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2009-720 16Dec09  Neighbourhood safer place pending.
Delays in setting up Neighbourhood safer places in high bushfire risk areas.
2009-671 24Nov09  New fire danger ratings.
Predicted higher number of catastrophic fire incidences in South Eastern Australia
2009-668 23Nov09  El Nino catches a cold.
Weekend of heavy rain in South Eastern Australia a pleasant interruption to the standard El Nino dry weather pattern.
2009-664 19Nov09  Bushfire and global warming survival plans
Contrasting the preparations for bushfires with the plans to tackle global warming.
2009-648 11Nov09 Sudden fall in koala numbers.
Survey shows that there has been a sudden and dramatic fall in koala numbers.
2009-647 11Nov09 Person in charge of controlled burn-offs.
Comment of the number of bushfires that start when controlled burn-offs jump containment lines.
2009-597 6Oct09  Using a lot less water.
City and country water use comparison.
2009-580 28Sept09  El Nino this Spring.
Good Spring rains in South Eastern Australia despite predictions of another El Nino dry period.
2009-545 11Sept09  Highest polluters winners podium.
Australia rated as the highest per capita polluter in the world.
2009-530 7Sept09  The tree changers castle.
New laws allowing people living in the bush to clear more land as protection from bushfires.
2009-523 3Sept09  Saying sorry in the future.
Saying sorry to stolen children, wards of the State and environmental degradation.
2009-512 28Aug09  Greenhouse gas reduction target.
Existing traditional energy sources making it very difficult to reach greenhouse gas reduction targets.
2009-506 26Aug09  North South pipeline expressed as a fountain.
The North South pipeline drawing water from an area that is already desperately short of water.
2009-503 25Aug09  Not faster than someone with an umbrella.
Wild weather in South Eastern Australia.
2009-501P 24Aug09  Fire still burning.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on large rise in the fire insurance levy.
2009-491 19Aug09  Bushfire shelter distances in Australia.
Lack of bushfire shelters in fire prone areas.
2009-486 18Aug09  Bushfire management department.
Report about the poor state of bushfire management.
2009-464 10Aug09  El Nino in the past few weeks.
Recent rains in South Eastern Australia despite
the prediction of another El Nino (dry) period.
2009-456 6Aug09  Carbon emissions pizza parlor.
Using obesity as a metaphor for our failure to reduce carbon emissions.
2009-446 3Aug09  Distances in the country.
Look at the prohibitively high cost for county students wishing to study at a city university.
2009-440 30July09  Countdown to the bushfire season.
Dire warnings from the CFA about this year's fire season.
2009-435 28July09  Greenhouse gas balloons meet market forces.
Using the greenhouse gas reduction black balloon campaign to highlight
the watering down by some industries of greenhouse gas reduction efforts.
2009-398 13July09  Judging wind direction last weekend.
Severe weather over South Eastern Australia last weekend.
2009-392 9July09  Someone who thinks the government acted too quickly.
The government pre-empting the bushfire Royal Commission's findings
by taking action before the Commission has handed down it's findings.
2009-362 26June09  Distances to water and urban developments.
Look at spreading urban developments and the lack of water to supply these developments.
2009-374 1July09  Numbers that rarely come up.
Lotto odds and low rainfall recordings due to prolonged drought.
2009-372P 30June09  Very fast food.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on wild weather in Southern Australia.
2009-361P 25June09  Very high.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on wallabies in
Tasmania getting high from grazing in opium plants.
2009-343 19June09  Green corridors  management office.
Drawn in response to the Victorian Governments decision to extend
urban development into areas originally set aside as green corridors.
2009-327 11June09  Peter Garrett helping the environment.
Sudden scrapping of the solar power rebate scheme by the Federal Government.
2009-321 9June09  Dad did that deliberately!
Wet weather in South Eastern Australia creating bogy conditions after years of drought.
2009-309 3June09  The Little Red Hen's last words.
Failure of the Federal and State governments to agree on a plan
to restore an adequate environmental flow to the Murray Darling.
2009-283 21May09  The sunshine states.
Queensland, commonly known as the sunshine state, in flood while Victoria is in drought.
2009-270 15May09  Why would you want this.
Critique of those who oppose wind farms because of aesthetic reasons.
2009-245 5May09   Goldilocks and three global warming bears.
Esoteric view of global warming predictions.
2009-243 5May09  Emissions trading scheme starter's gun.
Kevin Rudd forced into delaying the introduction of an emissions trading scheme.
2009-207 22April  Clean coal will be easy.
A look at plans to produce "clean coal".
2009-187 6April09  Country town memorial.
Shortage of doctors in Australian country towns.
2009-181 2April09  Harder to hit the target.
The influence of the coal industry in swaying carbon emission
reduction policy making it harder to reach reduction targets.
2009-172 30Mar09  Greenhouse gas reduction manuals.
Questioning whether greenhouse gas reduction targets will ever be met.
2009-152 20Mar09  Aussie version of the ostrich with it's head in the sand.
Pipe taking water from northern to Southern  Victoria (dubbed the Superpipe)
does not take into account the dire shortage of water across the entire state.
2009-139 13Mar09  Aussie beach tans.
Major oil spill on Queensland beaches.
2009-129 10Mar09  Carbon emissions track record.
A look at the carbon emission reduction track records
of the two most recent Australian Prime Ministers.
2009-124 5March09  The Australia laundromat.
Esoteric view of the shrinking Australian economy and the dire
environmental situation exacerbated by the recent bushfires.
2009-115P 2March09   Sydney Harbour tourists.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the third
shark attack in Sydney harbour in as many weeks.
2009-103 26Feb09  Death Valleys.
Comparing Death Valley in America with the state of dams in Southern Australia.
2009-100P 24Feb09  Everything seems black.
Pocket cartoon that went with an article on the offer of
counselling services for victims of the Victorian Bushfires.
2009-096 23Feb09  Very late train.
Delays in introducing an Australian carbon emissions trading scheme.
2009-080 17Feb09 La Nina and El Nino weather patterns.
Global warming making the El Nino and La Nina weather patterns more severe.
2009-079 16Feb09  Fifty weapons of mass destruction.
The level of destruction caused by deliberately lit fires.
2009-065 10Feb09  The stay and defend fire option.
A look at the policy of allowing people to stay in their
homes when a bushfire threatens in order to defend them.
2009-069P 10Feb09  Aussie yin and yang.
Aussie fire and flood version of the yin and yang symbol.
2009-068P 10Feb09  Fire and flood.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the flood of
donations to the victims of the Victorian bushfires.
2009-066 10Feb09  Aussie tsunami.
Comparing the severity of the Victorian bushfires with that of a tsunami.
2009-063P 9Feb09  Victoria on the move.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the Victorian bushfires.
 "On the Move" is the slogan on Victorian numberplates.
2009-061 9Feb09  The map of Victoria this Summer.
Massive fires in Victoria.
2009-036 29Jan09  Signs that it has been hot.
Extreme heatwave in South Eastern Australia.
2009-031 27Jan09  No economic downturn.
Extreme hot weather in South Eastern Australia.
2009-030 27Jan09  Cutting the grass this Summer.
Very hot and dry Summer in South Eastern Australia.
2009-001 1stJan09  Aussie landmark.
Global warming and prolonged drought has meant that many Australian lakes have permanently dried up.
2009-014 15Jan09  Future water restrictions?
Water being offered for sale that will not have water use restrictions applied to it.
2009-009V2 14Jan09  Summer Rain.
Extreme heat and lack of rain in South Eastern Australia.