general copyright information
Copyright ownership
 The cartoonist (John Ditchburn) always retains copyright of the cartoons. Rights issued to an individual or organisation are always non exclusive. 

INKCINCT cartoons cannot be resold in any form and must comply with all other copyright requirements as stated in this document.

Changes to Copyright 
These copyright requirements were last modified on the 6th June 2016 and supersede any earlier copyright requirements. If you are using INKCINCT cartoons regularly then it would be a good idea to occasionally check this copyright details section to see if any copyright changes have occurred.

appropriate use of INKCINCT cartoons
The Cartoonist's Intended Use Of INKCINCT Cartoons
While the cartoonist recognises that he is a terminal cynical bastard who often has a go at a variety of organisations, causes and views these cartoons are not intended for use in any publication that promotes racism, social division or violence. To do so is a breach of INKCINCT Copyright. It is also a violation of the spirit of these drawings.

INKCINCT cartoons are not to be used in any way that might imply that the cartoonist endorses a specific view or organisation. The cartoons are meant as conduits for open discussion, not as tools for propaganda.

use of cartoons by political parties
INKCINCT cartoons can be used free of charge in branch newsletters to party members. However, in the interest of impartiality, there is a blanket ban on the use of these cartoons in party political advertising, pamphlets or newsletters of a campaigning nature. This ban applies to all political parties.

describing and altering INKCINCT Cartoons
Describing INKCINCT cartoons
If you need to contact the cartoonist about a particular cartoon then please quote the reference number that sits on the right hand side of each cartoon or at the start of each cartoon description.

For example : "2007-303 budget surplus carrot" While a description of the cartoon is also helpful it is much easier to find the cartoon if the reference number is quoted.

Altering Cartoons
Cartoons can be cropped for space purposes, but it is a breach of copyright to alter any cartoon if it changes the cartoon's original meaning without written permission from the cartoonist.