economic, business & industrial relations

2011-802P 22Dec11  When only the best lawyers will do.
Went with article about the tobacco industry's expensive legal action  over the  introduction of plan cigarette packaging.
011-780 14dec11  Economic outback sign.
Quirky look at the gloomy economic forecasts.
2011-765 9Dec11  The banks' Christmas gift.
the .25% interest rate reduction the big 4 banks gave seem miserly when compared to their massive profits.
2011-761 8Dec11  Leading them by the nose.
Very difficult for the government to control the big 4 banks.
2011-759 7Dec11  Lowering interest rates.
The big 4 Australian banks not following suit and lowering interest rates after the Reserve bank lowers the official interest rate.
2011-733P 18Nov11  Mobile phone numbers that will never run out.
Went with article on the number of available mobile phone numbers running low.
2011-727 25Nov11  Summer diving tower.
Gloomy outlook for the share market this southern hemisphere Summer.
2011-718 22N0v11  The red barons.
Qantas industrial dispute damaging their customer base.
2011-706P 17Nov11  Nurses back at work.
Went with article on nurses continuing their industrial action despite Fair Work Australia's suspension of industrial action.
2011-674P 3Nov11  American designed Holden.
Went with article about the possibility of Holden cars being fully designed in America.
2011-672 3Nov11  Aussie car accessory.
The possibility of Holden cars being fully designed in America.
2011-669 1Nov11  The rate that stops a nation.
Keen interest on the latest official interest rate announcement on the day of the Melbourne Cup race.
2011-667P 31Oct11  Qantas logo match.
Went with article on the Qantas dispute and the damage it is causing to it's reputation.
2011-665 31Oct11  Feature Spring racing race.
Qantas industrial dispute playing havoc with racegoers travelling to Melbourne for the Cup.
2011-648 24Oct11  Picket lines this Spring.
Jockeys threatening industrial action during the Spring racing Carnival.
2011-606P 22Sept11  Foreign beers section.
Went with article about Australian company Fosters brewing being sold to overseas interests.
2011-603 21Sept11  Treasurer superman flying.
Wayne Swan winning winning the Euromoney Finance Minister of the Year award.  An award made easier to attain because of the mining boom Australia went through while the rest of the world was in recession.
2011-595 19Sept11  Prices down campaign.
Supermarkets aggressively driving farm produce prices down.
2011-549 30Aug11  Casualty waiting list.
Desperate state of the  Australian manufacturing industry due to cheap imports and the high Aussie dollar.
2011-547P 29Aug11  Wind turbine to match the legislation.
New Vic. Govt. legislation will severely limit wind farm development in Victoria.
2011-543 26Aug11  Spending up big today.
Much more austere economic mood as people save more and spend less.
2011-538 25Aug11  Coles down and up.
Coles launch of their own generic clothing brand to be sold in their supermarkets.  Down, down it Coles' latest advertising campaign.
2011-533P 23Aug11  BHP staff paperweight.
Went with article on draconian rules imposed on staff by BHP management.
2011-527 22Aug11  Foolish lucky country.
Australia's over reliance on the mining industry to shield itself from world economic problems.
2011-522 18Aug11  Economic principles and bodyweight.
Esoteric look at the fact that often the people who are the most to blame for economic mishaps are the least effected by the consequences.
2011-521 17Aug11  Clothing sizes today.
Using clothing sizes as a metaphor for the current retail sales figures.
2011-519 16Aug11  Centrelink flight path.
Went with article about Qantas layoffs in Australia while expending operations overseas.
2011-518 16Aug11  Off shore Qantas.
Announcement by Qantas that much of it's international operation will be moved off shore including the formation of a new airline without the Qantas logo.
2011-495 4Aug11  Economic debt levels bungy jumping.
Australia fairing better than America and Greece when it comes to it's debt level.
2011-486 1Aug11  Not exposed to the US debt crisis.
Australian treasury holding billions of US bonds that could devalue if The US loses its AAA credit status.
2011-478 28July11  Magic carpet rides.
Soaring value of Aussie dollar jeopardising the Australian manufacturing and tourism industries.
2011-400P 24June11  Airline industry profits chart.
Went with story on volcanic ash cloud causing numerous cancellations of airline flights.
2011-391 22June11  plebiscite that cost Australia more.
The failure to implement Rudd's super tax when even conservative economists said it was a sound and logical tax has cost the Australian people a massive amount of lost taxation revenue.
2011-388 21June11  The one thing that goes up in price.
The price of water rising steeply despite wetter conditions significantly increasing water reserves.
2011-371 14June11  The value of agricultural products expressed as a barter.
Comparing the falling price of beef due to the live cattle export ban and the high price of bananas as a result of severe damage to the banana crop inflicted by cyclone Yasi.
2011-365 9June11  Australia's two speed economy.
Parlous state of Australia's manufacturing industry while the mining sector is booming.
2011-336 27May11  Canning industry market forces.
Loss of 1,000 jobs worldwide from Heinz canning factories.
2011-293 11May11  Middle ages budget assessment.
Abstract view of how the impact of a government budget is analysed, focusing on petty comparisons but not the big picture.
2011-281 5May11  Getting cash today.
Spate of bank computer failures making it difficult at times to withdraw money from ATMs.
2011-241 11April11  Supermarket price war no man's land.
Supermarket price war damaging the livelihood of farmers.
2011-236P 7April11  Space suits.
Went with article on Qld. Uni doing research on making beer that can be drunk in space.
2011-227 4April11 The food price war.
Rising world food prices threaten to crush the petty food price cut/market share manipulations of Australia's two major food companies.
2011-218 30March11  Qantas departure line.
Announcement by Qantas of significant cutbacks.
2011-202 23March11  Being led by the nose.
Fosters strident opposition to attempts by supermarkets to manipulate the price of beer.
2011-201 23March11  International intervention?
Lighter look at the beer price war in Australia between Fosters and Woolworths.
2011-159 7March11  Now everyone can afford to buy milk.
The supermarket discount milk war having a negative effect on the livelihood of dairy farmers.
2011-116 17Feb11  Australia's highest mountain.
Record mining profits for Australian mining companies in the wake of the watering down of the mining supertax.
2011-093 8Feb11  Wayne Swan's washing.
Comments by Treasurer Wayne Swan that the floods and cyclone could cause the economy to shrink.
2011-061 27Jan11  The flood effecting independent dairy farmers.
Discounted supermarket brand milk having a negative impact on the livelihood of dairy farmers.
2011-058 26Jan11  Reactions to the high cost of vegetables.
Lighter look at the high costs of vegetables of a child's perspective.
2011-052 24Jan11  Water in the carburettor.
The negative impact of the floods on the Australian economy.
2011-008 6Jan11  You should pay tax for the good of the country.
Calls from retailers for the GST exemption on internet sales under $1,000 to be removed seems somewhat hypercritical.