economic, business & industrial relations

2020-407  The cornavirus rollercoaster.
On the economic impact of coronavirus.

2020-359P  Australia post.
Went with article about Australia Post facing tough times as it transitions to being largely a parcel delivery service.
2020-356P  We are definitely tree changers.
Went with article about tree changers flocking to regional cities in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.
2020-351P  Tax and JobKeeper cuts.
Went with article on the social impact of planned cuts to the JobKeeper payment.
2020-348  Lockdown, lockout.
Poorer people being denied access to affordable housing.
2020-345  Assisting the elderly.
Superannuation tax breaks more generous than the pension.
2020-343P  Federal budget piggybank.
Went with article about the upcoming federal budget.
2020-333  Revoking responsible lending laws applied to mice.
On the Federal government revoking introduced responsible lending laws.
2020-332P Only a small cut.
Went with article about the economic and social impact on the unemployed of the cut to the JobSeeker payment.
2020-313P  Coronavirus pandemic lockdown zoo funding.
Went with article about most of the funds promised to zoos to assist them financially during the coronavirus lockdown have yet to be delivered.

2020-301P  Coronavirus building blocks.
Went with article about concerns that primary school students’ educational advancement will be held back because of the coronavirus pandemic.

2020-300P  The work prospects impact of coronavirus.
Went with an article on work prospects being worse for women in the wake of the coronavirus pancemic.

2020-249P  Job seekers seeking working.
Went with article about job seekers being requried to search for work to get the Job Seeker payment, despite there being few jobs.

2020-244P  Government debt fuse.
Went with article on extension of JobKeeper and Job Seeker payments.

2020-241P  New businesses during the coronavirus pandemic.
Went with article about new businesses during the coronavirus pandemic.

2020-204  Opening for business.
Australia easing lockdown restrictions, in comparison to America still recording significant numbers of deaths due to coornaovirus.

2020-207P  Business version of coronavirus.
Coronavirus a ticking timb bomb for many businesses.
2020-195P  Free childcare ending domino effect.
Ending free childcare when the impact of the coronavirus lockdown is still being felt will cause severe economic stress for the childcare industry.

2020-122  Temporary lockdown.
Concerns that social lockdown is too harsh due to the damage it is doing to the economy.

2020-104P  When no news is not good news.
Went with article about closures of country newspapers.

2020-074P If exercise was the cure.
Coronavirus panic.

2020-059 Death of Holden.
The death of Holden and what it might mean for Ford Australia.