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2010-795 6Dec10  The good and bad news for farmers.
Farmers in South Eastern Australia plagued by both floods and locusts this Summer.
2010-805 9Dec10  Man on the land today.
Extensive flooding in South Eastern Australia impacting on farmers.
2010-801P 7Dec10  Viewing the weather report.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about predicted flooding.
2010-799  7Dec10  Water entitlements.
Flooding in some irrigation areas of NSW in stark contrast to longer term water shortage problems.
2010-798P 6Dec10  Locust and weather fronts map.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on locust swarms advancing into Victoria from NSW.
2010-789 3Dec10 Demand for nuclear power.
People may support the notion of nuclear power but few willing to have a nuclear power station in their backyard.
2010-780 30Nov10  Farming practices.
Much wetter conditions in South Eastern Australia.
2010-767 26Nov10  The lucky country iceberg.
Global warming threatening to destroy Australia's image of 'the lucky country'.
2010-761 24Nov10  Protesting today.
Wind farm protesters not looking at the bigger picture of the threat of global warming.
2010-742  17Nov10 Reading the news deemed relevant.
questioning the relevance of news on the Royals to country Australia.
2010-722 10Nov10  Who will win the ashes?
The Ashes cricket series and the coming bushfire season.
2010-730 12Nov10  Strong economy.
A strong economy and it's relationship to the environment.
2010-718 9Nov10  Murray Darling water policy wringer.
Visual view of the process of coming up with a water policy for the Murray Darling region..
2010-712 8Nov10  Fire season Aussie barbecue.
light hearted warning against not preparing for the fire season.
2010-700 2Nov10  The human survival race.
Uses a horse race as a metaphor for the social and environmental challenges facing the human race.
2010-695 1Nov10  Preparing for the fire season.
Lighter look at preparing you property for the fire season.
2010-686 28Oct10  Different views of a glass of water.
Esoteric view of the demand by Murray Darling irrigators for a hirer quota of irrigation water.
2010-685 28Oct10  The dog on the tuckerbox today.
Rising level of imported fruit and vegetables.
2010-684 27Oct10  A rise in water entitlements for irrigators.
Pressure by Murray Darling irrigators forces the Murray Darling Authority to revise it's planned cuts to irrigation entitlements.
2010-665 20Oct10  Water allocation animal farm.
Calls for cuts in water use for agricultural purposes at odds with increased use of water for urban use via the Superpipe.
2010-673 22Oct10 Distances in Australia - nearest water dispute.
The inconsistency between water demand and availability in Australia.
2010-651 8Oct10  The most dangerous job in the country.
Fierce opposition to proposed planed cutbacks to irrigation water entitlements put forward in the Murray Darling plan.
2010-647 7Oct10  Different water supply capacity views.
A look at the availability of water in Australia and how much that varies from year to year.
2010-587P 16Sept10  The very large family farm.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about locust hatchings in Northern Victoria.
2010-579 14Sept10  Lest we forget.
A reminder that while the drought has broken for now, drought conditions will eventually return and we must be ever vigilant.
2010-571 10Sept10  Signs of economic recovery in the bush.
Negative impact of the floods in South Eastern Australia.
2010-565 8Sept10   Spring flowers.
Very wet Spring in South Eastern Australia causing significant flooding.
2010-555 6Sept10  Australia - a land of contrasts.
Musing on Australia's bushfire and flood cycle.
2010-554 6Sept10  Reading the rain gauge  last weekend.
Extensive flooding in South Eastern Australia last weekend.
2010-545 2Sept10  Costings.
Sideways look at the fiscal costings by the government and the opposition.
2010-540P 30Aug10  Reading the menu.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about locust plague in South Eastern Australia.
2010-537 30Aug10  Wet weather gear.
Very wet August in the State of Victoria.
2010-517 20Aug10  Crop harvesting this season.
Wet weather causing minor flooding and heavy conditions on many farms in the state of Victoria.
