economic, business & industrial relations

2010-784 2Dec10  Consumer demand flattening.
Latest interest rate rise by the Reserve Bank contributing to the flattening in consumer demand.
2010-775P 29Nov10  NAB - Not Available Bank.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about the National Australia Bank's computer failure shutting down banking facilities.
2010-738 16Nov10  The elephant that's not afraid of mice.
Parliament's dilemma over whether to impose tighter controls on the major banks.
2010-730 12Nov10  Strong economy.
A strong economy and it's relationship to the environment.
2010-704 3Nov10  Interest rates chess games
The unequal position between banks and their customers.
2010-667 21Oct10  James Packer stepping into his father's shoes.
James Packer's bid for control of Channel Ten not that unlike the exploits of his father Kerry.
2010-641 5Oct10  Passing on interest rate rises.
When the reserve bank announces an interest rate rise banks often pass on an even higher rise to customers.
2010-635 4Oct10  The soaring Aussie dollar.
The high value of the Australian dollar causing economic problems for Australia's export industry.
2010-604 22Sept10 Reserve bank bull market.
Speculation that the Reserve Bank will raise interest rates due to the upswing in the economy.
2010-480 6Aug10  No repayments until you get to the end of the chain.
The dangers of debt traps.
2010-395 5July10  Incubating you superannuation nest egg.
High superannuation administration fees eroding people's superannuation nest egg.
2010-323 3June10  We'll be able to afford a candlelit dinner now!
The granting of a $26 a week wage rise in Australia to workers on a minimum wage.
2010-252 6May10 Soapboxes.
Kevin Rudd standing on a box of dynamite with his new 40% mining tax.
2010-246 3May10  The latest mining boom.
strong reaction from the mining sector to Rudd's new mining tax.
2010-238P 29April10  Cheaper to smoke twenty dollar notes.
Pocket cartoon about the federal government raising the price of cigarettes by 25%.
2010-212P 19April10  The waiting wombat.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on Qantas cancelling flights to Europe because of the volcanic ash plume.
2010-187 23Mar10  Finance sector Animal Farm.
Banks moving towards setting their interest rates independently of the Reserve Bank's cash rate.
2010-183 22Mar10  Recovery.
Australia has faired better in the road to economic recovery than most of the rest of the world.
2010-102 16Feb10  Tony Abbott's policy balloons.
While Abbott's environment and health policies have generally been favourably received his IR policy is seen as a millstone.
2010-089P 9Feb10  Insulating your roof.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on scams and shoddy work being done by some insulation installers cashing in on the Government insulation rebates.
2010-056 28Jan10  Economic anatomy lesson.
Esoteric look at the impact of rising interest rates have on people with mortgages.
2010-027 13Jan10  Looking under the bonnet.
Plans to stop making the Ford falcon another blow to the Australian cart design industry.
2009-694 4Dec09  Economic wrestling match.
Strong Aussie dollar making life difficult for the Australian export manufacturing sector.