2011-802P 22Dec11  When only the best lawyers will do.
Went with article about the tobacco industry's expensive legal action  over the  introduction of plan cigarette packaging.
2011-797P 20Dec11  Current offshore processing.
Went with article about the refugee offshore processing debate that is currently raging.
2011-761 8Dec11  Leading them by the nose.
Very difficult for the government to control the big 4 banks.
2011-756 6Dec11  Raising public transport fees.
The Victorian Government's announcement of a steep rise in public transport fees highlights the disconnect with politicians' lives and those of ordinary people.
2011-750 3Dec11  The gunfight at the ALP corral.
Fierce fight at the ALP conference over whether to support gay marriage rights.
2011-746P 2Dec11  ALP conference cats amongst the pigeons.
Went with article on the contentious gay marriage debate at the ALP conference.
2011-726 25Nov11  A rat in parliament.
Calling Peter Slipper a rat for taking the Speakers position ignores the Machiavellian culture that pervades parliament.
2011-715 21Nov11  Horse racing risk levels.
Using the debate on the risk of jumps racing to take a swipe at politicians.
2011-703P 16Nov11 Julia's new hair colour.
Pocket cartoon to go with article about Gillard's support for the sale of uranium to India.
2011-702 16Nov11  Occupy Melbourne, occupy Canberra.
Using the 'Occupy' movement as a segway to highlight the massive entourage accompanying Barack Obama during his visit to
2011-687P 7Nov11  News Corp. mike.
Went with article on inquiry into Australian media hearing that sections of News Corporation's media will attack Julia Gillard if they can find a way of doing so.
2011-656 26Oct11  Poker machine that always pays out.
Donations to political parties by the pokies lobby group compromising attempts to reform the industry.
2011-641 19Oct11  Tough tasks
Tony Abbott's pledge to repeal the carbon tax if he gets into power.
2011-644 20Oct11  Ombudsman candidates.
The forced resignation of Commonwealth Ombudsman Allan Asher puts in doubt the independence of the position.
2011-619 27Sept11  Frontline combat roles.
Announcement that Australian women soldiers will be allowed to serve in frontline combat roles.
2011-609 23Sept11  The elephant herd in the corner.
Cutting the solar feed-in-tariff on the grounds that it mainly benefits the better off smacks of hypocrisy when one looks at all the other tax subsidies that mainly benefit the better off.
2011-604 22Sept11  Aussie flag outrage.
Drawn in response to outrage over the comedy program At Home With Julia depicting Julia Gillard and her partner nude under an Australian flag.
2011-603 21Sept11  Treasurer superman flying.
Wayne Swan winning winning the Euromoney Finance Minister of the Year award.  An award made easier to attain because of the mining boom Australia went through while the rest of the world was in recession.
2011-577 12sept11  Where Gillard stands.
Julia Gillard's low standing in the polls in stark contrast to the rising fortunes of Kevin Rudd, the former leader she ousted.
2011-585 14Sept11  Getting the carbon tax ball rolling.
Difficult task facing Julia Gillard in putting getting the carbon tax up and running.
2011-583 13Sept11  Parliamentary debate.
Incredibly low standard of Australian parliamentary debate.
2011-572 9Sept11  Abbott's home life.
Lighter look at Abbott's fondness for wearing tight fitting bathing trunks, colloquially known as budgie smugglers.
2011-566 6Sept11  Passing the baton.
Comparison of Gillard's current position with when she was first handed power.
2011-562P 5Sept11  Not exactly reassuring.
Went with article about Abbott offering his support to Gillard to pass legislation legalising the offshore processing of asylum seekers.
2011-560 5Sept11 The State Government's logging policy.
The Victorian State Government's 2 Km minimum distance from a dwelling for wind turbines will effectively destroy the wind farm industry in Victoria.
2011-552 2Sept11  More down to earth than Malaysia.
Malaysia was never going to be a viable option as a place to detain and process asylum seekers.
2011-551 1Sept11  Gillard making a wish.
Nothing seeming to go right for Julia Gillard.
2011-547P 29Aug11  Wind turbine to match the legislation.
New Vic. Govt. legislation will severely limit wind farm development in Victoria.
