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2016-406P  7July16  Someone who would do it all again.
For article on Tony Blair's justification of the Iraq war.   

016-377 27June16  Another Scottish independence referendum.
For article on the high likelihood that Scotland will hold another independence referendum in response to Great Britain voting to leave the EU.

2016-375P 27June16  Brexit, Breakit.
For article on Britain's decision to leave the European Union and the threat that poses to the stability of the EU.

2016-373P 24June16  So far so good.
For article on Britain voting to leave the European Union.

2016-351P  20June16  Betting payouts on Britain leaving the EU.
For article on Britain's pending referendum on membership of the European Union.

2016-348P 17June16  Land of hope but not glory.
For article on the murder of British politician Jo Cox.

2016-338P  15June16  British bulldog US free trade leash.
For article questioning the merits of the trans Atlantic trade deal for Great Britain.

2016-247P 12May16  The reason why it's called 7-ELEVEN.
For article on 7-ELEVEN under paying its staff and the battle to get recompense.

2016-089 18Feb16  Smoke in the Vatican chimney again.
To what extend was sexual abuse within the the Catholic church covered up at the very highest levels.