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2018-158  People who live in free trade glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
Trump considering new $100bn tariff on Chinese goods as trade feud escalates.

2017-583P  Really shocking Halloween.
On calls for healthy treats to be given out to kids on Halloween night.

2017-553P  Filming stopping sexual assault in Hollywood movie.
On the fallout from Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein's alleged sexual abuse of women over many years.

2017-539P  Admitting America has a gun problem?
The National Rifle Association considering supporting a ban on the sale of bump stocks.

2017-534P  Discussing the shooters political affiliation.
On unfounded claims that the Las Vegas massacre shooter was an anti-Trump liberal.

2017-292P  Trump’s definition of globalisation
For article on Donald Trump pulling out of the Paris climate agreement.

2017-049P  Trump protecting Americans.
For article on Trump's ban on Muslim immigration from predominantly Muslim countries.  Links in with the large numbers of Americans killed each year due to lax American gun laws.