2011-546 29Aug11  Voting intentions map of Australia.
Big drop in support for Labor in Queensland.
2011-542 26Aug11  The three wise Craig Thomson monkeys.
The Craig Thomson affair and attempts by the ALP to prevent Thomson from facing questions in parliament.
2011-537 24Aug11  Investigating misconduct.
A sideways look at the Craig Thomson misconduct investigation.
2011-462 21July11  Carbon emission reduction targets.
Abbott's main greenhouse gas reduction target is Julia Gillard.
2011-465 22July11  Turnbull's relationship with Abbott formula.
Turnbull's strained relationship with Abbott over how to tackle global warming.
2011-448 14July11 Shocking news.
Reflected a survey of economists showing that 59% believed the carbon tax is good economic policy.
2011-437P 11July11  Tackle global warming cost.
Went with article on Gillard saying the cheapest way to tackle global warming was to bring in a carbon tax.
2011-430 8July11  The little red hens.
Exaggerated  gloom and doom emanating from both Gillard and Abbott over the introduction of a carbon tax.
2011-419 5July11  Conducting the Senate orchestra.
The difficulty that Bob Brown and the other Green senators face as they try and make use of their control of the senate.
2011-417P 1July11  Bob Irwin in training.
Went with article about Bob Irwin, Steve Irwin's dad, considering standing in a seat in the next election.
2011-408 29June11  Political fortunes golf.
Abbott's strong political position as much to do with Gillard's poor performance as his own skills as a politician.
2011-397 24June11  Australian troops in Afghanistan.
The presence of Australian troops in Afghanistan untenable without the Americans.
2011-391 22June11  plebiscite that cost Australia more.
The failure to implement Rudd's super tax when even conservative economists said it was a sound and logical tax has cost the Australian people a massive amount of lost taxation revenue.
2011-384 20June11  Rudd Lazarus rising.
The rise in Kevin Rudd's standing being boosted by Julia Gillard's poor performance in the polls.
2011-375 15June11  The ash cloud over parliament.
Using the volcanic ash cloud drifting over Australia as a metaphor for the cloud over Nicola Roxon for her soliciting of the tobacco industry for donations.
2011-314 19May11  The ascent of Abbott and Gillard.
Both Gillard and Abbott performing poorly when it comes to tackling global warming.
2011-369 10June11  The direction the ALP is heading.
The ALP's reliance on focus groups to set policies is drawing the party away from it's traditional values.
2011-353 3June11  Asylum seeker child's ball.
Detention of unaccompanied asylum seeker minors by the Federal Government.
2011-351P 2June11  Occasional childcare funding.
Went with article on cuts to funding for occasional childcare centres.
2011-348 2June11  Gillard moving forward on the economy.
Julia Gillard and the current shaky economy.
2011-341 30May11  Dissent in the Federal Liberal Party.
Malcolm Turnbull's mildly dissenting view on the Lib's response to global warming.
2011-326P 23May11  People wearing akubras.
Went with article about Bob Katter canvassing the formation of a new political party.
2011-318 20May11  Ted Baillieu's smoking ceremony.
Sideways look at Premier Ted Baillieu's dropping of the compulsory acknowledgement of traditional Aboriginal land owners by Ministers and public servants at official events.
2011-317 20May11  Gillard bullfighting.
Gillard's attempts to sell the carbon tax and the risk to her as Prime Minister.
2011-315P 19May11  Acknowledging both black and white.
Went with article on Premier Ted Baillieu's dropping of the compulsory acknowledgement of traditional Aboriginal land owners.
2011-313 19May11  Acknowledge the current owners.
Premier Ted Baillieu's dropping of the compulsory acknowledgement of traditional Aboriginal land owners by Ministers and public servants at official events.
2011-311 18May11  Carbon tax starter's orders.
Abbott determined to scuttle the carbon tax whatever the starting price.
2011-302 16May11  Julia Gillard reverse planking.
Using the recent activity of planking to highlight Julia Gillard's massive drop in popularity.
2011-304P 16May11  Gillard's light on the hill.
Went with article about Julia Gillard's dismal standing amongst voters.
2011-286 9May11  Sweeping the refugee problem under the carpet.
