2010-842 23Dec10  Empathy for boat people.
Political twist on the struggles of boat people.
2010-811 10Dec10  First bushfire this Summer.
Wikileaks burning Australian Federal politicians.
2010-796 6Dec10 But I can read plain English.
Wikileaks document showing that Kevin Rudd warned the US to be prepared to use force against China.
2010-772 29Nov10  Brumby, black stallion.
Voter backlash against the Brumby State Labor government.
2010-771 28Nov10  One dam in Victoria that isn't full.
Labor's large losses in the Victorian State election.
2010-758 23Nov10  The race politicians run.
Political campaigns seem increasingly like a race to the bottom.
2010-738 16Nov10  The elephant that's not afraid of mice.
Parliament's dilemma over whether to impose tighter controls on the major banks.
2010-733 15Nov10  Handing out how to vote cards
the practice of political parties handing out how to vote cards telling voters how they should place their preferences.
2010-707 4Nov10  The bank reform legislation race.
Joe Hockey getting the jump on Julia Gillard by introducing bank reform legislation into parliament before she was ready to do so.
2010-690 29Oct10  John Howard's latest terrorist threat.
Somewhat esoteric look at the Howard shoe throwing incident.
2010-682P 26Pct10  Voter preferences survey.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on voting intentions.  Ties in with the Howard shoe throwing incident.
2010-679 26Oct10  Howard at the practice nets.
Refers to an incident when a disgruntled voter throw a shoe at John Howard.
2010-662P 19Oct10  Minister for water and scotch.
Pocket cartoon that went with an article on the Water Minister avoiding angry irrigation farmers.
2010-625 30Sept10  The rules of engagement for politicians.
Sideways look at the debate about the rules of engagement for soldiers in Afghanistan.
2010-627P 30Sept10  Committed to the war in Afghanistan.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about Julia Gillard questioning Tony Abbott on his commitment to the war in Afghanistan.
2010-617 27Sept10  Abbott applying the Ten Commandments.
Tony Abbott's ruthless attacking style in parliament and his religious convictions.
2010-612 24Sept10  Musical speaker's chairs.
Inability of the Federal parliament to decide who will be the speaker of the house.
2010-598 21Sept10  The independent speaker's chair.
Rob Oakeshott dropping his bid to become the first independent speaker of the house after stiff opposition to him becoming speaker.
2010-595 20Sept10  Cable Abbott is happy to rollout.
Tony Abbott's opposition the the rollout of high speed cable and his determination to bring down the Gillard government.
2010-591 17Sept10  Moving forward on carbon emissions.
The call by BHP for a carbon tax and the Bob Brown's strident support for one leaves Julia Gillard looking like a reluctant follower.
2010-585 16Sept10  The political lifeguard.
Tony Abbott's vow to bring down Julia Gillard's minority Government.
2010-576 13Sept10  Marginal seat funding forecast.
Recent flooding in Victoria and likely pork barrelling in in marginal seats during the upcoming State election.
2010-566 9Sept10  Julia Gillard moving forward.
The difficulties of getting things done with a minority government.
2010-564 8Sept10  The final hurdle.
Tony Abbott's failure to secure the support of two key rural based independents cost him the election.
2010-560P 7Sept10  Pulling the rabbit out of the Akubra.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about Gillard forming government with the help of rural independents.
2010-545 2Sept10  Costings.
Sideways look at the fiscal costings by the government and the opposition.
2010-546P 2Sept10  Research for Reverend Nile.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about Reverend Nile claiming  that his staff had visited porn sites only in the name of research.
2010-543 1Sept10  Counting.
Possibility of a fresh election in Australia if a minority government cannot be formed.
2010-532 26Aug10  Minister for organisation.
Esoteric look at Ministerial incompetence.
2010-526 24Aug10  Hung parliament show.
The Independents and the Greens leading Abbott and Gillard by the nose.
2010-536 27Aug10  Being burnt.
Pocket cartoon that went with an article about the Victorian State Government's response to the Bushfire Royal Commission's recommendations.
2010-534 27Aug10  Neck and neck finish.
very tight election race with the outcome being decided by the independents.
2010-530 25Aug10  Ticker tape parade for the independents.
Gillard and Abbott likely to shower funding on the independents in a bit to woe them to form government.
2010-521 23Aug10  Egg on her face.
At least part of the Labor backlash in Queensland due to the dumping of Kevin Rudd as leader.
2010-520 23Aug10  Hung parliament in Burma.
Reflecting that the hung parliament in Australia as a result of the recent Federal election is not really so bad.
2010-512 18Aug10  Election campaign Twister
Gillard and Abbott targeting the marginal seats with personal visits.
2010-509 17Aug10  Political map of Australia.
Highlighting that politicians always concentrate on the marginal seats and ignore the safe ones.
2010-504 16Aug10  Election campaign tug of war.
Tony Abbott vigorously opposing Julia Gillard's planned high speed fibre-optic cable rollout.
2010-498 13Aug10  The two horse political race.
The Australian Federal election expressed as a horse race.
2010-483 9Aug10  Julia Gillard moving forward - fast.
