mainly caused by global warming.
2011-241 11April11  Supermarket price war no man's land.
Supermarket price war damaging the livelihood of farmers.
2011-227 4April11 The food price war.
Rising world food prices threaten to crush the petty food price cut/market share manipulations of Australia's two major food companies.
2011-196P 21March11  Britannia rules the wave again.
Went with article about Prince William's visit to the flood affected areas of Northern Victoria.
2011-184 16March11  Why would you want all of these?
A dig at people who protest against wind farms.
2011-167P 8March11  New definition of the great outdoors.
Went with article on proposal to allow commercial buildings to be built within national parks.
2011-161P 7March11 They don't pay me a cent.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the Senate enquiry into the supermarket cut price milk war.
2011-159 7March11  Now everyone can afford to buy milk.
The supermarket discount milk war having a negative effect on the livelihood of dairy farmers.
2011-155 4March11  Aussie no fly zone.
Dig at the lack of general knowledge regarding international affairs of some Australians.
2011-152 3March11  Action on global warning that won't cost anything.
Thinking that it is possible to tackle global warming without incurring some cost to society is delusional.
2011-136 25Feb11  Tackling global warming.
Gillard's carbon tax proposal in stark contrast to Tony Abbott's response to global warming.
2011-132 24feb11  Environmentally friendly high country grazing.
Esoteric look at the controversial decision to reintroduce cattle to the Victorian high country national park.
2011-103 11Feb11  The road that used to go to Gundagai.
Extensive damage of country roads due to the widespread flooding.  The Road to Gundagai is a traditional Australian folksong.
2011-089 7Feb11  Flood business opportunities.
A quirky look at the impact on businesses of the widespread flooding.
2011-084 4Feb11  'The Big' in Australia today.
More widespread flooding.
2011-083 4Feb11  Banana's in tattered pyjamas.
Devastation of almost the entire Queensland banana crop by cyclone Yasi.
2011-079 2Feb11  Today's map of Australia.
Devastating impact of cyclone Yasi.
2011-078 2Feb11  Waving to a neighbour in Queensland.
The devastation of recent flooding and cyclone Yasi on Queenslanders.
2011-075  1Fab11  Floods in Australia and Egypt.
A look at the massive protests in Egypt from a flood perspective.
2011-069 31Jan11  Safe hormone free beef.
Lighter look at the use of hormones to promote growth in beef.
2011-061 27Jan11  The flood effecting independent dairy farmers.
Discounted supermarket brand milk having a negative impact on the livelihood of dairy farmers.
2011-052 24Jan11  Water in the carburettor.
The negative impact of the floods on the Australian economy.
2011-051 24Jan11  Now showing - True Grit.  Coming soon - Flood Peak.
Preparations for predicted flooding along the Murray valley.
2011-048 21Jan11  Navigation in Australia.
Massive variability in Australia's weather.
2011-041 19Jan11 Surplus.
The budget surplus in the past and the current surplus of water due to the floods.
2011-036 17Jan11  The eternal optimist.
Optimism in the face of the devastating floods in Australia.
2011-035 17Jan11  Slightly higher high country.
Reintroduction of cattle into the Victorian alps, sometimes known as : the high country.
2011-032 14Jan11  The man versus mother nature title fight.
The incredible power of the elements.
2011-034P 14Jan11  Flood Mitigation Department
Pocket cartoon that went with article about slow progress in implementing flood mitigation works.
2011-034P 14Jan11  Flood Mitigation Department
Pocket cartoon that went with article about slow progress in implementing flood mitigation works.
2011-027 13Jan11  Yet another Aussie disaster.
Lighter look at the devastating floods inundating much of Eastern Australia.
2011-028P 13Jan11  Map of Australia today.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about extensive flooding in Eastern Australia.
2011-030 13Jan11  Reading the warning sign.
Floods this Summer in sharp contrast to the usual threat of Summer fires.
2011-025 12Jan11  Lost in Queensland.
Widespread devastating floods inundating much of Queensland.
2011-024P 11Jan11  Signs that the flooding is very extensive.
Widespread severe flooding in Southern Queensland.
2011-022 11Jan11  Queenslanders putting on protection.
Devastating floods inundating much of Queensland.
2011-007 5Jan11  Distances in Australia today.
Widespread flooding in Eastern Australia.