economic, business & industrial relations

2017-657P  Corporate tax loopholes balloon.
The number of major corporations who use tax loopholes to pay not tax.

2017-643P  The banking Royal commission not focused.
On claims that the banking Royal commission is poorly focused and therefore will be inefectual.

2017-634  Boom times ahead
Lighter look at the claims that the passing of the gay marriage legislation will herald a small economic boom.

2017-619P  Today's solution to all our problems.
Questioning the view that complex economic problems can be alleviated with tax cuts.

2017-619P  Today's solution to all our problems.
Questioning the view that complex economic problems can be alleviated with tax cuts.

2017-592P  We recognise we have an image problem.
On the National Australia Bank announcing 6,000 job loses.

2017-591P  Meeting your local bank manager.
On the National Australia Bank announcing 6,000 job loses.

2017-587P  Banking sector investigation options expressed as gloves.
Revisiting why there have been calls for a Royal commission into the banking sector.

2017-575P  Wages growth, cost of living growth.
A look at stagnant wages growth despite rising cost of living.

2017-573P  This is our NBN model.
Viewing the speed of the NBN as a car.

2017-571P  How fast will be the NBN.
The only thing fast about the NBN, the bill.

2017-560P  Unlikely complaint about the NBN.
Mounting complaints about the National Broadband Network centring on its poor speed performance.
2017-558P  Replacing the Clean Energy Target with the National Energy Guarantee.
Replacing the relatively simple Clean energy target with the more complex National Energy Guarantee system.

2017-555P  Electricity companies have overspent on infrastructure.
On the ACCC's report showing that over spending on infrastructure was the biggest factor behind steep electricity price increases.

2017-527P  Sport shouldn't be an excuse for a public holiday.
Criticism of the newly gazetted AFL Grand Final holiday on the grounds that it's only a sporting event.

2017-525P  Australia gas shortage.
On Australia's looming gas shortage driven by massive gas export contracts.

2017-522P  Endless supply of gas.
On Australia's Eastern states and energy shortfall with gas supple predicted to fall well short of what is needed.

2017-482  The new travel class.
Ordinary people in tough economic circumstances despite sound economic figures.

2017-435  Energy policy uncertainty.
Feature version of an earlier pocket cartoon on excessive profits in the energy industry.

2017-413P  Policy uncertainty in the energy industry.
For article on policy uncertainty in the energy industry leading to higher energy prices.

2017-394P  Living within their means
For article on a pending rates rise and the stress it will place on home buyers.

2017-372P  We understand the electricity grid
For article on Elon Musk’s comment about commentators who don’t understand the electricity grid.

2017-366P  This is a huge financial impost
On the multi-million dollar legal costs awarded against Philip Morris.

2017-348P  Stimulating the economy today
For article on stagnant wages and the sluggish economy.

2017-347P  Energy security
For article on the energy security debate.

2017-344P  I don't have to pay you penalty rates anymore
For article on retailers being paid to take on interns under a new welfare program.

2017-311P  Taxpayers shouldn't have to subsidise this lot
For article on the government releasing a list of so called welfare “bludger hotspots”.

2017-308P  The energy supply debate
For article on energy supply policy.

2017-304P  Reading the FinkeL energy market report
For article on the release of the Finkel report into the Australian energy market.

2017-299P  We are recession free
For article on Australia not being in recession for 103 consecutive quarters.

2017-298P  Getting the green light on the Carmichael coalmine
For article on Adani's Carmichael coal mine getting the go ahead despite huge opposition to it on environmental grounds.

2017-294P  Apple customer service
For article on misleading customers service, makes reference to Apple's error 53.

2017-280P  The bank levy will be very costly
For article on the big banks' claim that the bank levy will be costly.

2017-266P  Victoria's Gordian knot
Went with article on the turf war between the Victorian CFA and MFB, now reformed as Fire Rescue Victoria.

2017-264P  When a brick house won't protect the three little pigs.
Went with article on the Rental affordability index being at an all time low.

2017-256P  It could be worse
For article on Sydney's rental affordability being at a record low.

2017-261  The big banks' skid row
Feature cartoon version of a pocket cartoon I drew on the claim by the big banks that they cannot afford the $6.2bn budget levy.

2017-255P  The trouble with you Millennials
For article on claims that Millennials are bad at saving for a house.

2017-251P  The big banks' skid row
For article on the claim by the big banks that they cannot afford the $6.2bn budget levy.

2017-231P  Business plans today.
For article on oil company Santos admitting that their business plan is based on 4C global temperature rise.

2017-229P  Public service jobs move to the country.
For article on Government plans to move some government departments to regional centres in an attempt to boost regional emplyment.

2017-228P  Fairfax Media goes digital.
For article on Fairfax Media cutting one quarter of its staff at their metropolitan newspapers.

2017-224P  Extra space for pap lifestyle lift outs.
For article on Fairfax Media cutting one quarter of its staff at their metropolitan newspapers.

2017-223P  And we think our world is melting away.
For article on Fairfax cutting 25% of its staff at their metropolitan papers.

2017-222P  The wealthy feeling the pinch of housing costs.
For article on mortgage stress hitting wealthy suburbs as well.

2017-211P  Australia will still have a shortage.
For article on attempts to stave off a predicted gas shortage.

2017-199P  Teaching Australian work values.
For article on Turnbull's plan to teach 'Australian values' to new migrants.

2017-190P  The 457 VISAs didn’t address our most serious shortage.
For article on the Federal government's plan to abolish the 457 temporary work visas.

2017-178P  The elephant in the street corner.
For article on the adverse consequences of negative gearing.

2017-170P  The Fairfax tree's lurch to the right.
For article about Fairfax media signalling that it's metropolitan papers will follow a more pro business agenda.

2017-169P  Housing bubble shadow.
For article on the housing bubble and the high level of household debt.

2017-167P  The government's policy direction.
For article on business and science calling for the government to revise their current energy and environmental polices.

2017-162P  The housing policy that's set in stone.
For article on Australia's unaffordable house prices.
2017-161P  PaTH internship long service leave.
For article about the PaTH internship scheme.

2017-134P  Energy policy Humpty Dumpty.
A look at the current state of energy policy in Australia.

2017-130P  Worker’s rights today.
My view of the concept of a legal and illegal strike.

2017-121P  Cooking with gas in the future.
For article on predicted gas shortages by 2020 due to poor energy and environmental policies.
2017-120P  Reviewing Australia's energy policy.
For article on Australia's energy policy in disarray due to years of partisan politics.

2017-110P  cutting penalty rates will mean more job.
Went with article on the claim that cutting penalty rates will result in more jobs.

2017-101P   The rebounding Australian Economy.
For article on an upturn in the Australian economy which described it as a rebound.

2017-096P  We've only made a small cut.
For article on the long term ramifications of the cuts to Sunday penalty rates.

2017-095P  Future Sunday double time.
For article on the cuts to Sunday penalty rates.

2017-056P  The robo-debt system didn't let down Australians.
For article critical of the Federal government's robo-debt recovery system.

2017-052P  The benefits and drawbacks of signing a free trade deal.
For article about free trade deals.

2017-051  Rising employment rates.
Higher employment statistics offset by the rising number of underemployed.

2017-047P  The problem is that housing demand has exceeded supply.
For article on Malcolm Turnbull claiming the housing crisis was due to lack of supply and not negative gearing.