Mark Latham's antics an embarrassment to Julia Gillard.
2010-479 6Aug10 The election race so far.
Gillard hampered by the Rudd dumping and the fact that he is still influencing the election campaign.
2010-475 5Aug10  Where Abbott and Gillard stand on global warming.
Both Abbott and Gillard failing to recognise the seriousness of the Global warming threat.
2010-473 4Aug10  Tony Abbott's answering machine.
Tony Abbott's refusal to television another debate with Julia Abbott.
2010-469 3Aug10  Tony Abbott's preferred worm.
Tony Abbott's rebuff of Julia Gillard's offer of another national television debate.
2010-459 29July10  Assess the cabinet leaks.
Prime Minister Gillard being damaged by a series of Cabinet leaks.
2010-458 28July10  Pork barrelling today.
Campaign funding promises often not what people really need.
2010-453P 27July10  Are you going to tie the knot?
Pocket cartoon that went with article on speculation about whether Julia Gillard will marry.
2010-447 26July10  The assent of political campaigning man.
Quirky look at the ruthlessness of modern political campaigning.
2010-442 23July10  DOG POLITICS - improvement.
Politicians often give voters what they don't really need.
2010-439P 22July10  Acker's final handstand.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about the sacking of Jason Akermanis.
2010-438 22July10  DOG POLITICS - choice.
Viewing the federal election campaign campaign as a dog metaphor.
2010-433 20July10  Election Choices so far.
Debt and cuts to services the main choices offered to voters so far in the Federal election campaign.
2010-430 19July10  WorkChoices monkey.
Tony Abbott having trouble shaking off the WorkChoices Monkey.
2010-425 16July2010  Julia Gillard's light on the hill.
Julia Gillard's tougher stance on asylum seekers and Labor's traditional image of itself as the light on the hill.
2010-426 16July10  Kevin Rudd's ministerial seat.
Debate about whether Kevin Rudd will be offered a Ministerial seat.
2010-420 15July10  Mining super tax back flip.
Julia Gillard's backflip on the mining super profits tax costing the government billions of dollars in potential revenue.
2010-411 12July10 Political policies.
Tony Abbott's tacit denial of the threat of global warming.
2010-414 13July10  Predict the election outcome.
Predicting that the World Cup octopus would not go for either of the major Australian political parties.
2010-406 9July10  Abbott's asylum seekers policy.
Ongoing errors in Julia Gillard's asylum seekers policy working to Tony Abbott's advantage.
2010-404P 8Nov10  I am the safest bet.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about Julia Gillard claiming she is a safer bet than Tony Abbott when it comes to tackling climate change.
2010-398 6July10  This is not another Pacific solution.
Julia Gillard's plans for an off shore refugee processing centre in East Timor.
2010-391 2July10  Political influence vehicles.
The mining industry's ability to influence politics.
2010-390  2July10  Lower mining super tax.
Julia Gillard's lower mining super tax deal.
2010-381 29June10  I don't believe in god.
Julia Gillard saying she doesn't believe in god.
2010-371 25June10  Kevin 07 Julia 007.
The removal of Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister by Julia Gillard.
2010-370P 24June10  Political glass ceiling.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on Julia Gillard becoming the first Australian female PM.
2010-369P 24June10  ALP safety matches.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about Julia Gillard replacing Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister.  Julia is red headed.
2010-367 24June10  The new ball in the Federal Election Cup.
The ousting of Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister.
2010-349 17June10  Modern version of Oliver Twist.
The mining industry's reaction to Kevin Rudd's supertax almost Dickensian.
2010-358 21June10  Tony Abbott still the underdog.
The Libs ahead in the polls and favoured to win the upcoming election.
2010-357 21June10  Sent off the field in the Penrith by-election.
The ALP's drumming in the Penrith by-election.
2010-336 9June10  Hazardous occupations.
Rudd's hazardous battle with the mining industry over the introduction of a mining supertax.
2010-331 8June10  Kevin Rudd's current electoral cycle.
Massive drop in Kevin Rudd's popularity.
2010-329 7JUne10  Choices for voters.
Both Labor and Liberal parties not aware of the serious threat global warming poses.
2010-324 4June10  Standing firm on the mining supertax.
Rudd's battle with the mining industry over the introduction of the mining supertax.
2010-321P 3June10  The latest security threat at the lodge.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on Kevin Rudd keeping chickens at the lodge.
2010-314 1June10  Political party popularity bounce.
Reflecting on recent survey showing that both major Australian political parties are experiencing a popularity slump.
2010-308 28May10  Look what the Government's mining supertax has done!
The mining industry's attack on the Government's mining supertax.
2010-307 28May10   Tony Abbott stranded on a desert island.
Tony Abbott's plans for processing asylum seekers offshore.
2010-284 19May10 Politician who is a big liar.
A more general view of the recent furore over opposition leader Tony Abbott saying that he sometimes doesn't tell the truth.
2010-274 14May10  Tackling global warming progress clothes.
Both the Labor Federal Government and the Liberal opposition very backward when it comes to tackling climate change.
