2013-704 19Dec13  National Disability Insurance Scheme funding model.
Uncertainty about the funding for the new National Disability Insurance Scheme.
2013-703 18Dec13 The reigns of government today.
The tough economic conditions testing Australian politicians on both sides of politics.
2013-701 17Dec13  Delivering Christmas gifts this year.
Announcement of a bigger than expected budget deficit.
2013-672P 3Dec13  The great escape in the future?
Went with article on the Victorian Government's announcement that it will be using shipping containers to house prisoners.
2013-669 3Dec13  The future police band?
The Victorian Government's plan to shrink the police band to a tiny rump and transfer its members to operational work.
2013-659 29Nov13 The NBN rollout deadline.
prediction that the NBN rollout will fail to meet the rollout deadline.
2013-654 27Nov13  Gonski schools funding program gone.
The Federal government reneging in it's commitment to the Gonski Schools funding program.
2013-645 25Nov13 Really aggressive sledging.
Using the current test cricket sledging furore to highlight the appalling standard of federal parliamentary debate.
2013-641 20Nov13  Tony Abbott's soap boxes.
The diplomatic mess that Abbott has got himself in with Indonesia.
2013-633 18Nov13  The road that political leaders travel on.
A look at the precarious situation the Victorian premier Denise Napthine finds himself in with maverick independent Jeff Shaw holding the balance of power.
2013-624 14Nov13  Carbon emissions target tank.
Pointing out that tackling global warming is far more than simply hitting a static carbon emissions reduction target.
2013-617 11Nov13 Sweeping the asylum seeker problem under the carpet.
The feud between Australia and Indonesia over how to deal with asylum seekers.
2013-612 7Nov13  Farmer Abbott's piggybank trough.
Abbotts superannuation changes favours high income earners at the expense of low income earners.
2013-598P 31OCT13  Revised NBN map rollout.
Went with article on changes to the NBN rollout.
2013-564 17Oct13  politician claiming travel expenses.
Widespread rorting of expenses claims by politicians.
2013-564 politician claiming travel expenses.
Widespread rorting of expenses claims by politicians.
2013-542 7Oct13  Spot the politician.
Widespread rorting of travel expenses by politians.
2013-532P 1Oct13  Bridge between Australia and Indonesia.
Went with article about Abbott calling for bridges to be built between Australia and Indonesia.
2013-530 1Oct13  Julia Gillard's view of the world.
Gillard's view of her time in politics and her demise seen very much in gender terms.
2013-496 18Sept13  Direct action maze.
Musing that Abbott's direct action environmental plan may not in fact be so direct.
2013-498 19Sept13 Past Department heads.
Tony Abbott's sacking of three department heads on the day he came to office.
2013-492 16Sept13  Abbott's back bench.
Tony Abbott only appointed one women to the frontbench.
2013-480 12Sept13  Deciding who gets to lead the Labor party.
Jaundiced view of the Labor Party's process for picking a new leader and attempts to make it more representative.
2013-477P 10Sept13  Bracks' diplomatic post.
Went with article on Steve Bracks being dumped from his diplomatic post by the incoming Liberal government.
2013-475 10Sept13  Voting for the senate.
The Senate voting options preference flow jumble seems to resemble a washing machine action rather than offering voters clear choices.
2013-473P 10Sept13  ALP leadership short list.
Went with article speculating that Bill Shorten is likely to be the only candidate to replace Kevin Rudd as leader of the opposition.
2013-472 9Sept13  Tony Abbott with the reins of government.
Tony Abbott having to face an unruly Senate controlled by independents.
2013-470 6Sept13  Map of Australia the right way up.
Australia's lurch to the right of politics with the election of Tony Abbott.
2013-465 5Sept13  Animal Farm election.
Metaphorical view of elections.
2013-464 4Sept13 Tony Abbott in control of the Senate.
Speculating that Tony Abbott will be very dictatorial if he gets control of the Senate.
2013-458 2Sept13  Political Master Chef.
What both Rudd and Abbott is offering voters is pretty unpalatable.
2013-426 19Aug13  Choice in Australia today.
Highlighting the lack of real choice that voters and farmers experience today.
2013-433 21Aug13  Maternity leave funding vehicle.
Funding for Abbott's paid maternity leave scheme to be partially funded by lower returns to retirees' share investments.
