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2016-689P  Today's economic thinking applied to agriculture.
For article on the Australian Government's poor response to the challenges of global warming.

2016-681P  The pension cut expressed as a cake.
For article on the cuts to pensions on the first of January.
2016-670P  On corporations that pay no tax

For article on the high number of major corporations that paid no tax in the last financial year.

2016-656  The tax burden.
Revision of an earlier pocket cartoon but without the specific Backpacker tax rate displayed.

2016-652P  Australian tax burdens.
For article on the passing of the 15% Backpacker tax.  Links with the negative gearing tax debate.

2016-649P  customer information signs.
For article about the cashless society that is approaching.

2016-644P 24Nov16  Banking sector animal farm
For article recommending that Bank executives be fired for regulatory breaches.

2016-630P  Wage negotiations today.
For article on Australian wages growing at the slowest rate on record.

2016-589P  Red tape is stopping you  entering the housing market.
The Fed. govt. blames planning red tape for the unaffordable housing market while ignoring negative gearing and capital gains tax discounts.

2016-584P  The Reserve Bank's inflation target.
For article on the reserve bank of Australia struggling to keep Australia from going into deflation.

2016-584P  The Reserve Bank's inflation target.
For article on the reserve bank of Australia struggling to keep Australia from going into deflation.
2016-576P  12Oct16  Pay and conditions for subcontractors.
For article on  companies hiring subcontractors to avoid the normal pay and conditions that payed employees get.

2016-514P  22Aug16  Fireman's pole designed by politicians.
For article on the politicisation of the dispute IR dispute between the CFA and the metropolitan fire brigade.

2016-507P  19Aug16  I've been teaching for thirty years!
Went with article on the high number of teachers on short term contracts.

2016-475P 2Aug16  Lower interest rates assisting the homeless.
For article on the latest drop in the official interest rate.

2016-435P 18July16  Shopping strip in the future.
For article on online shopping having a negative impact on traditional shopping strips.

2016-425P  12July16  The only winners would be Apple, Google and Facebook.
For article pointing out the shortfalls of electronic voting.

2016-370P 24June16  The NBN.
For article on difficulties in combining copper and fibre and all fibre areas when rolling out the NBN.

2016-353P 20June16  Eddie McGuire defends his drowning comment gaff.
For article on McGuire's indiscrete comment about Fairfax journalist Caroline Wilson.

2016-342P  16June16 The definition of fulltime work today.
For article on recent stats showing the trend towards casual part time jobs at the expensive of permanent full time ones.

2016-324P  8June  Stoking the fast return to budget surplus furnace.
For article on pledges to return the budget to surplus.

2016-311P 1June16  I want you to stop using the word ‘guys’.
For article on campaign to stop  the use of gender-based terms like 'guys' in the workplace.
2016-310P 1June16  Reactions to wage anomalies.
For article on Turnbull vow to stop 'excessive' pay rises for construction workers.

2016-308P 30May16 The minimum wage applied to minimum chips.
For article on the latest minimum wage decision.

2016-296P 26May16  Australia is indeed a nation of lifters.
For article on the folly of negative gearing which included a quote about Australians being a nation of 'lifters'.

2016-268P 18May16 Money can't buy happiness.
For article on whether money can buy happiness.

2016-265P 17May16  Removing negative gearing will destroy the housing market!
For article on scaremongering on possible changes to negative gearing.

2016-263P-V 17May16  Local white, imported red.
For Ballarat Courier article on the impact the planned new backpacker tax would have on the local wine industry which relies on

2016-258P 16May16  Fly in my soup, gorilla in my corner.
For article on debate over the Productivity Commission's right to adjudicate over weekend penalty rates.

2016-257 16May16  Educational requirements today.
Requirements that people seeking work obtain certificates for even the most menial of tasks somewhat excessive.

2016-247P 12May16  The reason why it's called 7-ELEVEN.
For article on 7-ELEVEN under paying its staff and the battle to get recompense. 

2016-242P 10May16  What are you complaining about?
For article on Q&A debate on whether the tax free threshold should be raised.

2016-240P 10May16  The law of the jungle book.
For article warning that there will be a flood of cheap imported books into Australia if the ban on parallel book imports is lifted

2016-234P 9May16  Housing worries.
Housing worries are proportional depending on your position in the housing market.

2016-233 9May16 Your tax cuts at work.
What’s missed in the equation when considering tax cuts.

2016-221P 3May16  Career's advice for young people in the future.
For article on automation and computerisation destroying jobs for young people.

2016-214P 2May16  Australia Post packaging.
For article on Australia Post charging a late fee if customers fail to collect packages left at the post office after five days.

2016-213P 2May16  Not a housing bubble.
Went with article on whether the booming housing market is being driven by negative gearing.

2016-199P 27April16 Negative gearing explained.
For article on negative gearing which gives an unfair advantage to investors over first home buyers.

2016-196P 25April16  The housing market scales of justice.
For article on the social and economic impacts of negative gearing.

2016-187P 20April16  Improved banking watchdog.
For article on Fed. Govt. boosting funding to ASIC to try and crack down on banking industry misconduct.

2016-169 11April16 The wealthy taking action on climate change.
The wealthy looking after their own interests at the expense of the greater good.

2016-157 6April16 The tax avoidance burden.
Tax avoidance means many wealthy people can avoid paying their fair share of tax.

2016-153 30March16  Federal Government major tax changes.
For article on planned major tax tax changes.

2016-141 21March16  Automated...
Technology destroying jobs.

2016-139P  17March16  Fairfax journalist who hasn't lost his job.
For article on another round of major job losses at Fairfax.

2016-109P 29Feb16 The need for NBN speed.
For article about leaked document on the NBN that revealed that speeds are much slower than predicted.

2016-106P 26Feb16 Prices and profits are down.
For article on Woolworths' three billion dollar loss.
2016-082P 15Feb16 Fill her up!
Went with article on service stations not passing on the falling oil prices to their customers.

2016-019 18Jan16 The nail gun fight at the OK business corral.
Woolworths selling its Masters hardware chain after failing to make inroads into the retail hardware market dominated by Bunnings.