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2015-633 18Nov15 Young Western Muslim radical's view of IS.
Many young Western Muslim men flocking to Syria to fight for Islamic State have no real idea grim realities they will face.

2015-632 17Nov15  Muslims distancing themselves from Islamic State.
In the wake of the terrorist attack in Paris some commentators have forgotten that most of the killing by IS is Muslim on Muslim.

2015-629 16Nov15  No man's land.
Men are the driving force in the Syrian civil war but it is innocent women and children that mainly pay the price for it.

2015-535 16Sept15  Bomb ISIS back to the Stone Age.
The scaling up of the bombing offensive to destroy ISIS.

2015-526 11Sept15  The seeds we sow.
Questing the efficacy of aerial bombing and arguing it could simply produce another crop of Jihad fanatics.

2015-523 10Sept15  The Middle East magic pudding.
The seemingly endless flow of refugees pouring out of the Middle East.  The magic pudding refers to a popular Australian children's book with a pudding that can be eaten without ever being finished.

2015-509 4Sept15 The arms race today.
The conflicts in the Middle East that are creating such a huge exodus of refugees are as much a product of arms availability and supply as they are of religious or social conflict.

2015-426 29July15  Guess which traveller won't be prevented from travelling to the Middle East.
Speculating that preventing the flow of arms might be more useful than trying stop volunteers travelling to the Middle East.

2015-405 20July15 Family violence in  the Middle East.
Family violence pails into insignificance when compared to the violence of war.

2015-021 12Jan15  Multidenominational today.
Religious conflict on the rise.