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2010-621 28Sept10  The rules of engagement for soldiers in Afghanistan.
The difficulty of applying military rules of engagement when the situation is as complex as the one in Afghanistan.
2010-544 2Sept10  America climbing out of the ring.
America pulling the bulk of it's military forces out of Iraq and the adverse consequences that may ensue.
2010-412P 12July2010  Bookie's nightmare.
Pocket cartoon that went with article an octopus accurately predicting 10 out of 10 World cup matches.
2010-343 15June10  The latest Aussie road kill.
Australia's 4-0 defeat by Germany in the World Cup.
2010-335P 8June10  South African wildlife safari.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the Socceroos staying at a Safari lodge prior to the World Cup.
2010-317P 1June10  I have an Australian passport.
Australians detained during aid flotilla assault and Israeli agents using fake Aussie passports in assassination of Hamas leader.
2010-128 26Feb10  The Australian flag according to Mossad.
Mossad agents from Israel allegedly used fake Australian passports when they assassinated a Hamas leader In Dubai.