2009-700 8Dec09  Shadow cabinet attack dogs.
Tony Abbott's new cabinet line up unlikely to aggressively tackle climate change.
2009-690 3Dec09  Where the wilder things are.
Using the opening of the fantasy movie Where the Wild Things are to highlight the current turmoil in the Australian Federal Parliament.
2009-688 2Dec09  Malcolm Turnbull out in the cold?
Malcolm Turnbull ousted as opposition leader largely as a result of his stand on global warming.
2009-685 1dec09  Liberal and Labor ETS policies.
The new Liberal opposition leader Tony Abbott determined to undermine Labor's Emissions Trading Scheme legislation.
2009-684 30Nov09  The current direction of the parliamentary Liberal Party.
Fights over climate change policy within the parliamentary Liberal Party leaving the direction of the party swinging wildly.
2009-680 27Nov09  Malcolm Turnbull's stand on climate change.
Liberal Party room revolt against Malcolm Turnbull's stance on climate change.
2009-674 25Nov09  Greenhouse gas reduction targets.
Challenge to opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull's power base due to a rift in the Liberal Party over emissions trading policy.
2009-670 24Nov09 Liberal party room dress code.
Battle in the Liberal Party room over climate change policy.
2009-655 16Nov09 The taking asylum seekers poker game.
Kevin Rudd at a disadvantage in the negotiations as to who will take the asylum seekers on board the Oceanic Viking.
2009-641 9Nov09  Counting asylum seekers sheep.
Kevin Rudd and the increased pressure on him due to the latest influx of asylum seekers.
2009-638  reliable automated ticketing machine.
Ongoing problems with the public transport automated ticketing machines.
2009-633 4Nov09
Boat people fleeing oppressive regimes.
Latest wave of refugees heading to Australia and Australian High
Commissioner to Fiji being expelled by Fiji's military government.
2009-630 3Nov09  Oceanic Vikings.
Oceanic Viking asylum seekers fracas and the latest political opinion poll.
2009-625 boat people final solution.
Debate over the latest wave of asylum seekers travelling to Australia by boat.
2009-612P 26Oct09  Asylum seekers medical.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on Wilson Tuckey's opposition
to letting asylum seekers into Australia on medical grounds.
2009-607 9Oct09  Thrones.
Malcolm Turnbull's precarious position as opposition leader.
2009-589 2Oct09  Liberal Party climate change.
Split in the Liberal shadow cabinet over the government's carbon trading scheme.
2009-548 15Sept09  Work Choices Phoenix rising from the ashes.
The Opposition's suggestion that individual work contracts be
reintroduced, the basis of the very unpopular Work Choices scheme.
2009-552 15Sept09   The Government's relationship with Telstra.
The Federal Government's stormy relationship with the telco giant Telstra.
2009-538 9Sept09  Gold pass.
Critique of the free travel gold passes issued to ex politicians.
2009-534 8Sept09  The economic Wild West.
The threat of rising interest rates as a result of the economic stimulus package.
2009-528 4Sept09  Julia Gillard's Genie in a bottle.
School's stimulus package budget blow out.
2009-499 24Aug09  National Party dog on the tuckerbox.
Resentment by some National party members of Liberal Party policies.
2009-493 20Aug09  Voting on carbon emission levels.
Highlighting the ferocious debate over carbon emissions level legislation.
2009-483 17Aug09  Which law is likely to win out.
Political fighting impeding the passage of sensible carbon trading legislation.
2009-458 7Aug09  voting in Australia.
Businesses and lobby groups being offered special access
to politicians via expensive political fundraising functions.
2009-455 4Aug09  Returning a lemon.
The Godwin Grech OzCar ute affair.
2009-432 27July09  Health care State boundaries.
Plans by the Commonwealth Government to take over the running of health care from the States.
2009-412P 16July09  She's our net nanny!
Pocket cartoon that went with an article about Government restrictions that remove
the right of principals to criticise the new computer technologies being rolled out in schools
2009-402 14July09 Negotiating with China.
China's tough negotiating stance on diplomatic and trade issues.
2009-392 9July09  Someone who thinks the government acted too quickly.
The government pre-empting the bushfire Royal Commission's findings
by taking action before the Commission has handed down it's findings.
2009-386 7July09  Political trucks.
The Liberal's resurrection the debt truck used to highlight the level of government debt.
2009-377 3July09  Who has got the numbers?
Response to a report showing that Australian Federal
parliamentarians are doing a lot of overseas travel.
2009-371 30June09  Christian references by politicians.
Survey has found that Australian politicians are making more references to Christianity in their speeches.
2009-366 29June09  Beware of the ute.
Malcolm Turnbull taking a pounding in the opinion polls over his handling of the Ozcar saga.
2009-353P 23  June09 Where there's smoke there's fire.
Malcolm Turnbull's attack on Kevin Rudd backfires after the incriminating
email at the centre of the allegations turned out to be a fake.
2009-352 23June09  Ute bullbars.
Revelation that the OzCar email at the centre of the Rudd ute affair was a fake.
2009-348 22June09  Australian politics Animal Farm.
Orwellian view of the Kevin Rudd ute affair.
2009-347 22June09  Little old Prime Minister.
The Kevin Rudd ute affair.
2009-340 17June09  Carbon trading scheme difficulties.
Heated debate in parliament over  the carbon trading legislation.
2009-327 11June09  Peter Garrett helping the environment.
Sudden scrapping of the solar power rebate scheme by the Federal Government.
2009-325P 9June09  A  whole tree's worth!
Pocket cartoon that went with article on Bob Brown,
the leader of the Greens, in debt due to a large legal bill.
2009-275 18May09  Rolling out the retirement age red carpet.
Extension of the retirement age may mean people will be too old to enjoy their retirement.
2009-249 6May09  Government announcements.
The different emphasis governments use when announcing good and bad news.
2009-243 5May09  Emissions trading scheme starter's gun.
Kevin Rudd forced into delaying the introduction of an emissions trading scheme.
2009-191P 7April09  One man broadband.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on Kevin Rudd's announcement
that the Federal Government will build the new national broadband network.
2009-164 25Mar09  Visiting American presidents.
Perception that former Prime Minister John Howard was way too compliant with President
Bush's wishes, to the point that Howard seemed like a servant instead of a head of state.
2009-153 20Mar09  Workplace relations legislation expressed as people.
The senate's attempt to water down Labor's Fair Work bill.
2009-150P 19Mar09  Steve Fielding standing up for our rights.
Independent Steve Fielding's opposition to the Federal Government's Alco
pops tax, which is designed to reduce binge drinking amongst young people.
2009-138 13Mar09  Big jump in unemployment.
Jump in the unemployment rate a worry for the Federal Government.
2009-133 11Mar09  Federal politics race.
Friction between Peter Costello and Malcolm Turnbull
hampering the effectiveness of the Federal opposition.
2009-129 10Mar09  Carbon emissions track record.
A look at the carbon emission reduction track records
of the two most recent Australian Prime Ministers.
2009-092 20Feb09  Disunity spot fire.
Damaging in fighting in the Federal Parliamentary Liberal Party.
2009-051P 3Feb09  Fiscal juggling.
Kevin Rudd's fiscal difficulties in the current economic climate.
2009-050 3Feb09  I have nothing to offer
Historical comparison of leadership responses to a sever crisis.