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2010-829 17Dec10  Making progress in Afghanistan.
Questioning the claims that progress has been made towards ending the war in Afghanistan.
2010-760 24Nov10  North Korea playing with matches.
North Korea's provocative border skirmishes threatening regional a world stability.
2010-753 22Nov10   Land of the long black cloud.
Negative reaction in New Zealand to the rescue effort to free 29 trapped miners and the poor safety precautions at the mine prior to the accident.
2010-661 19Oct10  Exit strategy map of Afghanistan.
The difficulty of extracting troops from Afghanistan due to the ongoing nature of the insurgency.
2010-624 29Sept10  Delhi games starter's gun.
The threat of terrorist attack making some athletes nervous.
2010-605 22Sept10  Delhi games terrorist suspects line up.
Series of construction accidents and administration bungles threatening the viability of the Delhi Commonwealth Games.
2010-597P 20Sept10   The largest team at the games.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on security issues at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi.
2010-531 26Aug10  The border of Afghanistan.
High violent death rate in Afghanistan.
2010-516 19Aug10  The latest flood in Pakistan.
As the flooding in Pakistan subsides a new threat of famine is emerging.
2010-286 21May10  Hot Indian and Thai food.
Esoteric look at the political violence in Thailand.
2010-282P 18May10 Bangkok tourist advice.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on travel agent's risk assessment on tourists travelling to Bangkok.
2010-019 11Jan10  Nitin Garg's funeral pyre.
Negative reaction in India to the murder of Indian student Nitin Garg in Australia.
2010-015 9Jan10 Indian subcontinent views of Australia.
Comment on reaction on the Indian subcontinent to the murder of an Indian student in Australia.