2020-406  China's moral high ground.
Drawn in response to China moralising about allegations that Australian troops committed war crimes in Afghanistan.
2020-376  Blaming Dan Andrews.
A vindication of Victorian Premier Dan Andrews' tough coronavirus lockdown policy.
2020-244P  Government debt fuse.
Went with article on extension of JobKeeper and Job Seeker payments.

2020-211P  Universities will still be able to teach philosophy.
On the Federal government’s announcement that fees for university humanities courses will double.

2020-131P  Virtual council meeting.
Went with article about local councils turning to virtual council meetings in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

2020-077  What wrong with the old treaty.
Plans for a modern indigenous treaty.

2020-069P  The women in politics glass ceiling.
Went with article on women in politics and the difficulties they face in the largely male world of politics.
2020-056P  National Party climate emergency declaration.
The National party's inability to acknowledge the evidence of global warming.

2020-044  Steps to apply for government funding.
On the slew of sports and general funding grants favouring coalition seats in the run up to last year’s federal election.

2020-022  The Federal Government's Sports funding grants.
The Minister for Sport Bridget McKenzie giving out sports funding grants that favoured LNP marginal seats.

2020-015P  Sports funding grants race.
Went with article on the Minister for sport, Bridget Mckenzie giving out $100m in pre-election grants during the May 2019 election that favoured targeted Coalition seats.

2020-011  We have always had droughts and fires.
The impact vested interests have on government policy.

2020-008  Back burning.
The Australian government continuing to disregard evidence of global warming.