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2007-574 10Septe07  Lower violence in Iraq.
The scale of the violence in Iraq and the effectiveness of efforts to reduce it.
2007-427 5July07  Middle East peace dove.
Securing oil resources a key factor in the Iraq war.
2007-165 16Mar07  The horn of Africa.
The rogue state of Zimbabwe and it's leader Mugabe
pose a serious challenge to the African Union.
2007-168 19Mar07   Candles to match the cake.
Fourth anniversary of the war in Iraq.
2007-140 7Mar07  BodyBaghdad.
Baghdad must be using a hell of a lot of bodybags lately.
2007-124 28Feb07  Why Iraq has difficulty standing on it's own feet.
The damage done to the Iraqi people by the war.
2007-111 22Feb07  We want you Iraqis to take control.
Expectation that the Iraqi government will eventually be
able to govern Iraq when the Americans can't even do it.
2007-096 16Feb07  Why are you in Iraq?
Pointing out that our own freedom of speech has been subtly eroded away in the pursuit of terrorists.
2007-090 14Feb07  Why there shouldn't be an early withdrawal from Iraq.
Pointing out the profits the arms industry must be making out of the Iraq war.
2007-082 12Feb07  They say we shouldn't cut and run.
The horrendous cost of the Iraq war on ordinary American soldiers.
2007-030 12Jan07  Working tirelessly for George Bush.
Mounting US death toll in Iraq.
2007-025 11Jan07  Telling people.
George Bush committing more troops to Iraq.