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2014-505  25Sept14  Stands to make a big profit.
The big winner in the ongoing Middle East conflicts is the arms industry.

2014-500 24Sept14  The ISIS scales of justice.
The brutal and profoundly unjust nature of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

2014-480 12Sept14  Rome, Paris, London. Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria.
The attrition suffered by coalition forces when they are seemingly routinely rotated into Middle East hotspots. 

2014-450 2Sept14  The military intervention road to peace in the Middle East.
The failure of military intervention to achieve  a lasting peace in the Middle East

2014-442  27Aug14  Plenty of jobs for young people in the Middle East.
The only work readily available for young Muslim men in the middle East is fighting for the various militant groups.

2014-436  21Aug14  Islamic state by-laws.
The brutal treatment dished out by ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) does not bode well for its citizens if such a state was ever created

2014-435 20Aug14 The Mexican and Zimbabwean waves.
Australian cricket tour of Zimbabwe despite that country's terrible human rights record.

2014-340 25June14  Journalist interviewing a government official.
Sideways look at the imprisonment of Australian journalist Peter Greste by the Egyptian government on flimsy charges.

2014-335 22June14 Middle East diplomacy chess game.
The difficulty of negotiating peace terms in the Middle East

2014-327 17June14  Getting out of Iraq?
The recent outbreak of fighting in Iraq could draw coalition troops back into the country.