2017-672P  Government definition of lowering carbon emissions, chimney.
Carbon emissions continuing to rise.

2017-670  Federal budget Santa.
Cuts to welfare, education and family payments at the same time cutting the corporate tax rate.

2017-666P  Shedding light on child sexual abuse.
Release of the Royal Commission into child sexual abuse's report.

2017-660P  We have cut greenhouse gas emissions.
On the Federal Government slashing funding for environmental projects.

2017-659P  Combined approval ratings.
Turnbull's approval rating much better than his government's rating.

2017-648P  Church Authorities Animal Farm.
Refers to the Royal commission into institutionalised sexual abuse.

2017-647P  We are on the cutting edge.
On the latest ABC program cuts.

2017-643P  The banking Royal commission not focused.
On claims that the banking Royal commission is poorly focused and therefore will be ineffectual.

2017-635P  Where Malcolm Turnbull stands on most things.
Turnbull's failure to take a strong stance on just about everything.

2017-631P  Survey into banking Royal commission.
Federal Government's reluctance to support a Royal commission into the conduct of the banks.

2017-626P  Sweeping the Manus Island detention centre detainees under the carpet.
A look at the harsh treatment by the Australian Government of the Manus Island detention centre detainees.

2017-628P  These voters need their eyes tested.
On claims that the LNP’S Support for the Adani mine may have helped undo the LNP’s campaign to regain power in Queensland.

2017-608  Only a few more steps to go.
Feature version of a pocket cartoon on the gay marriage yes vote.

2017-608P  Only a few more steps to go.
The yes vote on gay marriage still facing strong opposition from some quarters in parliament.

2017-607P  Same sex marriage legislation clause.
Conservative MPs seeking to water down proposed Gay marriage legislation.

2017-605P  Gay marriage winners tape.
Conservative MPs and clergy seeking to amend proposed Gay marriage legislation.

2017-604P  The winners podium.
On conservative MPs seeking to delay same-sex marriage with an alternative bill.

2017-584P  The straw that breaks the Coalition camel's back?
Barnaby Joyce rocking the coalition boat.

2017-582P  The high court handing down its decision.
On the High Court Federal politicians’ eligibility decision.

2017-579P  Dealing with the AWU police raid leak.
Malcolm Turnbull inadequate attempts to deal with the AWU police raid leak.

2017-563P The little red carbon emissions reduction engine.
The Government's National Energy Guarantee unlikely to fulfil its carbon reduction goal if it continues to hitch is wagon to coal.

2017-559P  Phoenix rising from the ashes?
Will Malcolm Turnbull’s National Energy Guarantee salvage his political fortunes?

2017-558P  Replacing the Clean Energy Target with the National Energy Guarantee.
Replacing the relatively simple Clean energy target with the more complex National Energy Guarantee system.

2017-549P  We are just protecting religious freedom.
Peter Dutton's comment that he will work towards protecting religious freedom after conceding that the marriage equality yes vote is likely to get up.

2017-541P  Reaching the Government's clean energy target.
The Federal Government on the verge of abandoning its already weak clean energy target.

2017-522P  Endless supply of gas.
On Australia's Eastern states and energy shortfall with gas supple predicted to fall well short of what is needed.

2017-513P  A sugar tax would be an unnecessary tax impost.
Malcolm Turnbull ruling out a sugar tax to curb the obesity epidemic.

2017-503P  The Government's definition of improving welfare services.
The Federal government's plan to introduce drug testing for welfare recipients.

2017-502  Delivering marriage equality postal survey material.
The rise in hate literature related to the marriage equality postal survey material.

2017-483P  The high court hands down its decision.
On the decision by the high court that the same sex postal vote is constitutionally valid.

2017-481P  Immunisation and welfare noncompliance shots.
For article on comment by government mister that getting a welfare card was like getting an immunisation shop.

2017-449P  Pigs love federal politics.
On dirty politics in Federal parliament over the duel citizenship status of some politicians.

2017-444P  New Zealand the land of the long black cloud.
On Barnaby Joyce’s dual New Zealand citizenship furore.

2017-438P  Turnbull backs Trump.
On Malcolm Turnbull backing Trump’s threat of war on North Korea.

2017-430P  Why do this?
Looks at plans for a contentious postal vote on marriage equality rather than a simply parliamentary vote.

2017-428P  Not like 1984.
On public servants being warned against liking anti-government social media posts.