2013-425 19Aug13  The political campaign trail.
Fear and greed have become key factors in election campaigns.
2013-397 24July13  Shocking!
Rudd's attempts to stop Asylum seeker boats coming by introducing tough new measures.
2013-381 17July13  Terminator five.
Rudd's plan to ditch the carbon tax in favour of an emissions trading scheme.
2013-377 16July13  Political version of battleships.
Refugees arriving by boat being used as pawns in game of politics.
2013-347 3July13  Life after politics for Julia.
Musing on the way Julia Gillard was treated during her time as Prime Minister
2013-369 12July13  NBN head Mike Quigley quitting.
The head of the National Broadband Network quitting halfway through the job.
2013-362 10July13  Budgie smugglers.
Rudd's surge in the polls since becoming Prime Minister.
2013-359 9July13  Rudd leadership rules.
Kevin Rudd to attempting to make Labor's internal organisation more democratic and accountable.
2013-340 1July13  Change in the political weather.
The ascendency of Rudd clouding Abbott's sunny political skies.
2013-336 28June13  Rudd, Gillard male and female symbols.
Gender view of the Rudd coup.
2013-333 27June13  Rudd phoenix rising.
Rudd's replacement of Julia Gillard as leader of the ALP.
2013-331 26June13  Moving towards tackling global warming.
Barrack Obama's commitment to tackle global warming at odds with Abbott's position on global warming.
2013-308 18June  The election races.
With Julia Gillard in an unwinnable position and disunity within the ALP's ranks tony Abbott is getting an easy ride to the next election.
2013-291 10June13  How Labor is travelling in opinion polls.
Kevin Rudd lifting Labor's chances at the next election while Julia Gillard is pulling those chances down.
2013-286 6June13  Labor's one foot in the grave.
The ALP facing a possible electoral wipe out in the upcoming election.
2013-280P 13May13  Redheads that won't light.
Went with article on former One Nation leader making yet another attempt to get into parliament.
2013-268 30tMay13 Politician with a conscience.
recent attempts by Australian politicians to vote themselves large pay and allowance increases.
2013-241 17May13  You will get our vote Craig.
Craig Thomson's announcement that he will run as an independent in the next election.  He is under a cloud over alleged misuse of a credit card to pay for sex with prostitutes.
2013-233 14May13  Australian version of Old Mother Hubbard.
Different take on Gillard's budget black hole.
2013-235P 13May13  What won't be in the budget.
Went with article on responses to the budget by ordinary voters.
2013-231P 13May13  2013 federal budget carrot.
Went with article on there being less money to spend in the 2013 federal budget due to the budget deficit.
2013-210 6May13  Animal Farm today.
Orwellian view of voter choice.
2013-198 30April13  Black holes.
Julia Gillard's government deficit and Tony Abbott's failure to recognise global warming as a threat.
2013-161 15April13  Political choice today.
The poor state of Australian politics today offering voters very poor choices.
2013-153 11April13 Fast train development.
political maneuverings  will be the main impediment to the development of an Australian high speed rail network.
2013-148P 9April13  Floral tributes to Margaret Thatcher.
Went with article on the death of Margaret Thatcher.
2013-149P 9April13  Abbott's proposed NBN coverage.
Went with article on Abbott's broadband plan to counter Gillard's national broadband network rollout.
2013-120 24Mar13  Enough rope.
The fending off of the latest challenge from Rudd has only given Gillard yet more rope to hang herself with.
2013-113 10Mar13  WA landslide.
Labor defeated in a Landslide in the Western Australian elections bodes ill for Julia Gillard in the upcoming Federal election.
2013-100 15Feb13  The Australian pied piper.
Massive media speculation on whether Kevin Rudd will challenge Julia Gillard.
2013-071 4Feb13  Gillard election campaign launch.
Gillard's election campaign off to a shaky start.
2013-050 23Jan13  Nova Peris' sporting career.
Celebrity sports star Nova Peris being offered a federal ALP seat.
2013-004 3Jan13 How you can live on on the 35 dollars a day Newstart allowance.
Drawn in response Labor Families minister Jenny Macklin claim that a person could live on the $35 a day Newstart allowance.
2013-001 1Jan13 Hard to keep New Year resolutions.
The high level of mud raking that both Prime Minister Gillard and Opposition leader Abbott undertook in 2012.