free use of cartoons
Cartoons on the INKCINCT website can be downloaded and used in print or on other websites free of charge if the user falls under one of the following categories.

members of the public
Members of the general public are welcome to use INKCINCT cartoons for personal use as long as anything the cartoons are used in is not sold for profit.

Primary, Secondary and tertiary students are welcome to use the cartoons free of charge in assignments and projects.

Teachers and lecturers
In lectures, tutorials, class lessons, PowerPoint presentations and printed worksheets providing:
  • The cartoons are not used in material that is being prepared for use by other teachers.
  • The printed notes containing the cartoons being distributed do not exceed 200 copies.
Community Groups
In Community group newsletters, flyers, posters and websites.

PowerPoint lectures
Members of the public, academics, business people and government employees can use INKCINCT cartoons in their PowerPoint presentation without charge providing:-
  • The audience is not larger than 50.
  • The lecture notes are not being posted online.
  • The lecture notes are not being distributed in print form to people other than those attending the lecture.
  • The lecture is not being presented on more than 3 occasions.