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2015-632 17Nov15  Muslims distancing themselves from Islamic State.
In the wake of the terrorist attack in Paris some commentators have forgotten that most of the killing by IS is Muslim on Muslim.

2015-519 9Sept15  European reality TV.
The size and extent of the refugee crisis jolting Europe and indeed the world out of its complacency.

2015-398 16July15  The Greek bailout.
The latest Greek bailout agreement so tough that it offers little hope to Greeks.

2015-392 13July15  Greek rescue packages.
The latest EU bailout package even tougher than the previous tough packages.

2015-380 8July15  Easy bank in Greece.
The Greek debt crisis forcing Greek banks to temporarily close resulting in a lose of confidence amongst Greek citizens in their banking system.

2015-374 6July15  Greek no vote could stamp out the world economy.
Fear of the impact on the world economy of the Greek no vote.

2015-372 5July15  The Economic Union versus Greece.
The German dominated EU determined to force the Greeks to accept the latest austerity package.

2015-362 30June15  Greek austerity packages.
The crippling impact of earlier austerity packages making the Greeks reluctant to accept another one.

2015-359 29June15  Greece's debt reduction negotiating team.
Greece's debt crisis.

2015-014 8Jan15  The price of the free press in France.
Terrorist attack on French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo.