2015-690 14Dec15  Steps towards meeting the tougher greenhouse gas reduction target.
Turnbull taking a tougher stance on greenhouse gas reduction while at the same time appearing not to do so in order to appease global warming denier elements within the LNP.

2015-664 2Dec15 Ministerial appointments today.
Drawn in response to a common complaint that MPs appointed to ministerial positions are often ill suited to the ministerial position they are appointed to.

2015-647 24Nov15  Bill Shorten's desert mirage.
Bill Shorten making absolutely no inroads into Malcolm Turnbull's lead as preferred Prime Minister.

2015-607 4Nov15  The Direct Action emissions reduction fund auction.
The Direct Action emissions reduction fund seen by many as an ineffective way to reduce carbon emissions.

2015-596  29Oct15 You should lock up people you don't want in Europe.
Tony Abbott's advice to Europe about handling refugees.

2015-563 29Sept15  We don't get penalty rates on Sunday.
The Government's drive to remove penalty rates from one of the most poorly paid sectors of the workforce smacks of hypocrisy considering the massive perks politicians get.

2015-564 29Sept15  Abbott could have won the next election.
Tony Abbott's delusional claim that he could have won the next election had he remained PM.

2015-547 23Sept15 Overtaking Volkswagen emissions scam.
Likening the Australian Government's  Direct Action emissions reduction policy claims to the exaggerated emissions reduction claims of Volkswagen.

2015-546 22Sept15  Boot camp just got a lot tougher.
Somewhat esoteric look at how it is much tougher for women holding senior positions in government.

2015-533 15Sept15  Welcome to the club.
The dumping of Tony Abbott followed a similar path to the removals of Rudd and Gillard.

2015-517 8Sept15  Refugee queue jumping that the government approves off.
The Federal government's plan to preference Christian refugees seems at odds with their critique of alleged queue jumpers arriving by boat.
2015-502 1Sept15  Dyson Heydon Humpty Dumpty.
The head of the Royal Commission into union corruption refusing to step down after allegations of bias over his acceptance of an invitation to speak at a Liberal Party fundraiser.
2015-473 19Aug15  Democracy would be terrific if it wasn't for all the voters.

Some members of government seem to view democracy as merely a hindrance to them exercising power.

2015-471 18Aug15  The Royal Commission into mud on pigs.
Esoteric look at the allegations of bias against the head of the Royal Commission into unions due to his connections with the Liberal Party.

2015-469 17Aug15  Support for the Captain's calls running out of steam.
Abbott's popularity nosediving, partly due to his "captain's calls", a series of executive decisions he has taken without consultation and often at odds with his party.

2015-459 12Aug15  Abbott's zero emissions policy.
Prime Minster Abbott shutting down the issue of same sex marriage within his cabinet and and his resistance to any attempt to work towards a zero emissions policy.

2015-458 11Aug15  Shorter expenses claims gravy train.
Plans to tighten up on travel expenses claims by MPs is likely to fall short of any serious reform.

2015-452 7Aug15  Root and branch review of MPs' perks.
Cynical look at the planned review of MPs' perks.

2015-431 31July15  Bronwyn Bishop's favourite band.
Bronwyn Bishop's expenses scandal.

2015-424 28July15  Affirmative action applied to politics.
A cynical look at pledges by various political parties to address the gender imbalance in parliament.

2015-418 24July15  Bill Shorten's policy platforms.
Opposition leader Bill Shorten's new emissions trading and tougher asylum seeker policies.

2015-411 22July15  Political Religions -Australia politics heaven hell.
The ALP and the Liberal party respective love or hate of the GST and the carbon tax seemingly boiling down to a simplistic notion of heaven and hell.

2015-401 17July15 Reclaim Australian food.
Quirky look at Australian Nationalism buy pointing out the international component of Australians' taste in food.

2015-397 16July15  The end of the age of entitlement.
Bronwyn Bishops expenses spending spree culminating in hiring a helicopter to go to a Liberal Party fundraiser.

2015-379 9July15  Walking down the Australian Gay marriage isle.
Legislation to legalise gay marriage in Australia still has to walk a perilous path before it is enacted.

2015-367 2July15  Fifty percent of corals that didn't die are safe.
The government successfully pressuring UNESCO to not have the Great Barrier Reef listed as endangered even though 50% of its live coral has died in the last thirty years.

