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2012-673 15Nov12  Judge and jury in the Middle East.
The commonplace use of missiles in the Middle East to assassinate people and as a form of retaliation.
2012-616 22Oct12  Marching into Afghanistan.
The cost of the Afghan war on the ordinary soldier.
2012-548 14Sept12  The American Flag.
Anti American protests in the middle east and America's efforts in saving the world from totalitarianism in the 1940's.
2012-474 13Aug12  The Syrian games.
Using the Olympic symbol to highlight the games the Syrian government is playing as it tries to retain power.
2012-421 20July12  The domino effect in Syria.
The brutal Assad regime in Syria reaping what it sows.
2012-404 11July12  Afghan male and female symbols.
The regular execution of women in Afghanistan by Afghani males.