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2011-799 21Dec11  European union black hole.
Retrospective on the European Union debt crisis.
2011-745 2Dec11  The Greek butterfly effect.
The seemingly small Greek sovereign debt crisis triggering a massive chain of events on the world economic stage.
2011-736 30Nov11  Tabloid press investigative journalist.
Dig at dubious Tabloid press activities being exposed by the Leveson Inquiry into the culture, practices and ethics of the press.
2011-692 10Nov11  How Italy is travelling.
Esoteric look at the failing Italian economy.
2011-684 8Nov11  Modern Greek statue.
The fall of the Greek government over the Greek sovereign debt crisis.
2011-678 3Nov11  The future third umpire?
Comment on the latest cricket match fixing scandal.
2011-677 4Nov11  The Greek democratic process.
The European Union forcing Greece to accept its austerity package.
2011-670 2Nov11  Putting out the Greek debt fire.
The European Union's difficulties in managing Greece's sovereign debt crisis.
2011-661 28Oct11  Bull, bear and goat markets.
Greece's default causing problems in economic markets.
2011-653 25Oct11  European Economic Union juggling.
European sovereign debt crisis.
2011-510 10Aug11 Olympic Games baton change.
Current rioting across England may have a negative impact on the upcoming London Olympic Games if the troubles continue.
2011-509 10Aug11  Britannia riots in waves.
Play on the the imperialist slogan - Britannia rules the waves in reference to the recent riots in Britain.
2011-461 20July11  Phone hacking scandal dike.
Rupert Murdoch under increasing assault over the growing phone hacking scandal that's enveloping News Corp.
2011-454 18July11  Murdoch falls on his sword.
Lot's of heads rolling over the News Corp phone hacking scandal but not Rupert Murdoch's.
2011-445 14July11  Hack journalist.
Growing evidence that the practice of hacking private voicemail was more widespread in than just the News of the World.
2011-439P 12July11  Harry pot of gold.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the opening of the last Harry Potter movie.
2011-431 8July11  Yesterday's news.
The closure of the News of the World over the the UK voicemail hacking scandal.
2011-395P 23June11  J. K. Rowling's magic wand.
Went with article about Rowling's Harry Potter books going digital.
2011-355 6June11  Police line-up in Europe.
E. Coli outbreak in vegetables in Europe.
2011-309P 17May11  The Queen's Irish corgis.
Went with article on tight security for the Queen's visit to Ireland.