Piecemeal attempts by the Gillard Government to deal with the refugee problem.
2011-290P 10May11  The budget red line.
Went with article on the Federal budget.
2011-261 19April11 Little red Hen help.
Pressure being placed on Julia Gillard by industries and interest groups over the introduction of the carbon tax.
2011-263P 19April11  Ordnance stock discrepancies.
Went with article on Defence Department audit showing discrepancies in control of ordnances.
2011-260P 18April11  See the mass destruction first hand.
Went with article on Julia Gillard announcing that she intended to tour the tsunami ravaged area when she visits Japan.
2011-258 18April11 Selling the carbon tax door to door.
Julia Gillard finding it very difficult to sell the carbon tax to Australian voters.
2011-254 15April11  Assisting disability pensioners.
Calls by politicians for the tightening of disability pension eligibility to force more disability pensioners back to work.  This flies in the face of the difficulties faced by disability pensioners in getting work.
2011-245P 12April11  Julia Gillard's female symbol.
Went with article on Julia Gillard voicing strong support for female soldiers taking frontline combat roles.
2011-238 8April1011  Preferred brown packaging.
Using the government's plain brown packaging legislation for cigarette packets as a segway to look at Julia Gillard's apparent visceral hatred of the Green's leader Bob Brown.
2011-237 8April11 Kevin 007
Kevin Rudd appearing to be destabilising  Julia Gillard.
2011-228 5April11  What the Labor Party stands for.
Contemporary Labor having difficulty working our what it stands for.
2011-223 1April11 Disability pensioners trickle down effect?
Tony Abbott's call to tighten up on pensions to people with disabilities.
2011-211 28March11  Kristina Keneally's 'light on the hill'
The ALP's massive loss in the 2011 NSW state election.
2011-208 25March11  Processing asylum seekers offshore today.
Australia now processing asylum seekers on the Australian mainland while claiming they are being processed as offshore applicants.
2011-177 11March11  Following in America's footsteps.
Julia Gillard's unqualified support of US policies and methods during her visit to America.
2011-170 9March11  Newest sheriff in town.
Tony Abbott seemingly appointing himself sheriff to hunt down Julia Gillard for trying to introduce a carbon price.
2011-149 2March11  Another rise in carbon emissions.
Fierce battle between Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott over the planned introduction of a Carbon tax.
2011-143 28Feb11  Different views of tax.
The different reactions of the major taxes to the Goods and Services Tax and the planned Carbon Tax.
2011-137 26Feb11  Rubbish removal in Canberra.
History of breaking promises from both sides of politics.
2011-139P 25Feb1  Gillard selling the carbon tax.
Gillard faced a barrage of criticism when she announced the planned introduction of a carbon tax.
2011-136 25Feb11  Tackling global warming.
Gillard's carbon tax proposal in stark contrast to Tony Abbott's response to global warming.
2011-114 16Feb11  Clinics for kids.
Reflection on Peter Costello's comment that AFL players are not qualified to teach life skills to children.
2011-110 15Feb11  Unravelling.
Julia Gillard's revised health plan means the end of Kevin Rudd's health plan.
2011-099 10Feb11  Shit does indeed happen.
Another look at Tony Abbott's 'Shit happens' quote.
2011-097 9Feb11  Very big shit happens.
Different perspective on the term 'shit happens' which Tony Abbott used to describe the death of a soldier in Afghanistan.2011-093 8Feb11  Wayne Swan's washing.
Comments by Treasurer Wayne Swan that the floods and cyclone could cause the economy to shrink.
2011-080 3Feb11  The cyclone that's about to hit.
Anticipating a political wrangle about how to fund the reconstruction after cyclone Yasi.
2011-066P 28Jan11  Preselection ballot box.
Went with article about ALP members in Broadmeadows being prevented from participating  in the preselection process for their local member.
2011-062P 27Jan11  Gillard's levee bank.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about Julia Gillard's proposal of a tax levy to pay for flood reconstruction.
2011-060 27Jan11  Cooperation during the floods.
Political bickering while the general public gets on with battling the floods.
2011-052 24Jan11  Water in the carburettor.
The negative impact of the floods on the Australian economy.