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2016-627P  Donald Trump on immigration
For article on Donald Trump's plan to clamp down on immigration.

2016-623P  Hillary Clinton's glass ceiling.
The fall of the very privileged Hillary Clinton.

2016-619  Down On Republican Penny's farm
A rural perspective on the likely effectiveness of Donald Trump as president.

2016-618 10Oct16 The statue of liberty in the next four years.
A comment on the coming four years of Donald Trump's presidency.

2016-616P  The triumph of the will?
Donald Trump election victory in the US.
2016-543  031016  Charity in America.
A look at America's rampant gun culture and seemingly indifferent attitude to struggling poor people.

2016-521P 25Aug16  Donald Trump's medical check-up.
For article on the campaign run by Republicans questioning Hillary Clinton's medical fitness.

2016-439 19July16  The arms race in the US.
Massive gun sales in the US fuelling the out of control gun violence.

2016-415  11July16  Police line-ups in the US.
A look at the disproportionately high numbers of blacks shot by police in the US.

2016-336P  14June16  Rights in America today.
for article on the Orlando massacre in the US.

2016-252P 13May16  George Zimmerman's gun auction.
For article on gun vigilant who shot an unarmed black man auctioning the the gun he used.

2016-180P 18April16  Voting in the US.
Pocket cartoon for article on the massive campaign contributions that fuel the US election.

2016-051 29Jan16  The first race of the Brazilian Olympics.
As well as causing panic across the Americas the Zika virus threatens to seriously disrupt the Olympics in Brazil if it is not contained quickly.