2019-491P  Possible new global warming record.
Extreme heat, widespread drought and savage bushfires challenging the government's mantra that global warming is not happening.

2019-481  Scott Morrison parting the Red Sea.
Prime minister Scott Morrison's response to the devistating NSW bushfires.

2019-474  The time to talk about global warming.
The Federal government's tendency to avoid discussion about global warming by saying now is not the time to talk about it.

2019-457  The LNP's environmental policy balloon.
The Liberal National Party's environmental policy is weighed down by its continuing support for the coal industry.

2019-449  Scott Morrison comments.
Prime minister Morrision's comments that there is no evidence that increasing carbon emissions will increase the severity of bushfires.

2019-420P  Cutting green tape.
On federal environment minister Sussan Ley’s vow to reduce “green tape” in order to fast track development projects.

2019-411  The latest on political sensorship.
On newspapers across the country today (21st October) covering up their front pages with blacked-out stories to draw attention to laws eroding media freedom in Australia.

2019-406  government anti corruption gorilla.
Originally drawn in response to a failure by the City of Ballarat to recognise the corrupt activities of one of their senior staff I modified this cartoon to reflect broader corruption problems amongst governments.

2019-386 The good and the bad news.
The Federal government's fixation with achieving a budget surplus at the expense of the county's infrastructure.

2019-381P  Worrying protest signs for the government.
Went with article about upcoming student protest organised by School Strike 4 Climate Australia

2019-339  Pacific island nations voting for Australia to take action on climate change.
On the Australian government’s poor response to calls at the Pacific Islands Forum by Pacific Island Nations for action on global warming.

2019-328P  Political response to democratic decay.
Drawn in response to Banking royal commissioner Kenneth Hayne delivering a scathing judgement on the “democratic decay” in Australia.

2019-326  Towards infinity.
The Transport Accident Commission’s (TAC) Towards Zero campaign seemingly an abject failure in the wake of the rapidly rising road toll.

2019-316  Newstart allowance expressed as flight.
Unemployed people unable to live on the Newstart allowance.

2019-243  Shedding light on government activities in the future?
The ability of the media to report on government activities being eroded by increased Australian Federal Police powers to investigate and charge journalist who publish articles using information provided by whistleblowers.

2019-221P  Alien encounters.
Queensland voting habits often baffling to the rest of Australia.

2019-218P  Asylum seekers in out trays.
Went with article on the trials of a Tamil family seeking refugee status.

2019-213P  Accurately interpreting voting intention polls.
Voter intention polls are seemingly becoming increasingly inaccurate.

2019-209P  Democracy is the worst form of government.
Went with article on where to vote on Election Day.

2019-200P  Voting preferences.
Went with an article on the high number people who are voting early.

2019-191P  Betting on global warming.
In response to Tony Abbott betting $100 that the climate will not change in the next 10 years.

2019-165  Politicians slinging mud.
Sideways look at the parched Murray Darling basin.

2019-161  Searching for the pot of gold at the end of the Adani rainbow.
Adani being fast tracked just prior to the Australian federal election.

2019-160  A land of funding droughts and flooding rains.
Election funding promises favouring marginal seats.

2019-138  Plenty of NRA funding ammo.
On One Nation seeking funds from the American Rifle Association.

2019-106P  Australia will reach its carbon emissions reduction  target.
The Australian Government avoiding its commitment to reaching Australia’s carbon emissions reduction target.

2019-096P  Manus Island Detention centre triage.
Questioning the effectiveness of the medical evacuations bill.

2019-095P  The bigger climate solutions fund, reduction change.
More of the same ineffectual response to the threat of climate change from the federal government.

2019-089P  Murray Darling Basin Authority water fountain.
Murray Darling Basin Authority mismanagement.

2019-072P  Climate policy costing votes.
The LNP's poor climate policy costing them votes.
2019-028P  The Government rethinking Murray Darling environmental flows.
Environmental flows to the Murray Darling basin grossly insufficient.

2019-024P  Australia Day is a celebration of our freedom.
The Federal Government seeking to stop councils conducting citizen ceremonies on alternative dates.

2019-019P  Consulting widely over environmental flow policy.
Environmental flow policy favouring narrow interests.

2019-015  Why do politicians use buses to campaign.
Environmental policy failures contributing to the drying of the Darling river.

2019-010P Weather statistics.
The Australian government ignoring weather statistics that show evidence of global warming.

2019-007P  Secure Jobactive jobs.
Jobactive program not providing secure jobs for the unemployed.

2019-004P   Fraser Anning's immigration view.
Senator Fraser Anning associating himself with far right anti immigration groups.