2010-273P 13May10  Libs' wind power policy.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the Victorian Liberal party's wind power policy.
2010-267 12May10  Rudd's spending style.
Kevin Rudd's budget spending very chaste compared to last year.
2010-264P 11May10  The current Government surplus.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on Govt. plans to bring the budget back to surplus.
2010-261 10May10 The wakeup call.
Opinion poll showing Kevin Rudd rapidly losing popularity.
2010-252 6May10 Soapboxes.
Kevin Rudd standing on a box of dynamite with his new 40% mining tax.
2010-251 5May10  Rudd's environmental policy.
Kevin Rudd ditching his Emissions Trading Scheme.
2010-246 3May10  The latest mining boom.
strong reaction from the mining sector to Rudd's new mining tax.
2010-245 3May10  Cracking down on dangerous emissions.
Rudd cracking down on smoking while at the same time abandoning his attempts to reduce carbon emissions.
2010-235 28April10  Going up in smoke.
Rudd's postponement of his emissions trading scheme until at least 2013.
2010-219 22April10  The big folly.
Failure of the Government's insulation rebate scheme.
2010-214P 20April10  Future health funding cutbacks.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about WA rejecting Rudd's health funding reform.
2010-200 13April10   My School, My  Political Party Funding.
The Government willing to exposes schools to closer public scrutiny but not themselves.
2010-204 14April10  Wooing the States.
Kevin Rudd suffering setbacks in trying to convince the States to adopt his health plan.
2010-197 12April10  A change in the wind.
Changes to asylum seekers policy looking more like Howard era asylum seekers policy.
2010-190 24Mar10  Healthcare funding reform pied piper.
The states very reluctant to follow Kevin Rudd's lead on healthcare funding reform.
2010-172 17Mar10  A woman's view if what's on offer from the Liberal Party.
Former Treasurer Peter Costello's claim that Tony Abbott's 6 month paid maternity leave proposal is counter to traditional Liberal Party values.
2010-159 12Mar10  Where the wild things are.
Kevin Rudd selling his hospital reform to the State Governments.
2010-151 10Mar10  Paid maternity leave policy launch.
Tony Abbott's surprise announcement of his paid maternity leave policy shocked many in his own party room.
2010-149 9Mar10  Election year rain.
The large number of funding carrots that are hurled at voters in an election year by both the Government and the opposition .
2010-144 5Mar10  Hospital funding surgery.
The states strongly opposing Kevin Rudd's planned healthcare funding reform.
2010-141 3Mar10  The hospital cleaner.
Kevin Rudd's plan to take control of hospital funding by taking $50 billion in GST revenue from the States.
2010-133 1Mar10  Cure all sorry elixir.
Prime Minister Rudd's habit of saying sorry at risk of becoming a standard cure all response for his government's mistakes.
2010-124 25Feb10  Insulation rebate scheme crash test dummy.
Ongoing saga of the botched insulation rebate scheme.
2010-117 23Feb10  Labor's number one terrorist threat.
Launch of the Government's white paper on counter terrorism and the home insulation rebate scheme debacle.
2010-114 22Feb10  Peter Garrett risk assessment.
Revelation that Peter Garrett did not read the home insulation program risk assessment report until months after the start of that program.
2010-111 19Feb10  Battsman out for a duck.
Peter Garrett suspends the insulation rebate scheme do to ongoing problems with it.
2010-102 16Feb10  Tony Abbott's policy balloons.
While Abbott's environment and health policies have generally been favourably received his IR policy is seen as a millstone.
2010-098 15Feb10  Pauline Hanson emigrating the the UK.
Pauline Hanson, former politician known for her racist attitude, has announced she will be emigrating  to the UK.
2010-091 10Feb10 Peter Garrett installs insulation batts.
Peter Garrett in trouble over the botched insulation rebate scheme.
2010-090  we would never impose a tax like that.
Hypocritical of  Tony Abbott to attack the proposed ETS as a tax impost when the GST, the tax introduced by the Liberals, was in fact higher than the EST.
2010-082 8Feb10  Minister for Water in the phone.
Crippling water shortages for Victorian vegetable farmers in sharp contrast to the plentiful supply of water for private domestic use.
2010-078 5Feb10  Abbott's latest climate reduction scheme.
Barnaby Joyce's outspoken comments embarrassing Tony Abbott.
2010-071P 2Feb10  Interest rates on hold.
The Australian Reserve bank not raising interest rates provides little comfort for those struggling to pay off their mortgages.
2010-070 2Feb10  The battle to save the environment goes on..
Posturing by both the major Australian political parties doing little to seriously tackle stop the impact of global warming.
2010-065 1Feb10  Wayne Swan's carrot and stick.
Refers to the The Federal Treasurer's incentive scheme to keep older people working for longer.
2010-042 21Jan10  Choosing the Public Transport Minister.
On the appointment of Martin Pakula as the new Victorian Public Transport Minister.  This Ministry has had major difficulties in recent years and is considered a tough job.
2010-031 15Jan10  What's green and what's not green.
The environmental policies of both major parties are inadequate when compared with the environmental state of the country.