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2008-616 22Oct08 The Indian space race.
Using India's moon rocket launch to highlight India's population problem.
2008-457 11Aug08  Getting angry about environmental degradation.
Pollution at the Beijing Olympic games.
2008-456  8Aug08  Olympic smog torch relay.
Comment of the Beijing Olympic Games smog.
2008-436 31July08  Great Wall of China today.
China imposing tough internet censorship for the Beijing Olympics.
2008-398 15July08 Like looking a crosses.
The powerful sexual drive of young people and World Youth Day.
2008-327P 17June08  Performance enhancement at the Beijing Olympic.
High pollution levels in Beijing causing health problems for Olympic athletes.
2008-238 8May08  Olympic torch relay protests.
Human rights violations in China and the Olympic torch relay.
2008-205 23April08  Protest free Olympic torch relay.
Beijing Olympic torch relay dogged by incessant protests.
2008-172P 10Aug08  Rudd's blunt comments about Tibet.
Pocket cartoon that went with an article on Kevin Rudd's
comments to the Chinese about human rights violations in Tibet.
2008-169 9April08  A bull in a china shop.
Human rights protests targeting the Olympic torch relay damaging China's image.
2008-167P 8april08  Unhindered Olympic torch relay.
Protests over Chinese human rights violations hindering the progress of the Olympic torch relay.
2008-142 31March08  Beijing Olympic torch relay.
Human rights abuses in Tibet in the lead up to the Beijing Olympics games.
2008-137 20Mar08  Blood on their hands.
A comparison of civilian deaths in Tibet and Iraq.
2008-126 17Mar08 Red China, red Tibet.
Recent bloodshed in Chinese controlled Tibet.
2008-097 1Mar08  Cricket umpiring signals.
A look at the slanging match that has gone on between
the Australian and Indian cricket teams this Summer.
2008-047P 11Feb08  Fragile protection.
Fighting in East Timor threatening it's democracy.
2008-042P 07Feb07  Kokoda trail mine.
Went with an article on protest by local villagers wanting
the opening of a copper mine next to the Kokoda trail.
2008-017 29January  The Indonesian military burying Soeharto.
A look at the culture of disregard for human rights that Soeharto cultivated.