economic, business & industrial relations

2015-677 8Dec15  Innovation today.
Cynical look at the recent push for increased innovation in Australian industry.

2015-663 1Dec15 The new Arnott's logo.
Battle over prices between the biscuit manufacturer Arnott's and Coles supermarket.

2015-609 5Nov15  An expanded GST would covering everything.
Arguing that increasing and broadening the GST will not do anything to remove the offshore tax haven loopholes.

2015-579 20Oct15  Cracking down on the financial system.
Musing that the reform of the financial sector being carried out by the Federal Government may in fact turn out to be only window dressing.

2015-563 29Sept15  We don't get penalty rates on Sunday.
The Government's drive to remove penalty rates from one of the most poorly paid sectors of the workforce smacks of hypocrisy considering the massive perks politicians get.

2015-537 Smart meter that can handle overdue bills.
Electricity retailers are the main beneficiaries of the smart meter rollout.
2015-506 3Sept15  An economic problems comparison.
Australian economic problems pail into insignificance when compared to the plight of Syrian refugees, many of whom have drowned trying to flee cross the Mediterranean.

2015-494 27Aug15  Cash to splash!
Predatory nature of credit card debt.

2015-488 25Aug15  Stock exchange bounces back.
The stock exchange is not the only indicator of whether things are going well or not.

2015-471 18Aug15  The Royal Commission into mud on pigs.
Esoteric look at the allegations of bias against the head of the Royal Commission into unions due to his connections with the Liberal Party.

2015-460 13Aug15 Full employment in the future.
Musing that chasing full employment at the expense of wages and conditions may not produce a pleasant society to live in.

2015-428 30July15  What the housing bubble looks like.
Australians seemingly unaware how destructive a burst housing bubble can be.

2015-444   5Aug15  Payday loan animal farm.
Payday loan companies exploiting the vulnerable.

2015-441 4Aug15  A waiter at work.
Proposal by the Productivity Commission to cut penalty rates on Sunday for hospitality staff but not nurses and paramedics.

2015-410 21July15  Made in Australia, printed in China.
Somewhat cynical view of the
latest made in Australia labelling.
2015-356 27June15  Australia Post snail mail.
2,000 jobs to go at Australia Post due to fewer letters being posted as more people use the internet to send email.

2015-347 22June15  The gap between the rich and the poor today.
rapidly widening gap between the rich and the poor.  Drawn as a result of an Australian report but relevant for many countries across the world.

2015-333 15June15  Australian version of Jack and the Beanstalk.
Skyrocketing house prices making it very difficult for people wanting to buy their first home.

2015-319 10June15  The first home buyers housing bubble.
While the threat of a burst housing bubble in Australia is still hypothetical the impact of the current housing bubble on first home buyers is both very real and strong.

2015-254 13May15  Tax and poverty bracket creep.
The slide into poverty much more damaging than tax bracket creep.

2015-250 12May15  After the mining boom.
The mining boom seriously damaged Australia's manufacturing industry.

2015-245P  8May15  Myer sales.
Went with an article on the possible sale of some Myer stores due to poor performance.

2015-243 8May15  Lower interest rates superannuation piggybank.
Lower interest rates eating into the incomes of retirees' superannuation savings.

2015-221 27April15  Lest we forget Mothers Day.
Commercialisation of ANZAC and Mother's Days.

2015-204 17April15  The most common hospital surgical procedure to day.
Ongoing funding squeeze for the Australian hospital system.

2015-200 15April15  The express lane according to Woolworths.
Woolworths misuse of the ANZAC legend for financial gain.

2015-196 14April15  Sailing on Australia's economic sea.
The government targeting pensions as part of their program to balance the books when tax cuts during the boom was one of the main causes of the current budget blowout.

2015-192 9April15  Pirate ships.
A comparison of the economic impacts of DVD pirating and corporate tax avoidance.

\2015-190  7April15  Nouvelle cuisine, no penalty rates cuisine.
Removing penalty rates for hospitality workers would have a negative impact on their ability to earn a decent wage.

2015-189 6April15  The different ways to help keep our heads above water.
Claims that penalty rates are unaffordable ignore the many other ways incomes are boosted.

2015-183 1April15  Serious debate about taxation reform.
Questioning weather serious taxation reform will ever by achieved.

2015-179 31March15  Workers compensation lifelines.
Lack of adequate workers compensation for self employed people.

2015-167 18March15  The assent of ordinary working man.
The demise of skilled labour jobs for ordinary working people.

2015-138 4March15  Defence force pay and conditions negotiations.
The miserly approach the Australian Government is taking to Australian Defence Force pay negotiations while at the same time ADF troops are being told to put their lives on the line in Iraq.

2015-100  14Feb15  The jump in unemployment.
Drawn in response to a sharp jump in the unemployment figure.

2015-080 5Feb15  Interest rates cut tree.
Interest rate cuts eating into superannuation retirees' savings.

2015-063  29Jan15  Back to school, back to university.
The heavy burden of HECS fees on university students.

2015-002P  5Jan15  Broadening the GST
Went with article on proposal to broaden the Australian Goods and Services Tax.