2010-492 12Aug10  Accurate weather map.
Wild wet weather across South Eastern Australia.
2010-490 11Aug10  Imported New Zealand apple.
New Zealand, which is infected with the apple Fire Blight disease, given the OK to import apples into Australia, which does not have the disease.
2010-482 9Aug10  Fire sale.
The Victorian State Government's scheme to buy back properties that are located in high bushfire risk areas.
2010-475 5Aug10  Where Abbott and Gillard stand on global warming.
Both Abbott and Gillard failing to recognise the seriousness of the Global warming threat.
2010-466 2Aug10  Drought could be breaking.
Wetter conditions in South Eastern Australia causing some to speculate that the prolonged drought might finally be breaking
2010-436 21July10  Processing asylum seekers offshore.
Australia's policy of processing asylum seekers on offshore islands and the looming threat of rising sea levels caused by global warming.
2010-404P 8Nov10  I am the safest bet.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about Julia Gillard claiming she is a safer bet than Tony Abbott when it comes to tackling climate change.
2010-384 30June10  Reaction to the wetter conditions.
Wetter conditions in South Eastern Australia.
2010-366 23June10  Sweeping under the eased water restrictions carpet.
Easing of water restrictions in South Eastern Australia more to do with upcoming elections than an improvement in the water situation.
2010-341 11June10  Water or over stocking?
Current water shortages and population growth.
2010-329 7JUne10  Choices for voters.
Both Labor and Liberal parties not aware of the serious threat global warming poses.
2010-304P 27May10  The Twelve Apostles.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on oil exploration near the Bay of Islands park, which includes the Twelve Apostles.
2010-291 21May10  Outback view of the burqa.
Lighter hearted Aussie view of the burqa.
2010-274 14May10  Tackling global warming progress clothes.
Both the Labor Federal Government and the Liberal opposition very backward when it comes to tackling climate change.
2010-251 5May10  Rudd's environmental policy.
Kevin Rudd ditching his Emissions Trading Scheme.
2010-245 3May10  Cracking down on dangerous emissions.
Rudd cracking down on smoking while at the same time abandoning his attempts to reduce carbon emissions.
2010-235 28April10  Going up in smoke.
Rudd's postponement of his emissions trading scheme until at least 2013.
2010-215P 20April10 Today's scarecrow.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on locust plague in South Eastern Australia.
2010-205 15April10  Bushfires in the witness box.
Esoteric look at the Black Saturday bushfires Royal Commission in the State of Victoria.
2010-158 12March10  Water management war to end all wars.
Ineffective water management has done little to prepare us to tackle major water problems in the future.
2010-173 18Mar10  Butterflies hatching earlier.
Research showing Australian butterflies are hatching out on average 10 days earlier in Spring, which has been seen as another definite sign of global warming.
2010-142 4Mar10  Flooding in outback Queensland.
Flooding in the dry semi desert country of South Western Queensland.
2010-136 2Mar10  The grass is greener on the other side.
Melbourne's super pipe taking water from North of the dividing range, an area that is already very parched.
2010-082 8Feb10  Minister for Water in the phone.
Crippling water shortages for Victorian vegetable farmers in sharp contrast to the plentiful supply of water for private domestic use.
2010-080P 5Feb10  Black Saturday memorial.
First anniversary of the disastrous Black Saturday bushfires.
2010-070 2Feb10  The battle to save the environment goes on..
Posturing by both the major Australian political parties doing little to seriously tackle stop the impact of global warming.
2010-031 15Jan10  What's green and what's not green.
The environmental policies of both major parties are inadequate when compared with the environmental state of the country.
2010-023 12Jan10  Protecting our rivers.
Using the Wild Rivers legislation to highlight the parlous state of Australian rivers due to over irrigation.
2010-002 4Jan10  Optimistic farmer.
Serious flooding in the Western New South Wales town of Coonamble.