2017-425P  Trump-Turnbull refugee swap conversation.
Surmising  on Trump’s conversation with Malcolm Turnbull over the planned refugee swap deal.

2017-421P  The Coalitions bipartisan energy policy explained.
On the Coalition's call for a bipartisan energy policy.

2017-417P  Very uncomfortable.
On Premier Gladys Berejiklian comment on being uncomfortable with homeless people living in the centre of Sydney
2017-411P  We prefer the bluff it rule.
Attempts the halfhearted attempts by the major political parties to stem rising inequality.

2017-407P  The greenies are not running the show.
On Barnaby Joyce’s comment about water use; “greenies were not running the show”

2017-399P  The Coalition's understanding of 'rich and poor'.
For article about comments that the gap between the rich and the poor had reduced.

2017-398P  The Government's  preferred marine park size
For article on the Federal Government’s plans to cut the size of Australia’s marine parks.

2017-386P  We wouldn't sell our weapons willy-nilly
For article about Christopher Pyne announcing plans to export military weapons to other countries.

2017-370P  The Liberal Party is not a conservative party
For article on Malcolm Turnbull's claim that the Liberal Party is not a conservative party.
2017-364P  The Government's interpretation of the latest greenhouse gas emission data
For article on the release of the latest greenhouse gas emission data.

2017-363P  Us politicians don't live in an ivory tower
For article on elite politicians being out of touch with ordinary voters.

2017-351P  Have you been stung?
On parliament house getting beehives to supply honey for dignitaries.
2017-342P  Abbott's view of his time as Prime Minister
For article on Tony Abbott's attempts to rewrite the history of his time as prime minister.

2017-336P  Canberra politics summary
For article on disunity amongst the Greens and the Liberal Party.

2017-331P  The Greens are in disunity
For article on disunity amongst the Greens.

2017-325P  Not the light on the hill
On the Labor Party's support for Adani’s Carmichael coal mine.

2017-323P  The National Party's preferred energy mix
The National Party's pro coal anti renewables stance.

2017-321P  The role of the scales of justice according to the Government
On the Federal Government interfering with the judiciary
2017-304P  Reading the FinkeL energy market report
For article on the release of the Finkel report into the Australian energy market.

2017-285P  Looking at the Abbott Era through the rear vision mirror
For article on an assessment of the Abbott era's inaction on global warming.

2017-284P  Coal will be clean
For article on the Australian Federal Government forcing the Clean Energy Finance Corporation to finance carbon capture and storage projects.

2017-281P  We already have a more efficient trading scheme in place
For article on the Australian government's steadfast refusal to introduce an emissions trading scheme.

2017-280P  The bank levy will be very costly
For article on the big banks' claim that the bank levy will be costly.

2017-270P  Chifley's light on the hill
For article on dissent by some Labor MPs over Labor's tacit support for the Adani coal mine.

2017-266P  Victoria's Gordian knot
Went with article on the turf war between the Victorian CFA and MFB, now reformed as Fire Rescue Victoria.
2017-250P  The Federal government's carrot and stick approach to welfare
For article on the Federal Government's latest welfare measures.

2017-245P  Welfare recipients are likely to test positive for drugs
For article on the Federal Government's plans to drug test welfare recipients.

2017-241P  An Oliver Twist perspective.
For article on the 2017 Australian Federal budget.

2017-235P  Australia's part in the Paris climate pact may change
For article on the claim that the Australian government's part in the Paris climate pact may change if America pulls out.

2017-234P  Employ Australians first
For article about the ALP's employ Australians first advert that only had white people in it.

2017-220P  Hooking a student up to the university fees calculator.
For article on calculating how much HECS fees will go up due to the Federal government's latest funding cutback to tertiary education.

2017-218P  The government driving innovation.
For article on the Federal Government's planned funding cutbacks to tertiary education.

2017-211P  Australia will still have a shortage.
For article on attempts to stave off a predicted gas shortage.

2017-208P  The problem with blindly following Trump's foreign policy.
For article on Australia not having an independent foreign policy when responding to American foreign policy initiatives.

2017-206P  I think therefore I am underfunded.
For article on protests by academics over university funding cuts.
2017-202 The minister for decentralisation.
An esoteric look at the Federal Government's plan to move many government departments to regional centres.

2017-199P  Teaching Australian work values.
For article on Turnbull's plan to teach 'Australian values' to new migrants.

2017-198P  Abbott defends his own leaking record.
For article on Tony Abbott’s call to stop political leaking.

