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2012-718 4Dec12  The new royal carriage.
Prince William and his wife Catherine expecting a baby.
2012-489 19Aug12  Julian Assange gunboat diplomacy.
England's efforts to extract Julian Assange from the Ecuadorian embassy in London.
2012-463 7Aug12  Four eyes, five eyes.
Obsessive viewing of the London Olympics by some.
2012-285 15May12  Greek politicians arguing about which direction to go.
Greece seems to be sinking regardless of what its politicians do.
2012-242 27Aoril12  The phone hacking cover-up.
Rupert Murdoch's power over politicians.
2012-141 2March12  James Murdoch steps down.
James Murdoch gets off lightly over the News Of The World Phone Hacking scandal when compared to the staff of the News Of The World who lost their jobs.
2012-096 13Feb12  The Greek austerity measures kick in.
Lighter twist on the social unrest in Greece over the forced austerity measures.
2012-092 10Feb12 Inspecting structural cracks.
Using the discovery of structural cracks in the new A380 Airbuses to highlight the precarious state of the European Union.
2012-035 17Jan12  Costa Concordia's soup of the day.
The sinking of the cruise ship Costa Concordia allegedly due to human error.