2014-687 23Dec14  The age of foreign aid entitlement is over.
The Australian Federal Government slashing it's foreign aid budget.  Refers to a quote by treasurer Joe Hockey; "the age of entitlement is over.."

2014-660 11Dec14  The toe in the door?
Speculating that the $5 GP co-payment could be the first step towards dismantling our universal healthcare service.

2014-658   10Dec14  Abbott finally removes all the barnacles.
On Tony Abbott's comment that he is prepared to "knock some barnacles off the ship" in the form of unpopular policies. Arguably just about every policy he has attempted to put in place has been unpopular.

2014-639  26Nov14  The government's new ABC logo.
ABC funding cutbacks resulting in the loss of 400 jobs.

2014-633 25Nov14  The promise that politians will always keep.
Drawn in response to a series of broken promises made by the current Federal government but is probably relevant to contemporary politics in general.

2014-630P  20Nov14  Malcolm Turnbull eating a banana.
Went with article on cuts to the ABC's funding.

2014-627 19Nov14  Election funding announcements.
The Australian Government's announcement of a 4.6% cut to the ABC's funding will drastically curtail its services to the public.

2014-619 17Nov14  Team Australia, team world.
Abbott's direct action program to tackle global warming at odds with polices being enacted by much of the rest of the world.

2014-611 13Nov14  Moving towards tackling climate change.
The agreement between China and America over carbon emission targets highlights the Abbott Government's reluctance to seriously tackle climate change.

2014-597 7Nov14  Clive Palmer's pups.
Maverick Palmer United Party Politian Jacqui Lambie creating problems for Clive Palmer.

2014-593P 6Nov14  Voter treatment seats.
Went with article on Funding promises made in the Victorian State election but has relevance in any election campaign.

2014-584 3Nov14  The window of opportunity to stop damaging climate change.
The government's Direct Action program to tackle global warming falls a long way short of what is required to tackle global warming.

2014-577 30Oct14  The election policies lectern.
The habit of politicians to announce sweeping policies during an election campaign only to abandon many of them once they are in office.

2014-575 29Oct14  Ebola protection suits.
The Australian Government's refusal to send medical personnel to Africa to deal with the Ebola outbreak.

2014-569 27thOct14  Expenses cards in the future.
Refers to plans by the Australian government to issue unemployed people with welfare payment cards that control what they can buy.

2014-561  23Oct14  Australia sending supplies to fight Ebola.
The Government much more committed to military action in Iraq providing medical aid to quell the Ebola epidemic.

2014-559P  21Oct14  It's time.
Went with article on the death of former PM Gough Whitlam.  "It's Time" was his 1972 election winning slogan.

2014-557 21Oct14  Buried with one of his children that preceded him.
The death of Gough Whitlam along with one of his great achievements, free tertiary education.

2014-547 15Oct14  Lay your life on the bottom line.
The Government offering an effective pay cut to Australian Defence Force personnel.

2014-546 15Oct14  Abbott shirtfronting Putin problem.
Abbott playing the tough guy to the master of the tough guy stance, Vladimir Putin.

2014-539 13Oct14  Ebola risk and Iraq war.
Abbott's refusal to send personnel to help with the Ebola epidemic on the grounds that it is too risky seems at odds with his willingness to send troops to Iraq.

2014-530 7Oct14 Australia's military commitment in Iraq collateral damage.
The cost of the commitment to the war in Iraq having a negative impact on treasurer Joe Hockey's budget.

2014-476P 11Sept14  007 Licensed to make a killing.
Went with article on protests over the Victorian government giving Crown Casino the right to seek significant compensation if there is any gambling law enacted that restricts their gambling business.

2014-473 10Sept14  In a sweat over terrorism.
The Australian government's vigorous campaign to highlight the threat of terrorism, which a cynic like myself might see as largely a way to divert attention from the government's poor performance on the domestic front.

2014-427P 18Aug14 Tackling obesity today.
Went with article on the Vic. State Govt. launching an anti obesity campaign while at the same time helping to expand the junk food industry.

2014-426 18Aug14  Renewable energy targets.
The Abbott government considering scraping its renewable energy target.

2014-416P 29July14  Job seeker handing out resumes.
Went with article on the new work for the dole regulation that require job seekers to apply for forty jobs a month.
2014-415 29July14  The jobs pool - the work for the dole requirements.
The draconian and unrealistic new work for the dole regulations at odd with the available work opportunities.

2014-408P 24July14  Liberal Government environmental policies.
Went with article on the Victorian government repealing wind farm limiting legislation, which is at odds with the Federal government's environmental policies.

2014-393  17July14  Repeal of the carbon tax.
Effectively tackling global warming will prove a much tougher task than getting rid of the carbon tax.

2014-394P 17July14 The good and the bad news.
Went with article on the repeal of the carbon tax.

2014-392 17July14 My legs of lamb worth more than that.
A whimsical look at the debate over the increased cost of a leg of lamb due to the carbon tax.

2014-379 11July14  The passing legislation race.
Passing legislation in the Senate a much more complicated process.

2014-376 10July14  Bringing in and getting rid of the carbon tax.
Getting rid of the carbon tax may prove just as damaging to Abbott's career as introducing the carbon tax was for Gillard's career.

2014-365 7July14  Asylum seekers disappearing magic trick.
The Australian Federal government's very secretive approach to processing asylum seekers may have result in dangerous outcomes for the refugees it processes.

2014-356 2July2 Tony Abbott's budgie smugglers.
Tony Abbott being out manoeuvred by Clive Palmer in the hurly burly of Senate politics.

2014-354  1July14 Voter identification laws.
Push for voter identification laws sparked warnings that it will be harder for disadvantaged groups to have their say at the ballot box.

2014-343  25June14  Abbott's legislation speedboat.
Clive Palmer's electoral success and flexible approach to politics threatening to thwart Abbott's legislative program.

2014-329 18June14  The current double dissolution trigger.
Tony Abbott unlikely to carry out his threat to bring on a Double dissolution election due to his current poor showing in the opinion polls.

2014-303 8June14  Abbott's All Things Bright  and Beautiful.
Massive increases in university fees by the Abbott government making it increasingly difficult for poor people to go to university. 
2014-304 10June14 The ABC funding logo.
Budget cuts to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
2014-302 8June14  Royal Commissions then and now.
Royal Commissions have increasingly become tools for the governments of the day to pursue their political agendas.
2014-289 2June14 Feeling a little drained.
$7 Medicare co-payment.
2014-284 30May14  The end of the age of entitlement for homeless people.
 Sections of the community never participated in the so called 'age of entitlement'.
2014-272 23May14  Revised government renewable energy target.
The federal government is revising its renewable energy target with a view to lowering it.
2014-269 22May14 Dog on the election promises tuckerbox.
The large numbers of broken election promises putting the Abbott government decidedly on the nose. 
2014-267  21May14 Only a seven dollar GP co-payment fee.
Speculating that the introduction of a GP co-payment is the thin end of the wedge in a move to a user pays health system.
2014-244 12May14  Keeping election promises.
Tony Abbott denying that he has broken a string of promises.
2014-253 14May14  Tony Abbott's apparel.
Abbott's multiple broken election promises.
2014-250P 13May14  The hurt locker two.
Went with article on the budget night lockup.
2014-249 13May14 Sharing the budget pain.
The federal budget hitting low income earners much harder than the wealthy. 

2014-247P  12May14  Joe Hockey bringing home the bacon.
A play on former treasurer's Paul Keating's quote of "bringing home the Bacon". Treasurer Hockey's budget includes severe cutbacks

2014-237 8May14  Incendiary devices.
The Federal government plans to raise the excise on fuel.
2014-233  6May14  Industrial relations warming.
Abbott's move to have the minimum wage reduced.
2014-228 2May14 The retirement pension eligibility race.
The government planning to raise the retirement age to seventy while at the same time politicians can access their generous pensions as soon as they leave office.
2014-227 2May14 The debt levy truck.
The Federal Government's plan to impose a debt tax levy while at the same time ditching the mining tax.
2014-225 1May14  Desperate measures.
The Federal government considering changes to the diesel farm rebate scheme.
2014-211 17April14  The tip of the NSW corruption iceberg.
Premier Barry O'Farrell's wine bottle gift corruption scandal tiny when compared to the endemic scale of corruption within NSW politics.
2014-210  16April14  I'd remember a $3,000 bottle of wine.
NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell's resignation after not declaring a gift of a $3,000 bottle of wine, a gift he claimed he had not recollection of.
2014-201 14April14  The retirement Stall Gift.
Plans to raise the retirement age again.
2014-169 28Mar14  Harvesting the election promise carrot.
So many election promises are either unfulfilled or watered down.
2014-164 27Mar14  Tony Abbott's new sunhat.
Abbott's reinstitution of knighthood honours.
2014-137 12Mar14  The age of entitlement is over.
Joy Hockey's claim that the age of entitlement is over at odds with Tony Abbott's planned paid maternity leave scheme.
2014-131 7Mar14  Forestry lockout that Abbott would think acceptable.
Looks at Abbott's criticism of forestry lockouts and his tough asylum seeker policy.
2014-115P 27Feb14  The guard tower.
Went with article on the Victorian government using shipping containers to relieve prison overcrowding.
2014-107 24Feb14   The Killing fields lawn.
Australian Government's plan to send some asylum seekers to Cambodia.
2014-098P  20Feb14  The future Medicare gap?
Went with article about plans to introduce a $6 fee for a GP consultation, which would widen the existing Medicare gap.
2014-094 19Feb14 Could you hold the exit door.
Alcoa Australia shutting down a number of its factories not that long after receiving a fifty million dollar grant from the government.
2014-085 14Feb14  Throwing lifelines to Ardmona SPC.
The different responses from the State and Federal governments to Ardmona SPC's economic plight.

2014-063 7Feb14  Government grants to industry.
Cynical look at how the Government allocates grants money.
2014-052 31Jan14  SPC Ardmona government stand.
The Federal government's rejection of an assistance package to help SPC Ardmona survive.
2014-047 29Jan14  Political control of the ABC.
Attack by the Federal Government on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
2014-033 21Jan14  Welfare distribution today.
Drawn in response to the Australian government's plans to rein in welfare spending while seeming to ignore targeted middleclass welfare expenditure.
2014-022 14Jan14  Reviewing the education syllabus.
The Government's review of the education curriculum has drawn criticism for being politically driven.
2014-017 10Jan14  Prisoner transport to match shipping container cells 
The Victorian Government's plan to use shipping containers as prison cells to alleviate prison overcrowding. 

2014-013 9Jan14 Indonesian and Australian shadow puppets.
The Australian government's secretive approach to asylum seeker policy.

2014-011 8Jan14  Frosty weather.
A look at both the freezing weather in America and the cool relations between Australia and Indonesia over asylum seekers. 

2014-006 7Jan14  Australia Post privatisation dog.
Plans to privatise Australia Post.
2013-709 6Jan14  Manufacturing industry policy soap box.
Politicians failing to address the problem of cheap imported goods destroying Australia's manufacturing industry.