2017-190P  The 457 VISAs didn’t address our most serious shortage.
For article on the Federal government's plan to abolish the 457 temporary work visas.

2017-184P  Rolling out the red carpet for the Adini coalmine.
For article on the special treatment the government is giving to the Adini coalmine development.
2017-177P  The dishonour roll.
For article on the failure of the federal government to tackle coral bleaching due to global warming.

2017-170P  The Fairfax tree's lurch to the right.
For article about Fairfax media signalling that it's metropolitan papers will follow a more pro business agenda.

2017-168P  Energy policy today.
For article about political in fighting over energy policy.

2017-161P  PaTH internship long service leave.
For article about the PaTH internship scheme.

2017-156P  Low paid workers are in often in high-income households.
For article on Liberal party senator Michaelia Cash's claim that low-paid workers often in high-income households.

2017-145P  Tree hugger, coal hugger.
For article on Tony Abbott arguing that the decommissioning of the Hazelwood coal fired power station
should not go ahead.
2017-143P  Quick way to resolve the marriage equality impasse.
The other reservation about a postal plebiscite on gay marriage…

2017-142P  How will you pay for the childcare changes?
Childcare changes funding bill tied to welfare cuts.  Robbing Peter to pay Paul?
2017-125P  Energy policies.
For article on South Australia's energy policy announcement and the Federal government's condemnation of it.

2017-123P  The current carrot and stick approach to Pauline Hanson.
For article on how the major parties are dealing with the Rise of Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party.

2017-122P  Not a shred of evidence that coral bleaching is damaging the great barrier reef.
For article on the Federal Government ignoring mounting evidence that the Great Barrier Reef is being damaged by coral bleaching.

2017-121P  Cooking with gas in the future.
For article on predicted gas shortages by 2020 due to poor energy and environmental policies.

2017-120P  Reviewing Australia's energy policy.
For article on Australia's energy policy in disarray due to years of partisan politics.

2017-117P  Political snake charming.
For article on fears that the LNP will be seriously damaged if it 'legitimises voting for One Nation.'

2017-115P  A more flexible ABC?
For article of further job loses at the ABC which quotes the head of the ABC claiming that the ABC is not flexible enough.

2017-112P  One spotty Nation.
For article on Pauline Hanson's anti vaccination views.

2017-091P  The politicised NDIS wheelchair.
For article on the politicisation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

2017-089P  The energy policy parliamentary title fight ring girl.
For article about the prolonged political battle over energy policy.

2017-084  Wind farms in Australia and Canberra.
Looks at the ever changing energy policy emanating from Canberra.

2017-081P  Energy security.
For article on the Australian Government's 'energy security' campaign.

2017-078P  Coal mining today.
For article on the Federal Government undermining the renewable energy industry by strongly favouring the coal industry.

2017-072P  Cory Bernardi's principled alternative policy.
For article on Cory Bernardi forming a new conservative political party.

2017-071P  The Aged pension eligibility application form in the future.
For article on LNP'S policy to raise the pension age to 70.

2017-067P  The reason why Cory Bernardi is leaving the Liberal party.
For article about conservative Cory Bernardi leaving the Liberal party.

2017-062P  I will favour both brown and black coal.
For article on the announcement of coal lobbyist Sid Marris as Malcolm Turnbull's new climate and energy adviser.

2017-047P  The problem is that housing demand has exceeded supply.
For article on Malcolm Turnbull claiming the housing crisis was due to lack of supply and not negative gearing.

2017-041P  More trusted then snakes and crocodiles.
For article on voter survey including a question on how trusted are politicians.

2017-038P  Male and female symbols applied to politics.
For article on Gladys Berejiklian becoming the next premier of NSW and the difficulties female politicians face in the male dominated world of politics.

2017-026P 16Jan17  The government's overriding environmental priority.
Far article about the federal Government's spirited utterances about saving the whales which is in stark contrast to their lacklustre attempts to save the Great Barrier Reef.

2017-022P  Assess whether the debt recovery system has flaws.
For article on attempts by the government to downplay flaws in the welfare debt recovery system.

2017-011P  Adjusting the automated debt recovery program.
For article on the strong reaction to the government's automated debt recovery program.

2017-012P  Reviewing Sussan Ley's expenses claims.
For article on government minister Sussan Ley claiming travel expenses for an alleged trip to the Gold Coast to buy an apartment in a multistorey apartment block.

2017-010  Welfare debt clawback.
Drawn in response to the Australian Government's welfare debt clawback program.