economic, business & industrial relations

2018-538P  Definition of an economic soft landing.
On speculation about whether the real estate downturn will be an economic “soft landing”

2018-529P  We have to do something about global warming.
The fossil fuel industry's stymieing of attempts to cut carbon emissions.

2018-451P Outback last signs.
On the planned rollout of an ‘ultra-rapid’ electric car charging network across Australia.

2018-419P  Assessing economic and social performance.
On the latest economic performance assessment.

2018-406P  Stirred up a hornet's nest.
On the adulterated Capilano honey furore.

2018-347  Fairfax staff cutbacks?
Musing on possible extreme Fairfax staff cutbacks in the future.

2018-343P   Nine gun salute at the funeral.
The takeover of Fairfax Media by the Nine network.

2018-335P  Working week lengths
A different view of the four day working week debate.

2018-326P  The "workforce" today.
Low wages growth and rising cost of living forcing increasing numbers of people to work two jobs.

2018-325  Choices for electricity consumers.
High electricity prices for consumers despite a big choice in electricity providers.

2018-306P  Tax options expressed as a road.
Pointing out that tax cuts usually lead to cuts to services and infrastructure.

2018-305P  Cost effective way to cut the use of plastic.
On efforts to cut the use of single sue plastic.

2018-280P  Confusing food labelling.
On the debate on whether vegetarian products should be in the meat aisle.

2018-272  Coping with Robotisation.
On expected job loses with the coming age of Robotisation.

2018-271P  I believe in the free market.
The dependence on government expenditure of many businesses.

2018-258P  The infrastructure mining boom.
On squandering the tax revenue accrued during the mining boom on tax cuts for the wealthy.

2018-224P  Wages growth expressed as a plant.
On wages growth being stuck at 2.1% despite forecast of higher growth rates.

2018-216P  Further ABC funding cuts.
On the latest round of ABC funding cuts.

2018-215  Current food labelling laws applied to supermarket aisles.
On Australia’s current confusing food labelling laws.

2018-202P  Corporate tax cut may not happen.
On the planned corporate tax cut being in doubt.

2018-200P  Financial Sector Animal Farm.
On the Banking Royal Commission.

2018-195P  Modern version of the Road to Gundagai.
On the NBN CEO Bill Morrow admitting that the NBN’s speed was slowed by the reliance on the copper network.

2018-185P  Honest financial advice today.
Reflecting on the reputation of financial advisers.

2018-169P  Wages not growing.
Looks at prolonged wages stagnation.

2018-144P  Lowering the corporate tax rate will create jobs.
On claims that lowering the corporate tax rate will create more jobs.

2018-110P  Rise in the minimum wage.
Comparing minimum wage rises and tax cuts.

2018-100P  The wage rises winners podium.
On wage stagnation while executive salaries have soared.

2018-096P  Selling Australian made vehicles in the future.
Went with article about the Australian government being willing to support the manufacturing of military vehicles but not the now defunct Australian car industry.

2018-052P  Wonderful view of export gas tankers.
feature version of an earlier pocket toon on rising domestic gas prices.

2018-061  Stock market crash airbag.
Ordinary people are the biggest losers when the stock market crashes

2018-054P  Reading about crashes.
Comparing the latest stock market crash with the likely repercussions of an environmental crash.

2018-052P  Wonderful view of export gas tankers.
Rising domestic gas prices linked with the export gas market.