2015-363 1July15 The latest detention centre facilities.
Tough new law brought in by the Australian government to stop staff employed in detention centres speaking to the media about conditions in the centres.

2015-357 26June15 Heads should absolutely roll at the ABC.
Abbott's Heads should roll at the ABC struck me as being particularly insensitive given the actual beheadings carried out by Muslim extremists.

2015-352 24June15  The government's new Australian citizenship ceremony loyalty oath.
The Federal government's latest attacks on the ABC, questioning their loyalty.

2015-351 23June15  The ability to revoke Australian citizenship coat of arms.
Looks at legislation before parliament to give the government the power to revoke the citizenships of duel nationality naturalised Australians.

2015-344 19June15  Appointing a wind farm commissioner.
The Federal Environment Minister's open hostility to wind farms.

2015-341 18June15  Strip rights poker.
Plans to introduce legislation giving the government the right to revoke the citizenship of naturalised Australians.

2015-338 17June15  Careers counselling in Indonesia.
The Australian government paying people smugglers to return intercepted asylum seeker boats to Indonesia.

2015-313 6June15  Action on climate change tony Abbott.
Abbott's reluctance to tackle climate change despite calls from other countries to lift his game.

2015-306 4June15  Handing out Australian citizenship certificates.
Planned legislation to allow the government to revoke Australian citizenship of naturalised Australians.

2015-304 3June15  The department below cabinet.
Persistent damaging leaks from members of the Federal cabinet damaging Abbott's government.

2015-302 2June15  The domestic violence title fight.
The seemingly eternal cycle of domestic violence.

2015-306 4June15  Handing out Australian citizenship certificates.
Planned legislation to allow the government to revoke Australian citizenship of naturalised Australians.

2015-304 3June15  The department below cabinet.
Persistent damaging leaks from members of the Federal cabinet damaging Abbott's government.

2015-293 28May15  The war hawks.
Australia's posturing over the heightened military tensions between America and China.

2015-260 15May15 Indigenous football in Western Australia.
The WA government's policy of closing remote indigenous communities causing a lot of grief amongst the WA indigenous population.

2015-255 13May15  They love me, they love me not.
Politicians too often display total insensitivity when it comes to the impact of their policies on ordinary people.

2015-248P 11May15  Joe Hockey's budget speech.
Went with article on the treasurer's budget speech.

2015-242 7May15 Joe Hockey's budget speeches.
After largely failing to get his first budget through the Senate Joe Hockey is under a lot more pressure to perform well this budget.

2015-219 24April15  Lest we forget that few politicians fight in wars.
Cynical look at how politicians create the conditions for war but rarely personally suffer the consequences of actually fighting the war.

2015-207 20April15  The assent of ANZAC commemoration man.
The commercialisation and politicisation of the ANZAC legend.

2015-196 14April15  Sailing on Australia's economic sea.
The government targeting pensions as part of their program to balance the books when tax cuts during the boom was one of the main causes of the current budget blowout.

2015-138 4March15  Defence force pay and conditions negotiations.
The miserly approach the Australian Government is taking to Australian Defence Force pay negotiations while at the same time ADF troops are being told to put their lives on the line in Iraq.

2015-132 2March15  Abbott comes out of it unscathed.
Tony Abbott's position as Prime Minister serious damaged by the leadership crisis.

2015-129 2March15  The climate change that's affecting Abbott.
Tony Abbott's fading political fortunes.

2015-087  9Feb15  The Abbott leadership verdict.
tony Abbott surviving a potential leadership spill while at the same time public support for the Abbott government is at an all time low.

2015-073 3Feb15  The modern Prime Ministers' tightrope.
The precarious tenure of recent Australian Prime Ministers.

2015-071P 2Feb15  We all stand behind Tony.
Went with article on a Liberal party politician's comments about a possible leadership challenge to Tony Abbott.

2015-068 2Feb15  Aussie version of The Walking Dead.
The leadership crisis enveloping tony Abbott.

2015-062 29Jan15  Abbott carries out his vow to consult.
Tony Abbott's vow to consult before making decisions may be too late to save him from being dumped by his party or electoral defeat at the next election.

2015-059 27Jan15  Abbott's Australia Day Australian flag.
Furore over the PM giving Prince Philip an Australian knighthood.

2015-030 14Jan15  The Medicare co-payment explained.
Cuts in Medicare payments to GPs for short visit consultations forcing them to act as de facto revenue collectors for the government.