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2011-719 21Nov11  The Arab Spring flowers.
Military backlash to the demonstrations in the Middle East calling for democratic reforms, known as the Arab Spring.
2011-586 15sept11  Getting out of Afghanistan timeframe.
Continuing instability of Afghanistan putting a question mark on when it will be safe for allied forces to pull out of Afghanistan.
2011-528 22Aug11  Gaddafi clinging to power.
Impending downfall of the Libyan dictator Gaddafi
2011-394 23June11  Filling the departing American shoes.
The planned withdrawal of the main American fighting force will leave a big gap in the fighting capabilities of their allies and the Afghan government.
2011-377 16June11  The Arab Spring and Summer.
Protests in support of democracy across the Arab world, dubbed the Arab Spring, followed by military crackdowns by a number of Arab governments.
2011-298 13May11  Syrian election ballot box.
The Syrian government's violent crackdown on country's pro democracy movement.
2011-278 4May11  You definitely have the right to remain silent.
Revelation that Bin Laden wasn't armed when shot has lead to a debate about his rights and due legal process.
2011-275 3May11  Gotcha!
The US finally killed Osama bin Laden after many years of trying, a process that also inflicted a lot of collateral damage.
2011-271 2May11  Any revolutions to declare.
Widespread political unrest in the Middle East.
2011-204 24March11  Calls for democracy in the Middle East.
Rulers across the Middle East giving guarded support for calls for democracy, except in their own country.
2011-195 21March11  Democracy in the Middle East.
The power of the gun in repressing democratic movements in the Middle East.
2011-192  18March11  The peace dove's big brother.
The UN's decision to impose a no fly zone over Libya.
2011-185 16March11  No fly zone flies.
Heavy loss of life if the UN does not impose a no fly zone over Libya.
2011-172 10March11  Oil sheikh shake.
Autocratic rulers across the Middle East worried about the upsurge of democratic movements in the region.
2011-138P 25Feb11  Gaddafi holding onto power.
Gaddafi only holding onto power with the barrel of the gun.
2011-131 23Feb11  The latest Middle East monument.
Democratic movements blossoming in the Middle East.
2011-124 21Feb11  Gaddafi stepping down.
Gaddafi's bloody response to protests in Libya in stark contrast to Mubarak's actions in Egypt.
2011-120 18Feb11  The fall of Mubarak.
The Fall of Mubarak having a destabilising impact on other autocratic rulers in the region.
2011-107 14Feb11  Monuments in stone and sand.
Musing on the fall of Egyptian President Mubarak.
2011-104 Mubarak 11Feb11  Mubarak reading his resignation speech.
Mubarak refusing to resign as President of Egypt despite strong pressure to do so.
2011-088 7Feb11  Removing Mubarak from power.
Mubarak stubbornly resitting efforts to remove him from power.
2011-075  1Fab11  Floods in Australia and Egypt.
A look at the massive protests in Egypt from a flood perspective.
2011-073P 31Jan11  Modern Egyptian mummy.
Went with article on rioting in Egypt.