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2008-523 4Sept0  Archaeological dig in Afghanistan.
Current fighting in Afghanistan and the countries long history of conflict.
2008-476 18Aug08  Robert Mugabe sharing power.
Robert Mugabe making only a token offer of power sharing.
2008-365 2July08  Mugabe power sharing.
Call by the African Union for Mugabe to accept a power
sharing agreement with the Zimbabwean opposition.
2008-349 26June08  Mugabe's grip on power.
Robert Mugabe's human right's abuse.
2008-341P 23June08  Zimbabwean Presidential run off.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on Morgan Tsvangirai pulling out
of the Presidential run offs because of violence by the Mugabe regime.
2008-339 23June08  Why Saudi Arabia can't produce more oil.
Urgings for Saudi Arabia to produce more oil to alleviate the pressure on the price of oil.
2008-321 16June08  Robert Mugabe's ballot box.
Mugabe using force to usurp the democratic process in Zimbabwe.
2008-273 22May08  The new Apartheid in South Africa.
South African rioters targeting citizens from other countries living in South Africa.
2008-155 3April08  Mugabe stepping down.
Robert Mugabe's refusal to relinquish power.
2008-137 20Mar08  Blood on their hands.
A comparison of civilian deaths in Tibet and Iraq.
2008-101 3Mar08  Prince Harry in Afghanistan.
Media frenzy resulting from  the discovery that Prince Harry was fighting in Afghanistan.